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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Power Up Your Backyard Makeover

What kind of shape is your backyard in? Would it ever make the cover of Better Homes & Gardens? Maybe you don’t need to go that extreme with your landscaping but that doesn’t mean you can create a comfortable place for family and friends to hang out in the coming summer months. To get your backyard ready you might need to do some clearing. And not just clearing of weeds and dandelions. If you’ve got some “eyesore” objects out in your backyard and then it’s time to bring in Junk King Atlanta. Although they are junk removal experts, they also can do some amazing things around your backyard.


A lot of the things you want to get rid of in your backyard probably couldn’t fit into a trashcan. These would be things like a child’s swing set that is no longer in use, a broken lawnmower, rusty patio furniture or even a hot tub that is empty and broken. Those are the kinds of things that are cluttering up your backyard and could easily be removed when you turn that job over to the two-man moving crew that will be provided by Junk King Atlanta.

Once that team has taken away all the things you might have brought into the yard they can set their sights on those objects that Mother Nature might have dump there. The team from Junk King can be a big help removing storm debris and yard waste. That is why you’ll find many of your neighbors keep Junk King’s number programmed into their cell phone just in case they need a fast cleanup after a brutal storm.

If part of your backyard makeover this summer involves a major renovation like replacing a deck or driveway, then Junk King can be a huge help when it comes to removing all that demolition trash. That’s going to be very important especially if you’re working in a limited space. You want to make sure all that rubbish is removed so your work crews can be more productive.

As with all the junk that Junk King Atlanta might collect from the inside of your home, everything they take away from the backyard also has a chance to be recycled. Those concrete chunks can be ground up to make new cement and all the branches and shrubbery can be crunched up to make mulch. It’s all part of the complete junk removal service provided by Junk King Atlanta. Whether you need to clear out your backyard or clean out the garage Junk King Atlanta is definitely the call to make.

Convert Your Clutter into Free Space

There are many people who don’t mind living with clutter. To them a few piles of magazines and some dishes in the sink are no big deal. To other folks, everything has a place and that is where it belongs. Where do you fall on that range? It is actually not that challenging to keep the small clutter under control. It is when you move into the bigger spaces like your closet, garage and basement that clutter can easily get out of control. When you’re ready to finally tackle those areas, Junk King Atlanta will be ready for you!


The main reason most folks hang onto their junk is that they simply don’t have the proper help to get rid of it. That all changed when Junk King set up shop in Atlanta. Junk King Atlanta is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. This is a company who has perfected this type of service after ten years of removing tons of rubbish from homes, schools, apartments, office buildings and warehouses. Imagine what they can do for your home.

The Junk King business model is simple: They do all the work. That starts by providing you with two very capable movers. These licensed and insured workers will be able to lift and load any object you want to get rid of. Weight and size won’t be an issue. That means you can toss out a piano or an entertainment center. It won’t matter to Junk King. What does matter is how much space your junk will fill up on the truck. That is how they determine your price. That estimate is figured out once the Junk King crew has had a chance to look over all of your things. Remember, you don’t have to move anything. Instead, just point to what you want taken away and Junk King will handle the rest.

When you’re ready to set up your appointment, you can book online and earn an extra discount. Most junk removal sessions are completed within 24 hours of that first contact. You could even score a same day pick up. You don’t have to live with your junk one day longer thanks to Junk King Atlanta.

Let Junk Hauling Pros Do The Hard Work For Your Junk Removal Chore

There will be a lot of folks who will spend hours setting up the perfect April Fool’s Day prank. This might involve filling an office cubicle with plastic balls or covering a car with shrink-wrap. The moment that the prank is pulled off and the pictures have been taken, it will be time to clean up. Those pranksters will say it is always worth the effort. Ironically, the people who spend the most time on pulling a prank don’t seem to have the time to clean up their own homes. Thankfully, Junk King Atlanta is standing by to provide a wide range of junk removal services and that is no joke!


There are different levels of junk removal. The basic session might involve the two-man moving crew from Junk King to take away a few pieces of old furniture and some bags of clothes. The most complicated aspect of those jobs is carefully navigating those objects out of a house and down stairs without causing and damage to floors or walls. Junk King has a proven track record of success in this area.

The next level of junk removal involves those times when the Junk King crew will be called on to take apart something before it can loaded up. Often folks will build something in a room that simply can’t fit out of the door. It could also be that something needs to be dismantled to make it fit onto a truck. Junk King crews will have all the tool needed to take apart, cut up or break apart anything you want gone.

The other level of junk removal involves a hoarder level of cleanup. This is a situation where the junk has totally overwhelmed a room or an entire home. For this kind of junk removal sessions, Junk King can dispatch additional crews and trucks to insure everything is hauled away on the same day. These kinds of cleanups can also happen at foreclosed properties or abandoned buildings that are scheduled for demolition.

Finally, the work of the Junk King crew can only be completed once they’ve disposed of that rubbish in a responsible manner. If they can avoid the landfill, then it’s a good day. Whether it is a big job or small one, let Junk King Atlanta do all the work for your next junk removal chore.

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