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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Junk Removal Troy NY – There’s No Cleanup Job Too Big

The local news has been full of stories about a local Labor Day party that went horrible wrong and the aftermath it created. Former NFL pro Brian Holloway discovered his home was being used by a flash mob of teens for a destructive party. He found that out when his son sent a picture he found on Twitter of the out of control teens. By the time Holloway returned to his New York home from Florida, he found the place completely trash. He then tracked down the partiers by using their Twitter and Facebook postings. Holloway was earnest in his efforts to help these kids. Sadly, some parents didn’t take too kindly to the public shaming and have threatened to sue. Ironically, all that “shaming” evidence was provided by the kids themselves who had no problem posting pictures of themselves destroying the home.

There was some good that came of all of this. Some local high school students volunteered to pitch in and help clean up the home.

“We just wanted to show him that not all teenagers in the world do these kind of things,” volunteer Gina Martina told a local paper. She also gave Holloway a card with a written apology along with a plate of brownies.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to face such an extreme cleanup project like Holloway but if you do, know that Junk King will be on your side ready to help. Junk King are the Capital District based junk removal professionals who have been called on to clean up a lot of Troy NY area homes. They’ve certainly faced the kind of disasters that Holloway faced when it came to the cleanup. Junk King crews have been called in to remove all the rubbish from foreclosed homes and from basements after storm damage. When you hire Junk King you literally won’t have to get your hands dirty. They’ll be doing all the work.

This would be a perfect chance to toss out all kinds of bulky items like old furniture, appliances, mattresses and e-waste. Anything that is taking up space in your home can make its way onto the back of the Junk King Capital District truck. That also includes any item from your front or back yard that you want removed. Doing this kind of major junk removal is a good way to get ready for the winter.

One phone call to Junk King Capital District can put the plan into action. You might even be able to have your junk picked up on the same day as your first call! Won’t it be nice to live in home without clutter? Call Junk King today and see how fast that can happen!

Back to School Junk Removal In Albany

As kids head back to school in Albany, Governor Cuomo took the occasion to vow that failing schools will no long be tolerated.

“What I’m saying on education is, failing schools are not acceptable. Period. It has to end, and it has to end now,” he said in a meeting with The Buffalo News Editorial Board. “Our society’s willingness to perpetuate this situation is no longer acceptable. We need dramatic action, and it’s going to come to a head.”

On the list of possible solutions are to have successful charter schools take over the failing schools. If an entire district is getting poor grades that it might be time for the mayor or town to step in. There will be a lot more school reform details put forth in his upcoming state of the union speech. Although there have been plenty of education reform bills put forth in the state legislature, they haven’t moved far. Hopefully, this year will be different.

Sending your kids off to school is a good time to “reform” your home. At the very least you should take the opportunity of an empty house during the day to do some cleaning. What kind of junk has piled up over the summer? Maybe there are some broken toys or a swing set that has been abandoned. Perhaps there is a above ground pool that has seen better days. Could be that y our garage and basement simply became a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter. Instead of hanging onto that stuff into the fall, why not call Junk King Capital District and schedule a removal appointment?

Junk King are the Albany based junk hauling experts that are part of a national franchise. This means they have high standards to live up to when it comes to this type of service. You can see how those standards play out in all the positive reviews that Junk King Capital District receives. There is plenty of talk about friendly workers, dependable service and great prices. Those are the kind of reviews that have made Junk King the number one junk hauler in Albany.

Most professional organizers will tell you that if you’re not using something at least every six months you can get rid of it. That makes sense for clothes and shoes. It’s also good advice for all that old furniture you’ve got in the basement or out in the garage. You might even have boxes of stuff still taped up from your last move. Do you really need whatever is in those boxes? Instead, reclaim all that space for more practical purposes. Get rid of enough junk and you might even have an entire empty room to refurnish! Let Junk King Capital District show you the way!

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