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What to Look For In A Construction Dumpster Rental

What to Look For In A Construction Dumpster Rental

If you are currently in the demolition and site preparation phase of a construction project, most likely you will be looking for ways and means for removing and disposing the construction waste that accumulates from ongoing work.

Keeping construction sites clean and clear of all debris or waste is essential if projects are to be conducted safely and efficiently. The best way to manage this is by renting a construction dumpster.

Construction Dumpster Rental Is Flexible and Convenient

Construction sites can be chaotic and taking time to clean up work areas where waste has accumulated can complicate things. Construction dumpster rental is the perfect solution as it offers flexible benefits and is by far one of the easiest solutions you can use to manage waste on construction sites.

Basically when you rent a construction dumpster for your project, it’s dropped off at a time and place of your choosing and all you have to do is fill it up with the debris you wish to dispose. There is no need to worry about driving to dump sites, having to lift and carry items or paying ridiculous fees to get rid of your construction waste.

Reputable companies offer flexible dates for construction dumpster rental.  If you are not sure of the duration of your project then this shouldn’t be an issue

Construction Dumpster Rental Improves Safety On Any Construction Site

Maintaining the health and safety of personnel is critical to the smooth operation of any construction project and ensuring that measures are put in place to facilitate this are strictly emphasized. Again a great way to tackle this issue is by renting a construction dumpster to remove any waste from construction sites that can cause serious injury or pose threats to health.

Most of the waste that is extracted from construction sites include building materials, soil, broken glass, concrete blocks, broken bricks, stone chips, hazardous waste etc. all need to be disposed of in a safe manner since accidents, illnesses or sometimes even fatalities are likely to occur if debris is left lying around the worksite. By renting a construction dumpster you keep yourself and your team safe during projects.

Construction dumpsters can also be placed in central areas of your construction site to facilitate convenient and efficient disposal of construction waste. A centrally located dumpster means personnel can walk the shortest distance to get rid of their discards instead of just leaving them where they fall.

Avoid Unnecessary Injuries When You Rent A Construction Dumpster

Free Construction Debris Removal Guide Junk King MINI dumpsters are equipped with a convenient side door to facilitate the disposal of heavier materials which can be dangerous if hoisted or thrown over the top. Prevent your personnel from sustaining back or shoulder injuries by renting a dumpster that provides an option where personnel can walk heavy or awkward items right into the dumpster through a side door.

Rent A Construction Dumpster For A Variety Of Construction Projects.

Junk King’s MINI dumpster is especially designed for light commercial work or DIY construction projects and can accommodate up to 12 cubic yards of waste however they can still be used for large construction projects. For residential projects it can fit snug into the yard or driveway of a home while still being big enough to efficiently manage waste on larger construction sites.

Eco- Friendly Disposal And Local Recycling Is Also Included When Renting A Construction Dumpster

Construction waste can contain everything from usable furniture, lumber and roofing shingles all of which can be recycled and reused. This practice significantly helps reduce waste, increase landfill space and have an overall positive effect on the environment.

As the ‘greenest ‘ junk removal service in North America Junk King has sorting facilities that carry out and maintain consistent, effective, recycling methods all over the country. We actually recycle or reuse more than half of the junk we remove.

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Avoid Hidden Fees And Overspending When You Rent A Construction Dumpster

Most dumpster companies today usually offer what seems to be an unbelievable price to clients but this is only because these great rates are ultimately followed by a barrage of hidden fees. The pricing these companies charge frequently include only a basic rental charge but may hide fees such as:

  • Transport fees
  • Drop off and pick-up fees
  • Overage charges
  • Weight Based Pricing
  • Disposal charges
  • Landfill fees

Here at Junk King we strive to make services easy and affordable for clients, consolidating all services into a transparent pricing structure with low, fair rates. Clients won’t be surprised by hidden fees or extra charges when they rent a construction dumpster from us.


Pay For What You Use  With Junk King’s Construction Dumpster Rental

This is certainly a game changer since the majority of dumpster rental companies charge full pricing for their dumpsters even if you don’t use 100% of the container. Junk King charges you only for the space you use!

This is what makes us number one in the business. We continue to search for ways in which we can improve our services and satisfy our customers. When you rent a construction dumpster from us you enjoy exceptionally low rates as well as partial rates for partially filled dumpsters.

Can’t Find A Construction Dumpster Rental Near You? Look Up Junk King In Your City.

Our team specializes in Mini dumpster rentals. We can be at your facility in mere minutes, so call us today! Our crew is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

One of the best things about hiring Junk King is that we recycle a much of the material we pick-up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service. If you have questions about what we do or what we believe, give us a call at 888-888-JUNK.


What to Look For In A Construction Dumpster Rental


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