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Keep Your Home Clutter Free With Junk King

Feng Shui suggests that it is extremely important to have your house and office clutter free to enjoy positive energy and ward off negativity. Not only are regular households prone to accumulating junk over the years, but offices and commercial places tend to suffer similar problems as well. The only thing that you need to do to ensure a healthy environment is to look for professional junk haulers in North Orange County, California and hire the one that suits your requirement best.

Junk hauling is a tedious job and needs expertise to ensure that it is done properly. Thus, it is always advisable to take help from skilled junk removal teams. Junk King is a reliable service provider in North Orange County because we have an experienced team along with all the required equipment.

We have earned good reputation and respect as a reliable junk hauler because we always like to provide 100% satisfactory services. Thus, you can be rest assure of quality service if you sign up with us. We are confident that with our services, if you hire us once, you would hire us always.

Get Ready for Your Yorba Linda Garden Planting

If you’re lucky, you have access to a local farmer’s market. This is where you’ll be able to buy up some very fresh produce and other goodies. It will allow you to create the kind of “farm to table” dinner that fancy restaurants charge a premium for. Of course, you could skip the “middle man” and become your own farmer. That would mean starting your own veggie garden planting. To prep your backyard grow area, you’ll first want to do some clearing. Thankfully, you won’t have to do that task by yourself when you bring in the team from Junk King.


You might not automatically associate a company called Junk King with gardening. However, you’ll find that the two-man crew assigned to your session will be a huge help when it comes to opening up space in your backyard. You can put that crew to work taking apart things like swing sets, sand boxes, above ground swimming pools and even hot tubs. Removing any one of those kinds of objects is going to open up plenty of space for your garden. The Junk King crew also won’t have an issue with yanking up any weed overgrowth. Sure, you can handle the little weeds but if you’ve got some huge vines, roots or shrubs then let Junk King do the pulling!

On that same truck with all your yard waste, the Junk King can also load up any other clutter you want to get rid of. Spring isn’t just for garden planting but for cleaning, too! You can finally clear out all that rubbish from your garage. Won’t it be nice to make your way from the car to the inside of your house without tripping over anything?

After everything is loaded onto the truck, Junk King will be on their way to the next job and you can back to your day. Of course, Junk King won’t merely be making other pickups. They’ll also be handling the drops offs. Instead of dumping everything into a landfill, Junk King will make every effort to recycle or donate what they pull out of your home. That includes all that yard waste. Yes, even dirt can be recycled! The best preparation for your garden planting begins with a call to Junk King.

Get A Jump On Your Yorba Linda Spring Cleaning – Haul That Junk!

What are your big plans for spring this year? If you have kids in school, then you’ll have to contend with spring break. If they are high school age, then their spring break might simply consist of sleeping in and staying up late. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they keep up with their household chores. As an added “bonus,” you can use their spring break vacation for a little spring cleaning action. Many parents have adopted a hands off approach to their kid’s bedrooms. Way too toxic! However, at least once a year you should make the effort to get things clean. You can enlist a great partner by the name of Junk King.


When you set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be getting the assistance of two extremely friendly and capable movers. This will be the team that is going to do all the heavy lifting. You’ll be able to tell your teen the appointment time with Junk King is their deadline to toss out all the stuff they no longer use. This could be old computers, game consoles, TVs and DVD players. Instead of hanging onto that e-waste, Junk King will make sure it is disposed of in a responsible manner.

Beyond your teen’s bedroom, Junk King can go through the rest of your house to remove all kinds of objects like unwanted furniture, old appliances and boxes of unused clothes. This is your chance to finally get the closets and garage free of clutter. Remember how much space you had when you first moved in? You can get back to that with a little help from Junk King.

The Junk King crew can also work wonders around your backyard. Not only can they remove any type of rubbish from the area, but they’ve can also clear away brush and scrub. If you want to plant a garden this spring, then let Junk King get the ball rolling by hauling away dirt, rocks and other yard waste. All you have to do is point to something and it is as good as gone.

