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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Move Out The Junk Before Moving To Your New Ancramdale Home

Are you planning on moving into a new Ancramdale home in the coming months? Packing up your items is a good way to discover all of the things you thought you had lost. It’s also a terrific time to take a walk down “memory lane.” You might discover a few items are worse being put on display in the new home. Of course, you also find plenty of things that you can do without. Is it really worth using up a precious moving box and taking up space on the moving truck with items that you know you are never going to use again? Instead of moving with old junk into your new home, why not bring in Junk King Albany to get rid of those unwanted items? That will certainly have you starting out in your new place a lot more organized and less cluttered.

A Different Kind Of Crew

When you hire junk King to help get rid of your unwanted rubbish you will be working with a different kind of moving crew. The Junk King team will devote as much care to your property as your professional movers will. That’s because it still needs to be removed safely without scratching up the walls and floors. The Junk King crew will also have just as much expertise when it comes to lifting and loading heavy objects. The main difference between the Junk King team and your moving crew is how much it will cost and how things will be disposed of.

For the cost, Junk King will never charge by the hour. You also don’t get charge for travel time. One flat fee covers everything and that he will always be based on how the truck gets filled up with all of the things that you are getting rid of. The less room your stuff takes up, the less you will be paid.

As for the “disposal” the team from Junk King will be dropping your items off at a charity or recycling center. Yes, you might never see them again but that doesn’t mean they can be put to use.

The best approach for moving into your new Ancramdale home would be to bring in the Junk King Albany squad to get rid of your old junk first.

Hire Junk Kind For An End Of Summer Cleanout In Ancram

For many folks, this past summer meant a staycation instead of a vacation. Of course, if you’ve created a nice home, then a staycation shouldn’t be a problem. Spending more time at home gives you a chance to assess what kind of shape your home is in with regard to clutter. If you’re close to hitting the “overrun with clutter” level in your Ancram home, then it is time to bring in the crew from Junk King Albany. This is the team that never met a pile of clutter they couldn’t remove in a flash.

Time to Go

You might have spent some of your summer time organizing cabinets and closets. The best approach for that type of cleaning is to remove every item from those spaces. Anytime you put your hands on something, you can decide whether you will ever use it again. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t hold onto it. Just moving something from your closet out to the garage or down in the basement isn’t enough. It needs to be totally cleared from the house. That is where Junk King is going to be a big help. We will send over a team of qualified movers who can pick up all your unwanted items in a safe and efficient manner.

This will be a team that has been thoroughly trained in the new level of safety protocols. They will also be to get an object from your home regardless of size or weight. There will never been an issue with a scale when you hire Junk King. Our price policy is based strictly on volume. It all comes down to how the truck will be packed with all the stuff that you’re getting rid of. If it is just a few boxes and bags of clutter, then you might be able to size up how those things will fit on the back of the truck. The Junk King crew will provide you with that estimate before the begin loading up. It will always be a fair and competitive price.

Let Junk King Albany help with your end of the summer cleanout for your Ancram home. You’ll be happy when all that junk is gone!

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