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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Albany Patio Furniture Disposal

Do you have an Adirondack on your patio? For many residents of upstate New York, the Adirondack is a must have item and for good reason: this is the region where the chair was invented. Back in 1903, furniture designer Thomas Lee was on vacation in Westport when he realized he didn’t have anything comfortable to sit on in his backyard. A few sketches, some sawing and hammering and voila, the Adirondack chair was born. His original version of the chair was made from eleven pieces of wood that were cut from a single board. These slats were the straight back and along with the wide armrests they became the hallmark of the Adirondack design.

Lee offered his chair to Harry Bunnell, a local carpenter looking for work. For the next twenty years, Bunnell made quite a living building his version of the Westport plank chair. His even autographed his original creations and today they are among the most coveted pieces of modern craftsman furniture found anywhere.

Today, the Adirondack chair is a staple of many a backyard patio. Although designed to withstand the elements, a weatherworn Adirondack can become a bit of an eyesore. If the paint is peeling and the wood splintering it will also be extremely uncomfortable to sit in. Do you have some Adirondacks in bad shape? If so then it might be time to swap them out for new models. Of course, it’s going to be extremely difficult to toss out your old Adirondacks or any other big patio furniture. Sure, you could try putting it out on your curb and hope someone will come to pick it up but if you don’t think that furniture is worth using any more chances are neither will anyone else. How often have you seen furniture on the curb sit there for days on end? You’re better off calling Junk King Capital District.

Junk King is the Albany based business that specializes in all kinds of junk removal. Loading up their truck with your old patio furniture is the perfect reason for hiring them but you don’t have to stop with the backyard. Junk King can also help you clear out the clutter from your garage, basement or attic. In fact, any piece of unwanted junk can be tossed on the Junk King truck and be finally gone from your life for good.

When you get right down to it the only reason we hold onto most of that clutter is because we simply can’t throw it away. Imagine how much more storage space you can open up when you get rid of your junk. In some extreme cases, there have been folks who have reclaimed entire rooms thanks to Junk King Capital District. And don’t worry about the heavy lifting; Junk King does all the work. All you have to worry about it what color you’ll be getting your new Adirondacks in.

Junk King Capital District Featured on Spotlightnews

Junk King Capital District was recently featured on Spotlightnews.com in an article that discussed how the franchise got started and it’s rapid growth in New York.   From the junk removal feature article:  “We’re even greener than before. We’ve previously advertised that we recycle about 60 percent of every full load we pick up. We’re finding that in a lot of jobs it’s closer to 80 percent. That’s something we didn’t expect until we got up and running,” Porter said.

Albany Dirt Removal and Hauling

Recently Albany residents met on the site of the Pierce Street Park with the Parks and Recreation Commission to discuss plans for improvements of this 4.5 acre parcel. This was a unique type of municipal planning meeting in that it was held outdoors. About 40 local residents showed up for the meeting and offered a wide range of ideas for how this park could put to better use. Among the favorite proposals are a picnic facility, a playground for children, a community garden, horseshoe rings, bocce ball courts and a fenced in dog park. It was that idea for the dog park that seemed to generate the most interest among those in attendance.

The goal for the Parks and Recreation Commission is to ensure that as much of the community’s needs are met for this new site. Additionally it’s important that they create an area that is accessible by foot, bike and public transportation. In other words if people can’t get to the park or walk around it once they do get there it won’t do anybody any good. Representatives of the commission suggested there might be a benefit to forming a teen counsel to decide what the area youths might want to see in the Park. All of this is meant to get the community invested in what will become a common outdoor area shared by everyone.

Now imagine if this same type of committee were to show up at your backyard to assess whether or not you’re making the most of your outdoor area. What kind of report would they submit after a tour of your backyard? If you have been thinking about giving your backyard a makeover there is no time like the present. Even though the summer might be halfway over that’s no reason why you can’t still make the most out of your backyard time. To accomplish this refurbishing it might require the removal of some mounds of dirt or sod. Whether you’re digging up a patch for garden or replanting grass it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be creating mounds of dirt that need to be hauled away. Your best partner for an endeavor like this would be Junk King Capital District.

If you haven’t heard of Junk King then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to hire professional junk haulers to help you get your homes and backyard free of clutter. Junk King is an Albany-based business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. Each Junk King crew will have the right amount of truck space and lifting power to get rid of anything you want tossed out including a mini mountain of dirt. With that same truck that they’re taking away your dirt in they can also take away any other type of yard waste or rested patio furniture. Once all that junk is cleared out you’ll be able to dive into your backyard makeover. Don’t let another season go by without having your back and front yards looking the best that they can.

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