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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Cerritos Junk Removal

Recently, the Cerritos sheriff’s department received a call about illegal dumping. Apparently, someone had been dumping construction waste by some trash bins in a business district alley. The police promise to step up patrols in the area in order to catch the culprit. It’s great that the police will respond to this type of illegal dumping, but wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to? Would you rather have the police on standby to help someone in serious trouble? This is the kind of chain reaction that illegal dumping can cause. Leaving behind trash where is doesn’t belong is a health hazard on many levels. Not only will that trash attract vermin, but not it is pulling police away from serious crimes. All of that could have been avoided if those illegal dumpers would only use Junk King of North Orange County.


When it comes to proper junk removal, Junk King has all the answers. First, they’ll be providing you with a very capable and friendly two-man crew who will do the actual work. Since it took a few movers to bring in a heavy object, it’s going to take a few movers to haul it away. Just because you have something heavy to move, doesn’t mean you should strain your back. Don’t worry about the Junk King crew straining; they know the right way to lift and load.

You also shouldn’t feel guilty about the amount of junk you want removed. The Junk King crews have seen all kinds of junk removal. They have taken away swimming pools, tires, auto parts, kitchen appliances, furniture and even hot tubs. Nothing is too big or too small for the Junk King crew to handle.

Cost is a factor when you hire any type of professional worker. With Junk King you’ll be presented with a very simple payment option. Upon arrival for the junk removal appointment, the crew will size up what you’re tossing out. They’ll then present you with a fee based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the Junk King truck. This is an inclusive price that includes labor, truck rental, gas and dumping fees. If you had to do all of those on your own you’d be looking at a very hefty bill. With Junk King you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how affordable those estimates are. Getting rid of your junk has never been easier. All it takes is one call to Junk King.

Garden Grove Junk Removal

This message was recently posted on the Garden Grove community bulletin board “Mr. Landlord:”

“I just bought a rental in Garden Grove that has a dumpster instead of individual trash cans for each unit. Now I have people in the area dumping their trash and filling up the dumpster. How have you stopped this illegal dumping?”

Here was the response:

“We have that next door, owned by someone else. When I see people come by to fill the dumpster, I yell at them. In your situation, post a sign, get a couple of cameras, and find out if it is against the law in your area. If t is against the law, get the police to help you.”


Imagine having to police your trash bins. That’s one of the big problems with having a dumpster on your property. It’s going to attract all kinds of trash. Typically, someone will rent a dumpster to help with a major spring cleaning project. Sadly, it will only take 24 hours before that dumpster is filled by strangers. You might not even get to use it for your own trash. If you’ve got some major junk removal, then you need to bring in the pros. Junk King of North Orange County provides their expert junk removal services for all of Garden Grove. When you call up for a junk removal appointment, you’ll have a hardworking crew and their huge truck at your disposal. This means you can finally get rid of anything that has been taking up valuable space around your home.

Hiring Junk King for a junk removal appointment also means you can put that cleared out space to better use. If you need a home office, crafting corner or kid’s bedroom Junk King can help get you there. Once the Junk King crew has finished removing your interior junk, you can set them to work on the outside. What do you have lying around your yard that could be removed? Keep in mind that you’re not going to have to pick up anything. The Junk King crew will do all of that for you.

As for pricing, you’ll find that Junk King offers the best deal in town. You’re only going to be charged an amount based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. This is measured as 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 or full. That estimate is locked down so there will be no surprises at the end of the job. Fair, dependable and professional: that’s the Junk King way!


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