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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Atlanta Is Your Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

Office Christmas parties are the kinds of events that employees look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to unwind and maybe even make friends with coworkers you just pass in the hallway. Of course, before any office gets ready for the holiday break or party, they’ll want to make sure they’re caught up on work and decluttering. This is where hiring a company like Junk King can be a huge benefit.


Junk King are the junk hauling pros who will typically fill up their days helping homeowners clear out their property of all kinds of unwanted stuff. One call to Junk King is all it takes to have all kind of furniture, appliances and general rubbish taken from a home. It’s amazing how quickly a Junk King crew can clear out a garage or basement. The good news is that they can do the same kind of work around your office.

Start with setting up your junk removal session at a time that is convenient for your office schedule. It might work better to have the team come in during off hours or on the weekend. Junk King will strive to set up the appointment for whatever works best for your business.

You’ll be assigned two very capable movers who know their way around a service elevator. This is the team you’ll be in charge of for the duration of the session. Remember with Junk King on the job, you don’t have to lift a finger. Not only will the crew be able to haul out any heavy object but they’ll also take apart things like cubicle walls, desks or shelving units in order to fit them out the door. It’s all part of the Junk King junk removal package.

Junk King can also support your company’s efforts in going green. All the office equipment removed by Junk King can be dropped off at a certified recycling center. E-waste should never make its way to a landfill and Junk King strives to prevent that from happening as often as possible. Finally, you’ll find that working with Junk King is an affordable option. They’ll only charge a flat rate based on volume and not rate. When you need your officer clear of clutter, the smart choice will be Junk King.

Make Your Home Roomier For The Holidays In Atlanta

The holiday scramble begins days before Thanksgiving. This is when the grocery and gift shopping starts up. It’s when the Christmas decorations are pulled down from the attic or brought up from the basement. It’s when parties are planned and coordinating visits with the family. It’s no wonder folks burn out by New Years! One way to help reduce your holiday scramble is to turn some of the work over to a company like Junk King. This is the crew who can make a huge difference in your home for the holidays. That would be by providing you with a lot more space thanks to all the junk they’re going to clear out!


Junk King will provide you with a very capable crew who is going to handle all the heavy lifting. This team will be under your direct supervision for the duration of the job. Before they arrive, you’ll want to decide all the specific items you want removed. This doesn’t mean you have to gather them up in a pile. Instead, you can leave them right where they are. The Junk King crew will gladly climb the stairs to get at any of your junk.

Knowing you have all that manpower could make a difference with what you decide to get rid of. Suddenly, taking out that old sofa or treadmill isn’t a hassle. The team from Junk King can also lend a hand getting your yard ready for the holidays. If you’re going to be putting up decorations, then you’ll want to make sure all the debris is gone first. Junk King can get it done!

Before the crew starts loading up your stuff, they will present you with an estimate for the job. That estimate will be based on how much room your stuff is going to take up on the back of the truck. This one fee covers all the labor, transportation and dumping charges. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is considering all the work that will be done on your behalf.

Once Junk King has helped you clear out the unwanted clutter, you’ll be able to set up the guest room for out of town visitors. You’ll also feel great about inviting friends over for those special dinners. Get your holidays started right with a house that is free from junk. Junk King can make it happen!

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