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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Put Junk King To Work For Storm Debris Removal In Amsterdam

Tropical Storm Isaias formed in the South Atlantic Ocean. As it made its way up the eastern seaboard, the tropical storm transformed into a hurricane and then back to a storm. By the time it reached the Capital Region, it was reduced to heavy rain and wind. That was still enough to cause some significant flooding and toppling trees throughout the area. Of course, that also means that power went out for a lot of businesses and residences. Even with damage that wasn’t severe, it was still an unwelcome challenge for businesses and homeowners. That challenge extends beyond power outages and into the cleanup.

As you might expect, municipal crews are working hard to restore that power. That doesn’t leave them much time to support any cleanup efforts for homeowners. The only time they might get involved in removing tree branches is if one of those branches happens to be on a power line. Instead, homeowners in Amsterdam can count on Junk King Albany to provide fast and affordable storm debris cleanup for any size property.

Big or Small Debris

When you hire Junk King to remove rubbish items from your home, the crew doesn’t care whether those items are big or small. There only focus is to make sure it will all fit onto the truck. That same philosophy can be applied to storm debris cleanup. Junk King doesn’t care if the debris is big or small. They will break it up and find a way to get it onto the truck in a fast manner. That includes any branches or other natural debris items along with man-made debris that might have been dropped in your yard. And if something was damaged on your property and now has to be removed, the crew from Junk King can handle that as well. That might be true for an old shed or swing set.

The cost a storm debris cleanup is the same as regular junk removal. you will only be charged a flat fee based on how much space that debris takes up on the back of the truck. You will know what this price is before the work begins. It remains a fair and competitive fee for this type of work.

Storm debris removal in Amsterdam just got easier thanks to support from Junk King Albany. Hire them today.

How To Get Rubbish Out Of Your Altamont Home

Every homeowner makes a kind of contract with their local municipality for trash removal. Sometimes that removal is provided as part of services paid for by property taxes. Other times it is included in the utility bills. No matter how it is paid for, those trash pickups happen on the same day (barring a holiday) and usually at the same time each week. All you have to do is make sure those trashcans are on the curb. As efficient as these weekly trash pickups are, they can’t help with all your trash removal. You might have some rubbish items in your Altamont home that couldn’t fit into the trashcan. They might also be objects that are legally required to be excluded from the trash. For that kind of rubbish removal, you need to bring in some outside help. That kind of help can be found from Junk King Albany.

What Needs to Go

Hiring Junk King for a rubbish removal session will put into action a plan that can have all the unwanted items removed from your home. That would be anything regardless of size or weight. Every Junk King appointment will be staffed by two movers who are going to do all the heavy lifting. They will be rolling up in a truck that can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of unwanted debris. That should cover just about anything that you need to clear out of your Altamont home.

Not everything that you want to get rid of requires two movers. There might be some items like electronic gear that can easily be carried out by one of those movers. You’ll get two either way because that always makes the work go faster. And those electronics are the exact type of things that shouldn’t go into the trash. They need to be recycled at a certified recycling facility and that is exactly where the crew from Junk King will take those items.

Getting rubbish removed from your Altamont home can happen fast when you put Junk King Albany on the job.

Best Reviewed Junk Haulers In Alcove

When you’ve decided that it is time to get rid of the big rubbish items from your Alcove home, the search is on to find a reliable, fast and affordable professional junk hauler. The first step in that search will be to look up reviews posted from past customers. In that regard, Junk King Albany is clearly the best reviewer junk hauler in the Capitol District area. Here is the proof:

“Booked an appointment with the Junk King team to help clear out a surprisingly high number of discardable large items left behind after my parents had moved out of their house. The remaining junk kept us from being able to list the house. The team showed up on time, fairly evaluated the contents and did their best to fit everything within the quoted price and truck space despite my lack of prior organization and propensity to keep adding on more things to dispose! I think their service and labor were excellent and would definitely use them again if the need were to arise.” Ramnesh, Brooklyn

Junk King’s goal remains clearing out all the unwanted rubbish that you want hauled away in a single session. You can add to it at the last minute because the final price won’t be determined until the Junk King crew has had a chance to look over everything to decide how it will all fit on the truck. One flat fee covers everything regardless of weight or size.

“Had them at my mom’s house yesterday. They arrived on time. Gave me an estimate and I agreed to it. They did the job and stuck to the estimate. They worked nonstop and got the job done. Very professional.  They took over 3 truckloads away. Swept up the place when they were done. I highly recommend Junk King if you want the job done right, fast and for a reasonable price. I’m really am glad I used them.” Dayton, Schenectady

On the really big jobs, Junk King will send over extra trucks and crews. Again, you’ll only be paying the flat fee based on how each truck will get packed up.

The best approach for getting rubbish removed from your Alcove home remains bringing on Junk King Albany for the job.

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