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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Yorba Linda Construction Debris Removal

The New Year is off to a great start for a group of home developers. They just receive the go ahead from the Yorba Linda planning commission to proceed with a 340 single-family home development. Next stop will be the county Board of Supervisors. If all goes according to the plan, these homes can begin to be built later this year. That will mean a lot of work and of course a lot of new homes for local residents. Anytime there is a construction project, it is good news. Do you have a construction project slated for your property this year?


It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home from the ground up or simply remodeling a bathroom, you’re going to need to set up your construction debris removal. In some cases, a contractor will be able to handle that as part of  their job. However, you might be better off taking this task from their already long list of goals. Instead, turn your construction debris over to Junk King. This is right up their alley.

Junk King has been removing all kind of debris from homes, apartments, school and businesses. They’ve quickly become Yorba Linda’s number one junk hauling service and you don’t get there by accident. The big plus with hiring Junk King is that you won’t have to do any work. The two-man Junk King crew assigned to your construction debris removal will load everything up onto their truck. You can schedule this removal for the end of the demolition day or at the end of your build week. If you have an unusually large job, you could even set up a daily Junk King construction debris removal appointment.

The other big plus with hiring Junk King for this task is the price. Junk King will only charge you a flat fee based on volume. You won’t be charged by the pound as you would if you had to rent a dumpster. That fee will be presented to you before the work begins and it won’t charge when the work is done.

Along with your construction debris, Junk King can also remove any other unwanted item from your home. Put that crew to work hauling out old furniture, boxes of rubbish and appliances. If you don’t want it, then get it gone! For thorough construction debris removal, Junk King is the company to work with.

North Orange County Yard Cleanup

Just because the rest of the country is bracing for a harsh winter, doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors. One of the many benefits of living in Orange County is the great weather all year long. Sure, we have the occasional cold spell but we also get to spend more time in the backyard. That’s why you’ll always find some interesting gardening activities happening around the county. For instance, Coastkeeper Garden recently held a Vermiculture seminar to demonstrate how you can recycle more food waste. Essentially, you’ll be feeding it to a bunch of worms that turn it in to an amazing compost. There were also weekend events dedicated to fuchsias, begonias and daylilies. Add it all up and you’ll find plenty of inspiration and motivation to get your garden growing at this time of the year. Before you can begin, you might want to consider a thorough yard cleanup with the help of Junk King.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that has been helping Orange County homeowners and businesses clear out all kinds of unwanted stuff from inside their homes. However, they also provide amazing yard cleanup assistance. Suppose you have a lot that is completely overrun with weeds and brush? Turn the Junk King crew loose on that area and watch how fast is can be cleared out.

Not only will Junk King cut, chop, saw and pull up anything you want removed but they will also make sure it is disposed of in a responsible manner. Yes, even yard waste can be recycled. Everything from dirt to wood can be ground up and repurposed. You don’t have to request this service. It will be handled automatically. Junk King has set up working relationships with many recycling facilities throughout the OC and they’re all part of their drop off schedules.

On that same appointment that you hire Junk King to take care of your yard cleanup, you can still put them to work decluttering your garage, closets or attic. Just tell Junk King what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest. With a two-man moving crew and huge truck, there is no end to what you can finally get rid of. As for cost, you’ll only be charged a flat rate based on volume not weight. When it comes to quality yard cleanup and dependable junk removal, Junk King is the only call you need to make.


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