Everything gets loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck and your appointment will last as long as that loading. Get this year’s spring cleaning off to a powerful start by hiring Junk King.

Yorba Linda Hot Tub Breakdown and Removal

Nothing lasts forever. Around your home, that holds true for televisions, refrigerators, mattresses and even backyard hot tubs. When it comes to getting rid of those oversized items, you’ll need to bring in some help. The best call would be to Junk King. They are the junk removal specialists who won’t have any trouble taking away those bulky things… even if it looks like trouble.


Recently, Junk King was called on for a hot tub breakdown and removal job. The challenge was that this particular hot tub wasn’t going to fit on the back of the Junk King truck. Normally, loading up the truck isn’t a problem because it can accommodate a lot but the configuration of this tub was too big. It didn’t take long for the Junk King crew to size up the situation and come up with a solution: Cut it half. First, they had to strip away all the outer covers and remove the motor. They would do this on any hot tub breakdown job. Then it was time to bust out the jigsaw and literally cut the fiberglass tub right down the middle. Once it was in two pieces, there was no problem sliding it onto the back of the truck.

This particular job did take a bit longer than the average junk removal session. If you find yourself using Junk King for a big dismantling job, you won’t be paying extra labor costs. Junk King only charges a flat rate based on how much room your junk will need on the back of the truck. In the case of a hot tub breakdown that could be at least half the truck. You’ll be given the estimate before the work begins so you know exactly what is expected. This is a fee that is not going to change no matter how long the job will take!

Beyond the hot tub breakdown, Junk King is standing by to help clear out the rest of those unwanted items you have around your home and yard. If you getting rid of a hot tub, then you might be planning for a total backyard makeover. If so, then you definitely want to bring Junk King on board for the cleanup. No job is too big or too small for Junk King to handle. For fast and safe hot tub breakdown and decluttering of your home, Junk King is the only way to go!

Yorba Linda Old Furniture Disposal

Is old furniture getting in the way of your happy home? Maybe it’s messing up the flow of your rooms by adding clutter. Maybe it’s wrecking the harmony because your significant other is desperate for you to get rid of that stuff. Either way, that furniture has got to go. The best way to handle that task is to turn it over to Junk King.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling service who has been in operation for over ten years. It is a national chain that franchises all across the country. Here in Yorba Linda, Junk King has helped hundreds of folks remove their unwanted items and those customers have been extremely grateful. They’re also happy to share their experiences:

“Quick, professional and on time.”

“The men who came to pick up the garden waste were very helpful and efficient.”

“Same day service, arrived before the scheduled appointment time, fast, friendly and thorough and reasonable rates.”

“Quick and efficient, and a very personable staff !”

Those are just some of the comments that came into Junk King within the past couple of days. They all highlight all the benefits of hiring this company for your old furniture disposal or other type of junk hauling.

Junk King is efficient and they won’t waste your time. You can set up an appointment online at a day and time that works best for your busy schedule. This can range from ASAP to next Saturday. Junk King only asks that on the chosen day, you set aside two hours. It certainly won’t take two hours for the actual work unless it is a hoarder cleanup! Those two hours provide a buffer between pickup appointments. In most cases, the crews won’t even need that much time.

The reasonable rates are in the form of a single estimate based on volume. That would be how much space your junk takes up on the truck. The fee covers all the labor, truck rentals, dumping fees and travel time. Sounds like a lot? Actually, it’s quite affordable.

Finally, Junk King will go the extra step to insure that your junk is disposed of in a responsible manner. This will mean dropping off items to a recycling center or charity. And yes, that is included in the fee as well! Start with old furniture disposal and end up with a house that is free of junk all thanks to Junk King.

Yorba Linda Construction Debris Removal

The New Year is off to a great start for a group of home developers. They just receive the go ahead from the Yorba Linda planning commission to proceed with a 340 single-family home development. Next stop will be the county Board of Supervisors. If all goes according to the plan, these homes can begin to be built later this year. That will mean a lot of work and of course a lot of new homes for local residents. Anytime there is a construction project, it is good news. Do you have a construction project slated for your property this year?


