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Monthly Archives: May 2015

National Home Improvement Month in Atlanta, GA

Although May has been designated as the official National Home Improvement Month, you can devote any time of the year to home improvement. All you need is a plan. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, add a new bathroom or spruce up your backyard a decent home improvement project will always begin with a little clearing of the debris. That is where a company like Junk King is going to a huge benefit.


Junk King Atlanta is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who have been helping homeowners and businesses clear all kinds of unwanted junk from their property. Real estate agents call on Junk King to help with a fast foreclosure cleanup. They know that with Junk King on the job, an entire home can be cleared out in a single appointment. That will let them get that home back on the market as soon as possible. Apartment mangers call on Junk King to help removed all those items that have been left behind by a tenant who clearly doesn’t care about their security property. When businesses need to make room for more employees or supplies, they’ll bring in Junk King to help clear out the storage space and remove old office equipment.

As for those home improvement projects, you’ll be starting with demolition and that means a lots of construction waste. You can schedule your junk removal appointment with Junk King at the end of the demolition day. That way your work crew can start fresh the following day in a clean space. That will certainly help the project.

If you’re just looking to give your backyard a  boost, then the Junk King crew can pitch by removing all kinds of unwanted objects from spare tires to swing sets. If you don’t want it, then turn it over to Junk King.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will be sorted by the crews to pull out those items that could be recycled or donated to a local charity. This eco-friendly disposal policy of Junk King’s has kept tons of rubbish out of local landfills and that is very good news for Atlanta’s environment. You won’t have to decide what can be recycled. Leave that all to Junk King. You big home improvement plan starts with call to Junk King. Make that call today!

Clear the Clutter Before Your Summer Vacation In Atlanta



updated 7/15/22


How Junk King Atlanta Got Started and How They Can Help You


Junk King Atlanta opened its doors in January of 2012, seven years after the first Junk King opened in California. The franchise owner of Junk King Atlanta, Harry Van Buren, is also the owner of Junk King Cobb County and Junk King Gwinnett. Van Buren heads all three sister locations, and operations are run partly by his family alongside him. In a recent interview, Van Buren explained his reasoning for joining the Junk King company:


I was looking for a business that would be around for the species, not so much [like] Blockbuster or Yellow cab…I was looking for a business that would be sustainable as long as there’s [our] species on the planet…You know you hear a lot of different experts [approximating the amount of stuff the world can hold] in terms of the amount of people. You can hear anything from 10 billion to 15 billion. But [at] the rate that the population is exploding, we’re not too far away from 10 billion, we’re not. And if we don’t start thinking more about recycling, donating, repurposing, [we’re] to the point where—if we don’t reuse the resources—[the resources] are going to be gone. So that’s [why we do this, and how] important our business is to the survival of the species. It really, truly is a survival of the species business.


Junk King Atlanta is rated as Atlanta’s best way to get rid of clutter—according to over 2,000 online reviews. When it comes time for you to need help with trash disposal or clutter removal service, choose to move with Junk King. When you choose Junk King, junk hauling is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone!


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


10 Reasons Why Cleaning Clutter is Essential Before Your Vacation


When you finally get to book a vacation, the last thing on your mind may be home—you’ve not even left, so how could you miss it? But those in the know know that the next thing that needs to be taken care of is your home after you’ve set the departure date. It’s important that you clear clutter before summer so that when you return home, you have the best possible experience. Here are Junk King’s 10 best reasons to cut out the clutter and clean your home before you go:


  1. Clear the clutter before vacation or be left with the work when you return. 
  2. Double-check, triple-check—cleaning before gives you peace of mind while away.
  3. Clean the dishes and get rid of foodstuff; it’ll attract unwanted guests.
  4. Wash all the laundry, blankets, pillows, and accessories; it helps with jet lag and frustrations when you come home to an already clean house.
  5. Getting rid of the stuff cluttering up home can be difficult; getting help is easy.
  6. Take out the trash, close the taps, and empty the trash; otherwise, your home will stink while you’re away. 
  7. Unplug all the electronics—no one will be using them, and they can be a fire hazard if left alone.
  8. Don’t forget to set the thermostat! No one wants to come home to a heating bill four figures high.
  9. If at all possible, consider turning off the water and gas while you’re away—the electricity too.
  10. Cleaning your home before you go will ensure that when you return, you can continue the vacation, at least until you need to go to work again. 

