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Anaheim Debris Removal

While most of the east coast is being pounded by severe storms, Anaheim is in the midst of a heat wave. It's the same throughout all of Southern California. Locals know that the more inland you go, the hotter it gets. Clearly, there isn't a high demand for storm debris removal here in Anaheim but just because it is hot outside, doesn't mean you can get your junk cleared out. Junk King is happy to continue making debris removal appointments no matter how hot the temperature gets. cardboard-recycling-bale-685650-m As a professional junk hauling service, Junk King needs to be reliable. That means showing up at the scheduled time. When you make a debris removal appointment with Junk King you'll be given a two-hour window. The goal of Junk King is to get to your property within that two-hour time and have the job completed. There are a few factors that are out of Junk King's control like traffic snarl-ups. However, the Junk King crews who will be handling your cleanup will keep you informed about their progress. If they're going to be a few minutes late, you'll know right away! Because the Junk King crews are always on the job, you might benefit from a same-day debris removal appointment. That can happen if you call in the morning and get on the schedule ASAP. Typically, you can expect all your junk to be cleared away within 24 hours. That's pretty good especially if you've been holding onto that junk for a long time! As for what you can throw out, there is really no limit except for hazardous materials. Everything else can be scooped up by the two-man Junk King crew for proper disposal. That includes anything from inside your home or around your yards. One call to Junk King can have your garage completely cleaned out. Any unwanted pieces of furniture, appliances or other household goods can all be loaded up. Around your yard, the Junk King crew can remove any yard waste left over from a landscaping makeover. They can also dismantle things like hot tubs, swing sets or fencing. Everything is fair game to the Junk King crew. Once they've loaded everything, you can go back to your busy day. The Junk King crew will still be on the clock as they head out to the nearest recycling facility or charity to drop off your stuff. The last place they want to be on a hot day is a landfill! They'll avoid that while reducing your carbon footprint in the deal. Any time is a good time for debris removal when Junk King is on the job.
Anaheim Debris Removal


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