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Get Rid Of Your Old Hot Tub Today

It might seem impossible but there is actually a solution to get rid of your old backyard hot tub. This might be a structure that has been in your yard for years. It might have been there before you moved in. If it is a hot tub that hasn’t been in use for some time, then chances are you don’t want to “revitalize it.” Now, it is just taking up valuable space. That can all change when Junk King Atlanta is brought into the situation. These are the junk hauling pros that have a lot of experience with removing hot tubs.

Watch the Work

Junk King is going to sign you two movers and truck to take care of this hot tub removal. This is obviously something that might take a bit more time than carrying out an old sofa. You have the option to watch the work or go away and come back to an empty space. If you were to watch the work, then you would see how the junk King crew needs to take apart the hot tub bit by bit. All of those pieces will eventually make their way onto the back of the truck. First, they have to move on the big part which would be the separated inner shell. Depending on the size of the hot tub, that in a shell might have to be cut up into pieces. This is all work that the junk King crew has a lot of experience with and will be happy to make happen.

You can schedule your hot tub removal session junk King online or over the phone. Just make sure you do mention that getting rid of the hot tub is on the agenda. That way they will make sure the truck they send is totally clear and ready for the debris.

The best way to get rid of your old backyard hot tub remains giving the job to junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta South – Junk Removal Offers These Moving Boxes Tips

Our Junk King Atlanta South – Junk Removal team gets a lot of calls from folks that are moving. Most of them just want to get rid of the junk that they want to throw away, donate or recycle to make the process easier. Our friendly and efficient services are always happy to help out.
We know how daunting moving can be. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on the best methods to pack your moving boxes.
First off, it’s best if you try and keep the boxes from individual rooms together. That makes it easier when you’re unloading them and putting them into the rooms of your new house. As far as making it easier for the movers, you should group the boxes of similar weight and size.

Taking the time to make sure everything is packed up properly is a good practice. Packing peanuts are an excellent way to add a cushion to the bottom and sides of boxes so fragile items stay intact.

A Difference
Deciding how you put items into your moving boxes makes a difference. Using the same kind of preplanning that our Junk King Atlanta South – Junk Removal experts use is necessary. When you’re packing a large box, you need to put the heaviest items in first. Don’t forget to wrap them with either packing paper or bubble wrap to protect them on the journey.

Packing the box itself requires a little thought as well. It’s best to put the heaviest items at the bottom and the lighter items on top.

There are some things that you won’t be able to pack and others that you won’t be taking with you. That’s where our Junk King Atlanta South – Junk Removal services come into play. For example, an old mattress is best discarded through our services. We can either donate it or recycle it depending on what’s best.

As far as packing your moving boxes, there are a few ideas on weight you need to consider. By and large the box shouldn’t weigh any more than 30 pounds. Keep in mind that boxes that are underpacked can collapse.

On the other side of that coin, boxes that are overpacked can split and the contents inside get damaged. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to throw away, you should get in touch with our Junk King Atlanta South – Junk Removal experts.

Make Your Holidays Junk Free

By the end of the week, all the Halloween decorations will probably be down and put back into storage. They’ll be replaced with the Thanksgiving decorations that will be quickly followed by the Christmas decorations. Aren’t you glad you only decorate at this time of the year? Hopefully, you have these decorations all organized and stored in a place that’s easy to get to. However, if you have discovered that since the last time you pull down these decorations there has been a junk barricade put up, then it’s time to bring it down. That’s a task tailor-made for Junk King Atlanta South.


When you hire Junk King Atlanta South, you’re hiring your own personal removal crew. This is the team that shows up with a positive attitude ready to take on any challenge you might present them. And there have been plenty of challenges! In the past, Junk King crews have navigated pianos down staircases, taken apart hot tubs and dismantled swing sets. Then there’s all the heavy furniture they’ve lifted and loaded onto the truck. You’ll see the amount of help the Junk King team can provide in getting rid of unwanted clutter.

The first thing the Junk King crew always does once they arrive is to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They are sizing up how it’s going to fit on the back of the truck. They can look at any amount of junk, even if the pieces are scattered throughout the house, and know exactly how much space it will take on the back of the truck. That’s when they present you with an estimate. Their goal is always to get as much into as little space as possible. What happens the estimate is wrong? If your stuff takes up more room, then you’ll pay the original price. If it takes up less, then you’ll pay less. That’s how Junk King is and they never want add any surprise charges.

