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When You've Got Old Appliances For Disposal

When You've Got Old Appliances For Disposal


Kitchen and other household appliances come in all types and sizes. And old appliance disposal can sometimes be a challenge for homeowners and landlords.

Small items such as garbage disposal units you might be able to toss in the trash, but it's far better to opt for recycling and reuse when it comes to old appliance disposal.


All Appliances Great and Small: Navigating Old Appliance Disposal

As homeowners and property managers it is easy to take household appliances for granted. They tend to hang around for a while, sometimes longer than tenants or homeowners! And they stay relatively quiet and out-of-mind most of the time.

Until they don't.

Like the aging clothes washer that begins to emit grinding noises or squeaking sounds during the final spin cycle. Or the dishwasher that started off so adorably reliable, stylish, and "modern" but now is noisy, temperamental, and unpredictable. 

Then there's the refrigerator that chilled your groceries perfectly for years and had a freezer you didn't even need to defrost. Now it can't quite keep its cool and the noises from the back are a bit unnerving. 

The fact is, appliances give out. They stop working. They die.

The bright side to that is the fun of shopping for a replacement with all sorts of new bells and whistles that didn't exist 15 or 20 years ago when you bought your old unit. Smart technology, much more energy efficient motors, and stylish new designs help ease the sting of purchasing new appliances.

But you still have to dispose of the old ones...


First You Need Appliance Removal, Then Appliance Disposal

There are, as we previously noted, all types of appliances in homes that come in all sizes and shapes. Some are big and boxy like washers, dryers, chest freezers, window air conditioning units, and old refrigerators. 

Others are smaller and easier to deal with like blenders, microwave ovens, toaster ovens, bread makers, and even under-sink garbage disposal units.

The catch with the garbage disposal unit is that, unlike most every other appliance in your home, it has to be completely unattached and removed before you can replace it and dispose of it. All the other appliances pretty much just have to be unplugged and maybe have a hose or two carefully disconnected.

But the good news is that you can remove and replace your old garbage disposal yourself - no need to call out a pricey plumber or cranky contractor. 

In fact, we put together this handy and simple step-by-step checklist guide to assist you with your garbage disposal installation.


garbage disposal checklist png

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Once you've taken care of this relatively simple chore, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done and  celebrate by getting rid of your old garbage disposal unit. 

But what should you do with it?

According to one major manufacturer,

"Since garbage disposals are mostly metal, it is better to think salvage rather than the landfill. This process recycles a variety of items including copper, aluminum, steel and more. Find out where to take your old disposer check with Earth911 and check under “metals” for your local zip code."

However, there is a far easier method of removal and disposal that doesn't require you taking that old appliance anywhere except maybe out the front door.


Junk King for Simple and Affordable Old Appliance Removal

There's much more to removing large, bulky appliances than having a bit of muscle. A suitable vehicle is an absolute necessity, for starters.  At Junk King, we understand that.

And we also understand that when you have someone else do it for you that you don't want to pay more for appliance removal than you saved buying your new units. But there is a risk in going "cheap" and simply hiring some local guy with a truck who may or may not dispose of your junk and appliances properly. 

Which is why you always win with Junk King!

We will always provide you with an efficient, safe, affordable, and eco-friendly junk removal and hauling service so you don’t need to dispose of your old appliance or extra-large trash items yourself.

And if you need our services several times because you're also carrying out a major renovation or remodeling project, our hauling professionals will ensure that all your large junk and construction debris is out of your way so that you can focus on the work.

And we'll show up at your house or property right on time, as promised, so call us today.

Our expert team is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of all your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion. And, best of all, we'll do all the heavy lifting!

So, are you ready to book the best in old appliance removal? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

And one of the best things about hiring Junk King is that we recycle much of the material we pick-up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service.

If you have questions about what we can do for you, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).



When You've Got Old Appliances For Disposal


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