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What We Do After We Pick Up Your Dumpster Rentals

What We Do After We Pick Up Your Dumpster Rentals

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What Happens to Dumpster Rentals Once They are Filled?

Big projects like home remodeling or property cleanouts can create tons of trash, so it’s critical that you find a simple solution for debris removal.

 Junk King offers both full-service junk removal and dumpster rentals if you need self-service junk removal.

Our MINI dumpster is driveway-friendly, easy to use, and affordable. Junk King gives you the options you want, including flexible scheduling as well as eco-friendly recycling and disposal.

Wondering what to expect from one of our dumpster rentals? We drop off the container; you fill it with junk at your own pace over the course of 3 or more days; then we arrive at your chosen appointment time to pick it up and take care of the rest.

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We Sort the Junk for Recycling

Sending your stuff away with Junk King means you can feel good about using green methods of waste disposal. Junk King sorts the junk we take into various recyclable materials like metal, wood, and plastic, as well as items that can be broken down and recycled like televisions, hot tubs, and mattresses.

The beauty of our country and our environmental health are important to us at Junk King. We take recycling and green disposal very seriously. The items in our dumpster rentals will not go to landfill if we can find any other option!

Book Your Dumpster!

Using a rented dumpster can be easy and convenient with great customer service from Junk King. With our affordable rates and pay per use pricing, you can get the job done for a low price, too.

Call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or book online and save $30 on your next rental from Junk King, the eco-friendly leaders in professional junk removal.


What We Do After We Pick Up Your Dumpster Rentals


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