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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Make Your Holidays Junk Free

By the end of the week, all the Halloween decorations will probably be down and put back into storage. They’ll be replaced with the Thanksgiving decorations that will be quickly followed by the Christmas decorations. Aren’t you glad you only decorate at this time of the year? Hopefully, you have these decorations all organized and stored in a place that’s easy to get to. However, if you have discovered that since the last time you pull down these decorations there has been a junk barricade put up, then it’s time to bring it down. That’s a task tailor-made for Junk King Atlanta South.


When you hire Junk King Atlanta South, you’re hiring your own personal removal crew. This is the team that shows up with a positive attitude ready to take on any challenge you might present them. And there have been plenty of challenges! In the past, Junk King crews have navigated pianos down staircases, taken apart hot tubs and dismantled swing sets. Then there’s all the heavy furniture they’ve lifted and loaded onto the truck. You’ll see the amount of help the Junk King team can provide in getting rid of unwanted clutter.

The first thing the Junk King crew always does once they arrive is to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They are sizing up how it’s going to fit on the back of the truck. They can look at any amount of junk, even if the pieces are scattered throughout the house, and know exactly how much space it will take on the back of the truck. That’s when they present you with an estimate. Their goal is always to get as much into as little space as possible. What happens the estimate is wrong? If your stuff takes up more room, then you’ll pay the original price. If it takes up less, then you’ll pay less. That’s how Junk King is and they never want add any surprise charges.

Included in the rate is the disposal of the stuff. Unlike other so-called professional junk haulers, Junk King Atlanta South doesn’t automatically take what you’re tossing out to a landfill. Although that would be easy for them, it’s not great for the environment. They would much rather drop your things off at a recycling center or charity. In that way you know what you’re giving away can be repurposed. Your holidays should be merry, bright and junk free. Junk King Atlanta South can take care of the junk part!

Take Care Of Big Appliance Disposal The Right Way By Recycling

Every one of us a gotten into the habit of recycling. If provided with the designated recycling bin, we will happily toss in our soda cans and water bottles. This routine started at home and extends to workplaces and campuses. That is the easy way to recycle. But what happens when you need to get rid of something like an old stove or refrigerator? Yes, those big appliances can be recycled as well but you won’t be able to stuff them into a bin. Instead, you’ll want to have Junk King Atlanta South.The professional junk haulers who’ve been recycling appliances for over 12 years.


Typically, most people get rid of their big appliances on the same day they get the replacement models delivered. However, there could be an instance where you might have to put an old refrigerator or freezer out in the garage. It might be easier to shove the old stove or dishwasher onto the back porch. The hope is that you can get it removed on your own but that often proves impractical. With Junk King Atlanta South on the job, you only have to point to something and it can be removed by the two-man team assigned to your session.

You can book your junk removal session with Junk King Atlanta South at the time that works best for your busy schedule. You may want to time it so that the old appliance is removed on the same day the new appliance is being dropped off. Junk King can certainly make that happen and give you plenty of time to clean up that empty space before it is filled again.

Junk King Atlanta South has established partnerships with various recycling facilities throughout the region. They know exactly who accepts big appliances versus electronics. There are also different recycling centers for furniture, mattresses and other household goods. What if your appliance is still functioning? Then Junk King will happily drop it off at a charity that can polish it up and turn it over to a family in need. There’s no reason for your big appliance to end up in a landfill with Junk King Atlanta South on the job.

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