What to do with the Stuff you Collected During the Spring Cleaning?


Spring cleaning is one of America’s biggest events from household to household. Spring cleaning usually consists of homeowners deep cleaning their homes after being locked within them for three months over the winter. It is ritualistic for those who participate in it. 


Spring cleaning is also known as one of the only times in the year a significant amount of clutter is expected to be removed from the home. It’s assumed that opening the house airs out all of the dead air from winter, but it also gives us the chance to get rid of junk and trash and restart the year with a clean home (with space for new purchases). 


The question remains then, what to do with the stuff collected? It doesn’t feel right to just load up the weekly collection bins with junk, and they only take so much anyway. Spring cleaning items like old books and clothes–maybe even some outdated items recently replaced–could be considered some of the stuff that spring cleaning would ask you to remove. Spring clean your home with the help of professionals this year. Professional assistance doesn’t just offer a convenient way to get rid of the majority of your trash and junk; it can also act as a sounding board and a reminder of what needs to be done. 


Additionally, some junk removal companies can not only remove junk for you, but they also will donate, reuse, repurpose, or recycle the items for you. That’s just about all anyone can ask of a removal company. 


full service junk removal


What is Junk King Atlanta Service?


If you are unfamiliar with junk removal, you may ask, “what does Junk King do exactly?” There are two types of Junk King Atlanta service; each is distinct in its solutions. Generally speaking, both options are available for residential and commercial property owners and managers—although alterations can be made for the needs of everyone. Further, it is important to mention that not all removal companies will have these options; many smaller companies simply do not have the physical abilities or the tools. Please consider:


  • Full-service: the favorite of businesses and overworked homeowners everywhere, the Junk King full-service consists of a Junk King professional removal crew (of at least two people, to start) and the use of a Big Red Truck for the removal. Junk King Big Red Trucks holds six regular pickup truck beds worth of junk and trash—that’s 20% more space than the competitor at the same price point. Additionally, the professional crew is there to not only help with the removal, but they will do all aspects of it for you. This is the ‘point and gone’ aspect of the phrase “when you move with Junk King, junk hauling is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone!”
  • Self-service: alternatively, many residential homeowners and more secretive business owners prefer this option. The Junk King self-service consists of the renting of a Junk King MINI dumpster over the span of multiple days. These rental periods are usually 3-day, 5-day, or 7-day increments. The Junk King MINI is also interesting. It is a small enough roll-away dumpster to be able to fit comfortably into any driveway while being large enough and heavy-duty enough to fit multiple appliances within its 12-cubic yard capacity interior. This is the option for anyone looking to have more time with their removal process since full-service is usually a two-hour process (although it can go longer in some cases). 

How can I make my Home more Organized for Summer Vacation?


There are many ways you can make your home more organized before the summer comes and vacations start up. Realistically, it’s important to make your home less cluttered for summer vacation because when you return from it—prior stress will encroach on the relaxation you’ve returned from. Immediately burning up the entire point of the vacation. Luckily, there is always a lot of time to clean up your home, especially when seeking help from professionals. To help anyone get started here is a quick “how to organize your homechecklist:


  • Create a plan for organization and commit to it.
  • Empty and clean every complex item in your home. 
  • Sort items into categories of keep, donate, fix, or trash.
  • Assess your home and ensure that nothing is being missed. 
  • Finally, restock anything that requires it—buying in bulk will save you money. 


And when the time comes, get help from professionals. Junk King is North America’s greenest junk removal service and the highest rated online, with over 2,000 reviews across multiple platforms. Order a service today to get a Big Red Truck or MINI dumpster as early as tomorrow! There are three ways to contact our crew and four ways to get an estimate:


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


  • Call us at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a world-class customer service representative. From here, ask to get a quote in minutes over the phone or schedule a no-obligation, in-person assessment of your junk and property. 
  • Alternatively, text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888-5865 and receive your estimate back over text. You can even receive more than one estimate like this. 
  • Or stay online and choose the easiest route: the Junk King pricing calculator. This in-browser tool will help you explore all of the options available to you, and at the end, you can even set up the arrival date and time of your assistance. 
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