It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home from the ground up or simply remodeling a bathroom, you’re going to need to set up your construction debris removal. In some cases, a contractor will be able to handle that as part of  their job. However, you might be better off taking this task from their already long list of goals. Instead, turn your construction debris over to Junk King. This is right up their alley.

Junk King has been removing all kind of debris from homes, apartments, school and businesses. They’ve quickly become Yorba Linda’s number one junk hauling service and you don’t get there by accident. The big plus with hiring Junk King is that you won’t have to do any work. The two-man Junk King crew assigned to your construction debris removal will load everything up onto their truck. You can schedule this removal for the end of the demolition day or at the end of your build week. If you have an unusually large job, you could even set up a daily Junk King construction debris removal appointment.

The other big plus with hiring Junk King for this task is the price. Junk King will only charge you a flat fee based on volume. You won’t be charged by the pound as you would if you had to rent a dumpster. That fee will be presented to you before the work begins and it won’t charge when the work is done.

Along with your construction debris, Junk King can also remove any other unwanted item from your home. Put that crew to work hauling out old furniture, boxes of rubbish and appliances. If you don’t want it, then get it gone! For thorough construction debris removal, Junk King is the company to work with.

North Orange County Yard Cleanup

Just because the rest of the country is bracing for a harsh winter, doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors. One of the many benefits of living in Orange County is the great weather all year long. Sure, we have the occasional cold spell but we also get to spend more time in the backyard. That’s why you’ll always find some interesting gardening activities happening around the county. For instance, Coastkeeper Garden recently held a Vermiculture seminar to demonstrate how you can recycle more food waste. Essentially, you’ll be feeding it to a bunch of worms that turn it in to an amazing compost. There were also weekend events dedicated to fuchsias, begonias and daylilies. Add it all up and you’ll find plenty of inspiration and motivation to get your garden growing at this time of the year. Before you can begin, you might want to consider a thorough yard cleanup with the help of Junk King.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that has been helping Orange County homeowners and businesses clear out all kinds of unwanted stuff from inside their homes. However, they also provide amazing yard cleanup assistance. Suppose you have a lot that is completely overrun with weeds and brush? Turn the Junk King crew loose on that area and watch how fast is can be cleared out.

Not only will Junk King cut, chop, saw and pull up anything you want removed but they will also make sure it is disposed of in a responsible manner. Yes, even yard waste can be recycled. Everything from dirt to wood can be ground up and repurposed. You don’t have to request this service. It will be handled automatically. Junk King has set up working relationships with many recycling facilities throughout the OC and they’re all part of their drop off schedules.

On that same appointment that you hire Junk King to take care of your yard cleanup, you can still put them to work decluttering your garage, closets or attic. Just tell Junk King what you want removed and they’ll handle the rest. With a two-man moving crew and huge truck, there is no end to what you can finally get rid of. As for cost, you’ll only be charged a flat rate based on volume not weight. When it comes to quality yard cleanup and dependable junk removal, Junk King is the only call you need to make.


Get Ready for Your Holiday Open House – Junk Pickup Yorba Linda

If you’re throwing a big holiday open house for New Year’s Eve, you might divide your home into two party zones: One for the adults and one for the kids. Each zone should have their own supply of drinks and snacks. Obviously, there will be a world of difference when it comes to the drink department. The kid zone will be best served in a room with a TV and Blu-Ray player. That way you can load up the young ones with enough movies to keep them occupied throughout the night. The only challenge is to get the group to agree on the film roster. Before you set up either party zone, you might want to bring in the pros from Junk King.


Getting rid of the clutter left behind from Christmas is a priority mission for Junk King. They’ll send over their best men to get the job done. Of course, with Junk King, all the teams can be considered “their best men.” That’s because everyone who works with Junk King is fully licensed, bonded and insured. In other words, they are the perfect workers to invite into your home.