Included in the rate is the disposal of the stuff. Unlike other so-called professional junk haulers, Junk King Atlanta South doesn’t automatically take what you’re tossing out to a landfill. Although that would be easy for them, it’s not great for the environment. They would much rather drop your things off at a recycling center or charity. In that way you know what you’re giving away can be repurposed. Your holidays should be merry, bright and junk free. Junk King Atlanta South can take care of the junk part!

How To Handle Your Estate Cleanout Fast

If you have been put in charge of someone’s estate, then you want to get those matters settled as quickly as possible. There will definitely be a lot of paperwork to sign off on. That includes stipulations as to how to handle the property associated with that estate. In some instances, the money you generate from an estate sale would go back to the estate and dispersed among the recipients. There will be some items that are left over from a sale that no one would lay a claim to. What happens then? That’s when you bring in Junk King Atlanta South for quick estate cleanout.


The typical junk removal session set up by Junk King involves two strong movers and a big truck. That’s usually what the average homeowner needs to accomplish their junk removal task. After all most folks are just tossing out a few pieces of furniture, some electronic gear and old clothing. That will not take up much room on the truck. However, when you get into an estate cleanout you could be dealing with a lot more furniture and other household goods. The two-man Junk King team can still handle this task but it might take them longer than you would want. That’s why Junk King will happily dispatch additional crewmembers and trucks in order to speed up the estate cleanout. They want to handle this as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your busy day.

Before the crew starts work, you’ll have to settle on the fee. This is a price that will be based upon how those teams will pack up the truck with all the stuff. They want to get as much into the truck as possible. It takes great skill to configure furniture, boxes and other bulky items into that tight space. The crews’ years of experience with this kind of packing will net you a low end of the price scale every time.

Although you may not have any use for the stuff you’re getting rid of, there is a chance it could be put back into circulation. Junk King Atlanta South will happily make drop-offs to various local charities. Nothing has to be trashed with Junk King on the job. To make sure your estate cleanout is handled fast and efficiently, put Junk King Atlanta South on the job today.

Junk King Atlanta South Earns Rave Reviews

Getting rid of junk around the house becomes a challenge anytime the item is bigger than your trashcan. At that point, you either hold onto it or bring in professional help. Those people who’ve opted for professional help have found that Junk King Atlanta South gets it done. Here are some of their rave reviews posted within the last couple of weeks:


“They were friendly, courteous and professional. They took away the junk and cleaned up, not only the debris from the junk they took, but also other debris in that area. They were excellent and it was budget friendly.” – M.B., Covington

Junk King’s mission has always been to make your home into a better place. Clearing out furniture, appliances and other household goods frees up a lot of space and that can make a huge difference. Sweeping up those areas that they’ve just cleared is just how they pay attention to details.

“The two gentlemen that picked up my unwanted stuff were extremely polite, very careful, and fast. They asked if I had any additional that they could help take away. Very pleasant visit. And the price was very reasonable.” – J.H., Palmetto

Those prices are always based on how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. It all comes down to volume and not weight. Shop around and you’re sure to find that this is the fairest approach for this type of service in the area.

“It was the day before Hurricane Irma was supposed to hit our area. I had scheduled online for a pickup of 8 cabinets and misc doors and shelves staged in my driveway. It was a race against time. With no other drivers available, Erik Castillo made the one-hour drive down to personally pick up my junk and haul it away before it was flying through somebody’s window in the high winds. In my opinion, he went above and beyond the call of his job. I am grateful that Erik came late in the afternoon to pick up my junk, or else I would have had to load it all back into the garage and wait out the storm. I will ALWAYS use Junk King in the future and recommend them to all my friends. Thank you.” – J.G., Peachtree City

This isn’t the first time that the Junk King crews have gone above and beyond the call of the job and it certainly won’t be the last. Are you ready for Junk King Atlanta South to transform your home? Put them to work today.

Best Ways To Recycle Water Around The House

Everyone who recycles kitchen trash gets into an easy rhythm. Once you start separating plastics, bottles, jars and cardboard containers you get into the habit of doing that without even thinking. But there are other areas where you can recycle around the home that cannot only help the environment but also help with your utility bills. Here the best ways to recycle water:


Use a Shower Bucket

A shower bucket is a very simple way to recycle water. When you turn on your shower it up takes a few minutes to get the water heated. All that cold water can be collected into a bucket. That can then be used for watering plants and washing your car. We’re talking gallons at a time.

Set Up a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel can be set up at the bottom of your rainspout. Every time it rains, the barrel will fill up. You can use that water all throughout your garden. You might even be enough to keep your lawn Junkscreen.

Save Your Pasta Water

The water you cook pasta in can also be recycled in your garden. Just put a pot under the calendar to collect all the drain off. You might even want to use a little back in your sauce to help the pasta from sticking. Just don’t water the plants until the pasta water has cooled off. You can also apply the same method when washing off your veggies. Don’t let that water go to waste.

