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What to do With Old TVs That No Longer Work

What to do With Old TVs That No Longer Work

What to do with old TVs? If you've recently replaced your television, or have a few that you're holding onto, you're probably wondering how to get that massive piece of junk out of your house. A TV takes up quite a bit of room in the closet, and who wants to move a TV that they're not using? 

If you're clearing out an old house, preparing to move, or just doing some spring cleaning, you might find that you have a TV or two or two to get rid of. They might be old tube televisions or modern LCD flatscreens. Regardless of what type of TV you have, there are some things you should know about getting rid of it. 

Selling your old tv to a thrift store or pawn shop is one way to turn a small profit, as are yard sales and online buy/sell/trade groups. If the TV still works, you have a decent chance of selling it eventually. However, if you're crunched for time or don't want to deal with the hassle of finding a buyer, you still have options to get rid of it fast. 

However, dumping your old television is the one thing you shouldn’t do

Why You Should Never Send Old TVs to the Dump 

Broken televisions are an eyesore, and they can be dangerous for the environment. In fact, dumping a TV is even illegal in some places. 

Like many other electronics, televisions contain harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable parts. No matter how much time these components spend in a landfill, they won’t decompose. Instead, they will corrode and release toxins into the soil and groundwater. This can harm animals, plant life, and even human beings—hard metals linger in our soil, which means they eventually find their way back to us through crops. 

For this and other reasons, many cities have cracked down on throwing televisions into landfills. Many garbage pickup services won't, or can’t, pick them up, leaving you to dispose of them on your own. However, getting rid of old television sets can be a significant challenge, especially if they are broken or outdated. 

Donating, Selling, And Exchanging 

If the TV still works, don't rush to throw it away just yet. Almost all working televisions have value, and you can try and turn a profit by selling or exchanging it. 

Online trading groups can help you network with people in your area, some of whom might be looking for an inexpensive television or other electronics. If you are trying to sell off a fair bit of your stuff, hosting a yard sale is another excellent way to turn your junk into money. 

You could even team up with friends and family who are also looking to part with some of their items to host a multi-family or neighborhood yard sale. At the end of the day, neighbors can sift through anything that hasn’t sold from other households, which offers an additional opportunity to offload your items. After everyone has had their look, you can call in a junk hauler to pick up the rest (and split the bill with everyone who still has items to pick up.) 


Thrift stores and pawn shops might also take the television off your hands. People looking for low prices frequent these places, and your old TV might be a great sale later down the line. If the TV set is particularly vintage, you can also try pitching it to antique stores in the area. 

Donating your old tv is also an option. Many schools, shelters, and furniture banks will accept working television sets, and you can feel good about passing your TV along to someone who needs it. 

Junk Pickup Services Can Help 

If you are not interested in selling the TV, or just don't have the patience for dealing with potential buyers, you can always pay someone else to deal with it. Many junk-pickup services will take your old televisions, computers, and other e-waste items in addition to your old furniture and appliances, or anything else you need hauled away. 

If the television is broken or otherwise unusable, this might be your best option. People may not be keen on buying a broken televisions unless they can make use of its parts. 

Junk pickup services exist for that reason, and many of them will pick up old televisions for a fee. In return, you get responsible, hassle-free pick up, removal, and disposal of your old stuff. That fee also goes towards making sure that the television is taken care of after it leaves your house or storage unit. Responsible junk haulers will do everything they can to make sure that the television is properly recycled, reused, or donated after they take it off your hands. 


Finding A Reliable Junk Service

As technology advances and we begin to acquire newer and better televisions, it is vital to our planet that we dispose of the old ones safely and responsibly. When you use a reliable junk service, you're getting rid of clutter, dodging a dumping fine, and helping the environment.

Junk King can haul so much more than just televisions, which means you can get rid of everything from e-waste to furniture to old appliances all in one shot. Junk King is dedicated to offering an ecologically friendly, affordable, and easy-to-use junk service. Up to 60% of the waste we haul goes on to be reused, recycled, or donated. 

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Fifteen minutes before we arrive, we'll call to let you know we’re on our way so you can meet us at your home or office. Once there, we’ll take a look at your items and provide you with an estimate for us to haul it away based on the room it will take up on our truck.

When it comes to what to do with old TVs that no longer work, Junk King has the answers. Our TV removal service specializes in the responsible disposal of non-functional televisions. We understand the importance of broken TV recycling and offer sustainable TV disposal solutions. If you're unsure about the options for old TV disposal or electronic waste disposal, we're here to help. With our expertise in TV recycling options, we ensure that your old, non-working television is handled in an environmentally responsible manner. Trust Junk King for efficient and eco-friendly solutions for old TV disposal and electronic waste management.

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What to do With Old TVs That No Longer Work


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