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The Best Furniture Removal Service in the North Atlanta Area


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Updated on 3/13/22


As of 2020, the average person spent about $535 on furniture. This means that an entire household could spend well into the thousands on their furniture if they choose to buy multiple pieces at once; and, since the average household buys between 1 and 8 pieces per year, it is a safe bet to say that a few thousand dollars are spent every year on furniture alone. Further, it’s a safe bet to say that if the furniture is going into a house, something must come out to make space for it. Sometimes what comes out is junk or trash, but other times it’s more furniture. 


The next time you think about furniture removal, remember to call Junk King first. Junk King removal services are your one-stop-shop for every removal solution, from construction debris to furniture and everything in-between. Read on to learn more about the services that Junk King provides, and remember that when you choose to move with Junk King, removal is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone.


Instead of simply disposing of old furniture by calling someone to take them to the local landfill, hiring a junk removal service is a great way to limit your environmental footprint while also effortlessly making room for new furniture in your home. Junk-King Atlanta North offers fast, efficient, and eco-friendly junk removal for the northern part of Atlanta.



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The Problems with Disposing of Furniture in the North Atlanta Area



Atlanta furniture removal



Based on the statistics above, it is reasonable to say that with an increase in furniture purchasing, there is also an increase in furniture disposal, at least partially. Furniture disposal and removal is a tricky business because it involves labor, recycling/landfills, and a costly price tag for the furniture owner. Additionally, it also comes with the cost of potentially harmful elements contaminating the local environment and animals. 


To begin with, furniture removal and disposal are very costly in terms of labor for the average person. Regardless of the size or weight of the furniture, energy must be expended in order to even move most furniture. This seems like a simple or small cost since humans are supposedly built to move—moving a piece of furniture should be little to no task, especially when multiple people are assisting.


Unfortunately, however, this is not the case; moving furniture can take a large toll on our bodies when it is done incorrectly. Injuries at home are often obtained through the moving of furniture and incorrect lifting techniques, which can result in lasting pains both bodily and monetarily.


Not to mention the problems that come with having an employee do the heavy lifting at work—business owners often are paying double the amount they would have paid hiring professional removers, and this is because they are paying their employee twice: once for the workday and again for the loss of production. 


Further, the price tag for furniture removal is consistently gaining cost beyond just the individual owner themselves and the possible injuries that could occur. Choosing to remove furniture yourself means that you’ve also chosen to handle the disposal of the furniture yourself.


At first, this may not seem as if this was a big deal or something worth worrying about—after all, you can simply take it to the landfill and pay for it to be taken out of your hands. However, what actually happens, is the already large cost of disposal from the landfill is as much as doubled; this is because you not only pay for the disposal, you also pay for the labor of those who have helped you, while also paying for the gas of the vehicles used to take the furniture to the landfill.


Additionally, there are further costs associated with the proper disposal of your furniture, which can incur even more costs. For example, if you were to take the furniture to a recycling center over the landfill, the costs associated with the landfill would drop to zero as well as the environmental impact of the furniture—but there would still be an additional cost to you because the recycling center will charge a fee to take the furniture and process it. 


There are large costs that come with furniture removal and disposal; most people don’t consider these costs when they purchase furniture for their home, so a significant portion of people suffer through these unforeseen costs.


Instead of choosing to remove your furniture by yourself, choose to move with Junk King instead. As a professional removal team, Junk King is equipped with everything that a removal might require, from equipment to break down large pieces to the ability to recycle almost everything that is hauled. 


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Reuse or Recycle: Options for Sustainably Disposing of Used Furniture


Sustainability and recycling are two of the biggest concerns of Junk King. We believe that everything that can be recycled, should be—and that belief is what makes us the greenest removal service in North America. While other removal companies claim to help the environment while dropping entire loads into landfills, Junk King hauling is done with the final destination of the junk in mind.


This means that while our professional removers take away objects, they are considering the next life stage of the junk. Sometimes this next life stage can be the landfill, but only when no other option is available, and for furniture, the final destination is rarely the landfill. This is because furniture has a unique ability to be updated, fixed, recycled, and even processed into other furniture. 


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 80 percent of furniture and furnishings were landfilled in 2018. This is a shocking statistic because despite the large role that furniture plays in our lives, furniture turns out to be the number one least recycled item within our homes. Even if we were to break down the smallest of our furniture, more than 90% is likely able to be recycled and processed into new items or revamped into new furniture.


Part of the desire to not recycle furniture comes from the idea that ‘no one would want’ parts of another person’s furniture. After all, no one really knows what goes on in each other’s houses—so most people are more comfortable simply throwing away their furniture instead of recycling it or donating it.


Additionally, the same can be said about things like mattresses—though they are very good at being processed and recycled, only a fraction of them actually are. This is likely because of the same old notions of ‘not knowing where that thing has been’. 


Despite these old ideas (and their sometimes truths), it is more important than ever  to take the time to consider your options for reuse and recyclability for your furniture.  Junk King North Atlanta owner, Harry Van Buren, has spoken about the importance of recycling everything that we can for the future of humanity: 


You know, you hear a lot of different experts [approximating the amount of stuff the world can hold] in terms of the amount of people. You can hear anything from 10 billion to 15 billion. But the rate that the population is exploding, we’re not too far away from 10 billion people, we’re not.


And if we don’t start thinking more about recycling, donating, repurposing, [we’re] to the point where, if we don’t reuse the resources [we have], they’re going to be gone. So that’s how important our business is to the survival of the species. It really, truly is a survival of the species business. 



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What Junk King Atlanta North Offers



Junk Hauling



Junk King Atlanta North offers a variety of resources for the average person (and even more for the business owner). When you start to think about your next furniture removal, consider receiving a no-obligation estimate through Junk King to ensure that you are getting the most ‘bang for your buck’. Choose to work with our full-service option and you’ll receive a big red truck as well as a professionally trained removal team of usually two people.


Conversely, choose to work with our self-service option and you’ll receive one of our patented Junk King MINI roll-away dumpsters; keep thee dumpster for 3 to 7 days and fill it with all of the junk you want to get rid of. Additionally, no matter which service you choose, with Junk King you only ever pay for the space you use—so filling only half a truck will save you money, while filling it with still save you money, since it comes with a 20% larger interior than the competitors at the same price. 



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There are three ways to contact us, and four ways to get a quote. Pick your favorite today and get a truck as early as tomorrow. When you choose to move with Junk King, junk removal is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 

  • Call us at (888) 888 – JUNK (5685) to speak with a highly-trained customer service representative to receive a quote or schedule an in-person estimate. 
  • Text us pictures of your trash and junk at (737) 888 – JUNK and receive a text back with your estimate from our expert estimate team. 
  • Or, stay online and explore your service options with our pricing calculator. You can even schedule a drop-off at the end of the wizard process. 


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