Reuse Excess Drinking Water

An unfinished cup of tea or glass of water should never be poured down the sink. Instead, they can go right into your houseplants.

Once you start rethinking about how your water flows away you will get into these habits as you do with the rest of your recycling. When it comes to recycling big pieces like stacks of cardboard boxes, old furniture or e-waste, you can always count on Junk King Atlanta South to handle the job. These junk removal professionals don’t do the actual work but they will make sure that all your recyclables get to the right facility. Boost your home recycling with a junk removal session from Junk King Atlanta South today.

Effective Ways To Boost Your Hotel Business

You may think that the quickest way to boost your hotel business is to reduce your rates, especially during the week. However, that doesn’t necessarily translate into creating demand. That is the kind of thing that can set up the wrong expectations for your guests. Instead, there are more effective ways to boost your hotel business. Here are few ideas to put into action:


Promote Special Packages

You should look for ways to promote special packages at your hotel. In addition to romantic weekend getaway rates, you can also create special events like a spa treatment or a yoga class.

Target Guests Geographically

You have to think about who is coming to Atlanta and why they are traveling. It might help to partner up with some popular tourist attractions to offer special rate packages during the week. You might also want to reach out to chartered tour buses or concert venues and see if there’s a way to cross promote.

Build Up Your Mailing List

Every guest that checks into your hotel should leave their email address behind. That database will become a very powerful marketing tool. Consider sending out a monthly newsletter that features special promotions going on in your hotel for the upcoming weeks. This is especially relevant with the holidays coming up.

Create One-Day Events

Although the obvious goal is to get people to book, Overnight stays at your hotel it will help if you can actually get them to the facility. That is why you should try and set up special one-day events. These can be art exhibitions, poetry readings, wine tasting, workshops or other cultural events. Even if all you collect are 50 new email addresses, then you’ll still be ahead of the game.

Promote Your Hotel to Local Businesses

You should be reaching out to all the local businesses with special offers for your hotel. If you can accommodate business conferences or meetings, then they should be made aware that. You can also set up a special corporate rate for those businesses that register with your hotel.

Maintain the Property

With all these potential visitors come into your hotel you want to make sure there’s no rubbish looking about. Your staff housekeeping staff might be busy cleaning the rooms but that doesn’t mean you should neglect storage areas, parking lots or grounds. One session with Junk King Atlanta South can fix all that. They’ll send over a team of movers who were very capable of lifting and loading all kinds of heavy objects. It doesn’t matter to Junk King if you getting rid of furniture or yard waste. All that matters is that you want to gone. Make sure your hotel is always free of rubbish with help from Junk King Atlanta South.

How to Be a Successful Landlord

A rental property investment is a great way to bring in additional revenue. This can either be a vacation rental, a single-family home or a multi-unit apartment building. In either scenario, you’re going to become a landlord. The primary goal is to find tenants that are going to be responsible and pay the rent on time. It will help if you also show that you care about your property. Here are some great tips on how to be a successful landlord.


Provide Printout of Local Amenities

Most of the tenants that are moving into your rental property is going to be new to the neighborhood. They will appreciate a printout of local amenities like dry cleaners, grocery stores and restaurants. Once you make up this master list, you can print it out every time you get a new tenant.

Write a Welcome Letter

Although you will personally be exchanging keys for rent, you should also provide your tenet with a welcome letter. This sets up a positive tone for their new living environment. That letter should include your emergency contact information along with any other special instructions like garbage pickup or recycling that every tenet should know. It’s great to have all that information in one spot.

Make Yourself Available

Emergencies are going to happen at your property. You need to make yourself available. If you don’t want to be disturbed at home, then you can always set up a dedicated cell phone line that will take messages or texts. This will help you keep your business separate from your personal life. The hope is that your tenants won’t abuse the privilege but you will certainly want to know if a toilet is overflowing in the middle of the night!

Review the Lease

The lease you give your tenet should spell out all the particulars about the agreement you are going to enter into. It will include things about smoking, pets and changes to the apartment. Many leases are “boilerplate.” A tenant might not read the fine print. But if there is something that is important to you, then make sure point that out to them. If the lease is more than one page, then make sure they are initialing or signing each page.

Take Care of the Trash

It is your responsibility as landlord to provide a way for your tenants to dispose of their trash. That might mean a communal dumpster or trashcans assigned to each unit. That may come a time when there are additional rubbish items that won’t fit in a trashcan or dumpster that need you need to get rid of. That’s when Junk King Atlanta South can be a big help. A session with these professional junk haulers can have your property clear of any discarded furniture, appliances or other debris. There great company to have when a tenant moves out and leave stuff behind. Junk King Atlanta South are the perfect junk hauling partners to help you become a successful landlord.

