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Your Best Solution For Construction Debris Removal

Your Best Solution For Construction Debris Removal

From packaging materials to leftover scraps, the construction process will always create piles of unwanted or unusable scraps. Construction debris removal helps contractors and homeowners during and after the job.

If you have a home improvement project coming up or your construction team needs help managing piles of debris, you may surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get the best construction debris removal service available.

Why You Need Construction Debris Removal

Demolition is always part of the construction process to some extent. Paper and plastic packaging, broken nails, leftover scraps of drywall and lumber... all the trash adds up around your feet. As a contractor or homeowner, you need junk removal services to keep the work site clean as you go and upon completion.

Commercial junk removal from a professional junk hauler takes care of the heavy lifting and hauling for you. That way, you can stay focused on building without getting slowed down by the mounting garbage. You can schedule service periodically throughout the project, or call clean everything up at the end of your project.

Common Problems with Construction Debris (Including Hazardous Materials)

How are you and your team going to handle the variety and volume of trash that accumulates? Junk removal services alleviate these common construction waste issues:

Hazardous materials:

Treated wood, dust from removing old building structures, lead pipes, aerosol cans, paint buckets, and many other items may be considered hazardouse waste. You need a professional solution for construction debris removal to be safe and follow codes.

Recycling requirements:

In many places, construction projects are required to recycle a certain percentage of waste. Construction debris removal from Junk King ensures that as much waste gets recycled as possible, and we take care of the sorting.

Injury and property damage:

Sharp objects and heavy loads create risks to people and property. Let the junk removal experts take care of the hauling and lifting.

Clean work site:

Finished jobs should typically be broom-clean at a minimum. Get to the finish line faster with a construction debris removal appointment scheduled when the work is done.

Green Building, Recycling and Construction Debris

Green building efforts need a smart waste management strategy. Scrap lumber, drywall, metal, cardboard and other materials should all be recycled so that the construction or renovation project is environmentally friendly from start to finish.

Ever wonder how much construction waste and debris you actually produce in the course of your jobs? While commercial construction obviously generates a great deal of construction garbage, residential construction can produce surprisingly large quantities of trash.

Consider these facts:

  • New construction projects average 3.9 pounds of waste per square foot of building area. For example: almost 98 tons of waste is produced from building a 50,000 square foot building.
  • Building demolitions average 155 pounds of waste per square foot. That means that 3,875 tons of waste is produced during the demolition of a 50,000 square foot building.
  • Not all construction waste goes into landfills, since many items are salvageable. In fact, there are more than 200 used building material stores in the United States alone that take recovered items as donations.
  • Many reusable items from demolition projects can often be used in some renovation projects such as plumbing fixtures, ceiling and floor tiles, doors, cabinets, decorative items, light fixtures, carpeting, stonework, bricks, and even sheet rock.

Junk King will recycle your leftover building materials and waste products on your behalf. We efficiently disseminate each type of material to the best local facility as part of our commitment to recycling the majority of the junk we haul.

Junk King Is Your Best Solution

We offer construction debris removal on-demand at your convenience. Commercial construction and DIY fans alike love Junk King for several reasons:

  • On-time service with a phone call shortly before we arrive to confirm
  • Simple, upfront estimates based on the volume of debris
  • Friendly, professional service from licensed, insured, trained experts in uniform
  • B2B service including payment plans for contractors and businesses.

Junk King Is #1 in Customer Service

Junk King takes care of construction debris removal for new homes, remodels, renovations, and any size project.

We handle virtually any kind of construction and remodeling waste. Make an appointment and Junk King shows up on time with professional staff and heavy-duty trucks to haul away the debris. We even recycle a wide variety of construction materials to make your construction project more eco-friendly.

Work with our construction debris removal team during and after your project to keep the site free of trash and debris. We call 15 minutes before we arrive to make sure you’re ready, and we can start loading up as soon as we arrive.

We can guarantee the best offers and we’ll beat any written estimate. But Junk King does not cut corners — we simply do the best job in the industry. Our customers enjoy a friendly and more professional experience when working with us.

From scheduling and estimates to the quality of service we provide on site, you’ll notice the Junk King difference when you choose us for construction debris removal — there’s a reason we have been rated #1 for customer service in all of North America. Click on the banner below to download your free Construction Debris Removal Guide.



Your Best Solution For Construction Debris Removal


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