That two-man team assigned to your junk pickup appointment will be doing all the actual work for you. They will get very upset if they see you lifting anything even if it is just a pair of old shoes! The Junk King crew will be packing all of your stuff onto the back of the truck. Here is another area where Junk King excels. The goal is always to get as much stuff onto a truck as possible. The longer a crew can stay out, the better it is for everyone. This is also a huge benefit when it comes to pricing. That’s because Junk King is going to charge you a flat rate based on how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the trunk. Since they are going to be squeezing it all in tight, you can count on an amazing deal.

The entire junk pickup appointment will last as long as it takes to load up your stuff. That could be a matter of minutes. When it comes to junk pickup, Junk King likes to move fast and efficient. Call today to make your junk disappear by tomorrow.

Feel Safe With Your Yorba Linda Junk Removal Team

Even if you live in a gated community with around the clock security, your home is still vulnerable. At least it would be if you hire worker you know nothing about. You would be bringing that person right through all that security and into your home. Even if they don’t steal anything, an unlicensed contractor could cause plenty of damage. That’s why you need to do your homework before you hire any type of worker including someone who might not even by at your home past thirty-minutes.

Anaheim Junk Removal

Consider the task of junk removal. That is a job that is not going to take a lot of time unless you’re involved in a hoarder cleanup. Junk King is a professional junk removal company who is part of a national franchise that has been in operation since 2005. Clearly, they must be doing something right! The founders of Junk King released the value of this type of professional service. But just because you get paid for the service doesn’t make you a true professional. Junk King starts out by providing a two-man crew for every junk removal appointment. That crew has been licensed, bonded and insured. There is no compromise when it comes to that type of certification for Junk King workers.

The Junk King workers have also been properly train on the best moving methods for bulky and heavy objects. They also will know how to dismantle any object in order to get it to fit on the truck or make it out the door. They’ve even been known to saw a hot tub in half to make sure it can be properly disposed off. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and it is as good as gone!

Junk King’s professionalism goes beyond the efficient job they’ll perform with your junk removal. They will also be going the extra step with their eco-friendly disposal policies. Since they started, Junk King has been dedicated to keeping the majority of what they collect out of landfills. They would much rather drop something off at a charity or recycling center than at a nearby dump.

Finally, you can depend on Junk King for a fair and affordable price. Their fees are always based on volume and not weight. When it comes to feeling safe with your junk removal, Junk King is the only way to go.

What’s In your Yorba Linda Garage? Get Rid of the Clutter!

Just because you have large garage doesn’t mean you always have to park a car in there. Technically, this is a viable space that is part of your home that can be repurposed into many different functions. Putting down linoleum flooring and putting up some drywall can convert your garage into a great play area for the kids. If the garage is situated in the back of your house, you could remove the rolling door and replace it with French doors. Now you have a space that can be used as guest room or home gym. Of course, there is nothing wrong with setting up your garage as a “quiet zone” that lets you relax with in a comfy chair or stretching out doing yoga. However, before any of that can happen you first need to get rid of the clutter. That is where Junk King is going to be a huge help.

REQUEST - Garage Clutter - Landscape

You might have noticed the red Junk King truck making the rounds in your area. That means that your neighbors have already discovered the benefits of hiring this professional junk hauling service. Junk King will provide you with a two-man moving crew who will be equipped to lift, haul and/or dismantle anything you want to get rid of. For those extreme jobs where there is an exceptional amount of clutter, Junk King can dispatch additional crewmembers and trucks. The goal is to help you get rid of the clutter in a single appointment.

After they’re done in the garage, the Junk King crew can then take a pass at the rest of your house. Just point to all the things you want removed and the Junk King crew will handle the rest. In fact, they will be upset if you lift anything!

Take note that Junk King is a totally green kind of company. They will automatically recycle or donate the majority of what they collect from your home. This is another part of their training, to recognize all those items that can be repurposed. When it comes to pricing, you’ll find that Junk King is a great deal. You’ll be paying a single fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It’s probably the best deal in Yorba Linda for this kind of work. Get rid of the clutter with one call to Junk King.

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