Six Valuable Home Security Tips

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. Whenever you hear about a break-in in a neighbor’s house, the anxiety level seems to go up. Are you doing all you can to make your home secure? These eight amazing security tips could make a big difference.


Install an Alarm System

This one might seem like a no-brainer but it is one that is often overlooked by most homeowners. A survey of convicted burglars found that 90% of them would avoid homes with an alarm system that goes off. If you have a good alarm system that should extend to your windows as well. Although they sometimes might be a hassle all it takes is one prevented break-in to make it worth it all. Once that alarm system is set up, make sure you let the world know by putting up stickers on the windows or sign on the front lawn.

Add a Security Camera

It seems like not a week goes by without some crook being caught on camera. Those are the ones that aren’t so smart because often the cameras are often installed in plain sight. This is exactly what you want to do. Camera should go up on the outside and on the inside. The security camera outside your front door should also let you see who is at your door. Don’t open it unless you know who that person is.

Set Up a Decoy Box

A burglar wants to get in and out of your house. The harder you make it for them to find stuff the longer they may stay. You could set up a decoy box of fake jewelry and some phony cash. Make it look like you’re hiding that box in a drawer. Chances are there grab it and go.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

Your front and backdoors should have deadbolts on them but don’t forget about the sliding doors. A piece of wood that fits into the door frame when it’s close will prevent it from being opened from the outside even if someone pops the lock. Don’t rely on chain locks.

Add Motion Lights

Just as burglars will run off if they hear an alarm blaring, they’ll also turn away if there blasted with light. Motion sensor lights are easy to install and should be hung above every entry point and over your garage door.

Remove Rubbish from the Yard

The first thing a burglar is going to do is check out your house. If they see junk in the yard, then they might think you are careless the rest of your security. There could also be some things in the yard that they would consider worth stealing like scrap metal or lumber. That’s why you should remove all the rubbish from the yard and thereby remove any temptation. Junk King Atlanta South can go a long way towards helping you cleanup all that rubbish. Although most of their appointments involve removing furniture and appliances, they do some great things with yard cleanup. For the sake of your home security, get rid of all the clutter from the inside and the outside. One call to Junk King Atlanta South gets it done.

Best Ways To Enjoy A Atlanta Staycation

Summer is upon us and that means vacation. Just because you have time off of work doesn’t mean you have to pack up everything you own into a suitcase and face the crowds in an airport. When you land, there could be even more crowds on the beach or resort. Does that sound like fun? Instead, why not enjoy an Atlanta staycation? This is where you stay at home but purposely indulge yourself with the same kinds of fun and activities you would have on a regular vacation. Here the best ways to enjoy your summer staycation:


Go Off the Grid

When you go on vacation you have to let your work know that you’re taking time off. Emails make it very easy to stay in contact with your work staff but that doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, you should take a vacation from all your social media. If you’re too tempted, delete the apps from your phone. You can always reinstall them when you’re staycation is over.

Take Turns with Room Service

Hands down, the most fun with a vacation is ordering room service. You can still have room service on your staycation with your significant other. Just take turns cooking and delivering that breakfast in bed. Won’t it be fun waiting to get that breakfast in bed?

Make a Hometown Bucket List

There are probably a lot of places around Atlanta that you’ve always talked about going to see but haven’t got around to it. That includes museums, restaurants and parks. Your staycation is the perfect opportunity to go through your hometown bucket list. Set up a plan just as you would on a regular vacation and dedicate your days off to those fun destinations.

Splurge At the Grocery Store

Although you may go out and enjoy some new eateries on your staycation, the fact that you’re staying home allows you to save money by cooking most of your own meals. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the kitchen. Before your staycation starts make one trip to the grocery store and splurge. Plan out some gourmet meals. The goal is to get everything you need so that you’re not going back and forth to the grocery store. Remember you are on vacation!

Hire Junk King Atlanta South For Cleanup

Before your staycation starts, you want to make sure that your house is in order. You don’t want to get caught up in a cleanup project that you’ve been putting off. Just because you have time off doesn’t mean you need to spend it hauling junk. Leave that job to Junk King Atlanta South. There provide you with a two-man crew and truck big enough to hold whatever you want to get rid of. Once the team from Junk King Atlanta South swept through your home and removed all your unwanted clutter, you’ll feel a great burden has been lifted. The best way to start your staycation is to hire Junk King Atlanta South to clear out the clutter.

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