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When Renovations Mean Bulk Trash Removal

When Renovations Mean Bulk Trash Removal


You're renovating your kitchen to give it a makeover. That's great! But it can mean getting rid of appliances, which means you'll need bulk trash removal.

So, how do you plan to remove and dispose of all the large, bulk trash items that you'll have as a result of your home improvement efforts?

Are We Renovating or Remodeling?

The truth is that, in practice, these two terms are often used interchangeably although they actually do have quite distinct differences.  Here's how a few experts in the field explain it:

"In a renovation, a kitchen remains a kitchen and a bedroom remains a bedroom, but repairs and updates are made. Remodeling is the process of changing the functionality and the design of an area. It may involve tearing out a wall to expand a bathroom and reconfiguring a kitchen layout so the cabinets, fridge, sink, and range are in different locations." - Bob Vila

"The key difference is how deep the changes go. A renovation means you’re updating an existing structure with cosmetic changes, whereas a remodel involves changing the structure through demolition and construction..." - Realtor.com

"In general, renovations typically involve some sort of restoration work—repainting walls or cabinets, replacing fixtures or hardware, or updating old or outdated features. Renovations are intended to revive a room or property, not entirely replace it or change it. Remodels, on the other hand, are generally include changes to a home’s structure or layout, and they function more like a transformation of the property, rather than just an update to one or two rooms." - The Balance

But here's the thing: even if your kitchen makeover, for example, isn't going to constitute a full-blown remodel with walls being knocked out or rearranging the cabinets and appliances, an ambitious renovation can still result in new cabinets, appliances, and maybe even new flooring and countertops.

That can result in large amounts of debris, junk materials, and other large, bulky trash items.

And all of which will need to be cleared out and disposed of somehow. Yeah. Not in the household trash bins, that's for sure. This type of bulk trash removal calls for something else altogether because you for sure aren't going to be able to just drag things out to the curb and leave them for the waste management company truck each week!

So, when it comes to bulk trash removal, what's a homeowner to do?


Does DIY Kitchen Renovation Have to Mean DIY Bulk Trash Removal?

While you could certainly go this route with your junk, trash, and debris removal task, it does require a few things that you may not have readily available.

Like a truck for instance. And suitable help hauling and lifting the heavy stuff. 

Oh, and then there's the part about knowing what can be dumped at the local landfill or waste transfer station, or needs to be taken to recycling facility. Of course, you might have some old appliances and furniture that can actually be sold if you want to take the time and effort to list them online or can haul them to a second-hand appliance shop.

And, if you have a truck and the ability to load and off-load the right items, recycling is always a great option for the things you can't sell or donate. 

With a kitchen (or bathroom!) renovation you may have old cabinets that you've replaced. These can sometimes be reused by organizations such as Habitat for Humanity along with many other usable materials. Reuse or repurposing items like kitchen cabinets can be incorporated into your garage, too. 

If you don't already have them installed, cabinets in your garage can be used for all types of storage. A popular way to reuse old kitchen cabinets in a garage is to mount them all on one wall and on the floor underneath. This way you can still maximize the use of your old cabinets, while minimizing the amount of space that is taken up in your garage.

Old kitchen counters can often be reused in a similar way.

Some homes have mud rooms, laundry rooms, or utility rooms with a small sink and counter. Reusing your displaced kitchen counter materials can be a great way to "renovate" those areas, as well. 

But what if you don't have anyway to reuse the "usable" items and materials from your renovation project? And what if you don't have a truck or convenient access to one, so you're not able to haul everything yourself? 

No worries! That's where the DIY can be replaced with a call to Junk King and "WDIFY" - We Do It For You.


When You Need Bulk Trash Removal Done the Easy Way

Disposing of bulk trash and renovation debris can be a daunting task.

In fact, it's usually a much bigger job than most people can or want to do themselves, which is why hiring a professional disposal team to come and do it all for you is the best option.

The good news is that Junk King specializes in professional and reliable bulk trash removal and disposal.

And, best of all, at Junk King we make sure that your reusable items end up in the right place such a non-profit group for the materials that are still in good shape, or to a recycling facility to ensure your renovation and other bulk trash is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

In other words, we ensure that as little trash and junk as possible ends up in a landfill.

This is because "being green" and environmentally responsible is a central part of our company mission. And we carry out that mission every day by recycling, donating, or repurposing everything we possibly can - up to 60 percent or more, to be exact.

So, when it comes to bulk trash removal, we take the eco-friendly route by making sure that all the metals, plastics, glass, and other materials are broken down and recycled properly.

A we pointed out here, most any type of bulk trash removal or recycling can be a difficult job for most homeowners, but it can be "easy-peasy"  when you have an expert junk removal service like Junk King take care of it for you.


Need Bulk Trash Removal Now? Call Junk King!

Hiring Junk King to pick up bulk trash items is the smart move since there’s no easy way to get rid of them yourself.

Junk King provides efficient, safe, and eco-friendly bulk trash and junk removal which means you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those items. And with Junk King, you get professional junk haulers who know how to remove appliances, old cabinets, and used furniture from your home without damaging your kitchen, floors, carpets, and door frames!

There are many reasons to love your bulk trash removal experience with Junk King:

  • Easy scheduling and on-time arrivals.
  • We call about 15 to 30 minutes before we show up.
  • Our uniformed crews are trained and insured professionals.
  • We are in-and-out with fast and thorough service.
  • We provide straightforward estimates with no hidden fees.

If you need to dispose of your old dining room set, renovation or remodeling debris, or any other bulk trash items just call Junk King. We can be there fast and often on the same day.

So, ready to get started with your bulk trash removal?

You can book an appointment online or call us today at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).



When Renovations Mean Bulk Trash Removal


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