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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Albany Furniture Disposal

The New York State Museum located in Albany is celebrating 175 years of being open for visitors. On display through April is a veritable potpourri of all the artifacts the museum has collected in those 175 years. This represents items from collections of anthropology, history and natural science. All told there are over 15 million pieces that are part of the museums inventory. These pieces are rotated through the collections and provide of valuable insight into our past.
Along with the vast mineral collection and displays of flora and fauna, there is an extensive collection that represents over 200 years of decorative arts dating between 1700 and 1900. With this collection visitors can take a gander at furniture from a long bygone era. These furniture pieces have been carefully selected to represent all walks of life and can definitely be classified as true antiques. All of this talk about museum collections begs the question “do you have anything worthy of a museum in your home?”
Antique collectors know all about the value of their own collection. Whether they are gathering turn-of-the-century furniture or vintage metal lunch boxes there is a value attached to those items especially when they are in mint condition. This circles right back to your own version of “antiques.” Is that sofa an antique just because you’ve had it for longer than you can remember? If it’s because it’s just old then it really doesn’t have any value. An antique is also determined by rarity. In other words, if they made over 1 million sofas and you have one of them and the other million are still out there it really can’t be considered an antique!
You should not be discouraged by having old furniture that is closer to being junk than an antique. Instead, embrace the fact that you got many good years of service from this piece of furniture. Bow it’s time to bid a fond farewell and replace it with a piece that is probably going to be a lot more comfortable!
Once you’ve gone shopping for a new sofa in the Capital District you need to make arrangements for getting rid of the old one in time for the big switch. That’s easily taken care of when you can hire the services of a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King.  These are the same folks who can take away any type of bulky item from your home or yard. The true benefit with hiring professionals is that they’ll be experienced with moving heavy objects so you won’t have to throw out your back. They’ll also have the big enough truck to take away your old sofa. As long as you’ve hired the Capital District’s professional junk haulers why not really put them to work? The same day that they are moving out your old sofa they can move out anything else that might be cluttering up your life. Because these are dependable movers you can count on them clearing out that old furniture with enough time for you to give a good mopping of the floors just before the new sofa arrives!
For the best in Albany Furniture Disposal, or any other kind of Junk Removal in the Capital District, NY; simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Albany Junk Recycling – Get Rid of the Old

To borrow a bit from Shakespeare, imagine you are standing in front of your overflowing garage. Clearly the only thought to spring to mind would be “To junk or not to junk, that is the question.” When you get right down to it the concept of holding onto junk is actually part of our practical nature. After all, we don’t go out and specifically buy junk to fill up our homes with. Instead we collect or purchase things that we think will be of some use for us. These items could have immediate use like with furniture, appliances or even toys for the kids. But it is inevitable that in the lifespan of an inanimate object that at some point it might end up becoming junk.
There’s actually a fine line that separates junk from an antique. You could look at a delicate piece of furniture from a bygone era and deem it “vintage.” However, that same piece of furniture that ends up with a busted leg or moldy cushion suddenly moves into the junk category and has to be gotten rid of. One of the reasons that we have so much junk in our lives is that it’s much easier to store junk then to get rid of it. You need look no further than that overflowing garage or cramped attic or stuffed closet to see proof of this. When it has become apparent that the junk has taken over all your empty space then it’s time to do something about that.
In terms of getting rid of your junk you have several options. The obvious one would be to make it a do-it-yourself project. Although this is a very noble to task to take on its it’s also a bit foolhardy. That’s because sometimes the junk that you’ve accumulated has become too impractical for you to move on your own in one trip. Sure you could load up your SUV with all the boxes from of clothing or files then cart them off to the nearest dumpster but is that really getting rid of all your junk? What about those big pieces of furniture or auto parts or even a busted piano? Those items simply aren’t going to fit in the back of your SUV.
Then there is the issue of where are you supposed to take that junk. Yes, you could drive around the Albany area looking for a construction site that might have a large industrial dumpster where you can deposit your junk but that might not be practical. Most junk will end up either in a landfill or a recycling center. If you know where those are located that you could certainly continue your drive toward those facilities but chances are they’re going to be on the outskirts of town which might require several hours of commuting back and forth.
The best option is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Capital District who make it their business to provide efficient Albany Junk Recycling every day. This dedicated team knows right where to take your junk and they also have the muscle and the truck space to cart it away. What it took you several years to “collect” they can get rid of within an hour! That’s a much better way to spend your weekend!
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