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Monthly Archives: August 2021

A Property Cleanout Is No Challenge For Junk King

When it comes to categorizing rubbish removal jobs, a property cleanout is the biggest type of clean up that junk King Atlanta provides. This is where all the stuff from inside home gets removed. It can also mean clearing out yard waste from the property. These type of cleanups are also used when an estate is being put on the market. The goal with the cleanup is to have every item removed from the property leaving behind just completely empty rooms. At that point, the property owners can bring in their work crews to get those places ready for new occupants. That makes the property cleanout a very important part of the operation. This is something that the team from Junk King Atlanta can handle from start to finish.

All The Help Needed

Junk King is going to provide all the help it to clear out the rubbish or property in a single session. At a minimum, you will be assigned to movers for the task. However, if there is an excessive amount of rubbish that needs to be cleared away, then Junk King might determine extra movers will be a benefit. On like the professional movers that you hire when you go to a new home, you won’t be charge for the additional labor by Junk King. Whether you have two crew members or six you will still pay the same flat rate. That rate will always be based on how the truck gets packed up.

The mission for the Junk King team is to get as much as they can onto that truck. That can mean a lot of compact! But that also means you pay the lower end of the price can. You will know what this price is before the work begins and it will be a price that is not going to change at the end of the job.

You can take care of all of your property cleanup needs with one call to Junk King Atlanta. Make that call today.

Use Junk King For Washing Machine And Dryer Removal

A washing machine and a dryer work together to get the laundry done. Yes, you can occasionally hang up laundry in the back yard to dry it the “old school” way. But for the most part, your washing machine and dryer need to work in perfect harmony to make sure that the house is not overwhelmed by laundry. When one or both of those machines needs to be replaced, then it has to happen quickly. That is a task that the crew from Junk King Atlanta can take care of with one phone call.

Avoid the Porch

When it comes to getting rid of your washing machine and dryer you want to avoid the porch. You could probably maneuver those machines out the back porch just to get them temporarily out of the way. But that should not be their final destination. The team from Junk King can get those appliances swiftly removed from your property and loaded onto the back of their truck. At that point, the job is over unless you want to add more items to the truck. Your final fee will be determined by how much room is taken up on the back of the Junk King truck by your unwanted items. Will it be one third, one quarter, one half or the entire truck bed? Whatever the amount, you will know what it is before the work begins and there will be any surprise charges at the end of the job.

All of this can happen within 24 hours of the first call to make the Junk King for scheduling. It might also happen with the same day pickup if one is available when you call.

You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your washing machine and dryer when Junk King Atlanta is on the job.

Atlanta Dumpster Rental vs Bagster bags

How to Protect Your Driveway When Renting a Dumpster in Atlanta

Chances are, if you live in the United States, at one point or another you’re going to need some help with removing things from your home. When that happens, call on Junk King for all of your removal options and the best service available in North Atlanta. As part of our duties and promise to be the best removal service in the area, we want you to know how to best protect your driveway and your landscaping when you call on us. We want to do everything we can to make it the best experience possible for you, so here are some things to think about before we head over with one of our minis.


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Dumpster Rentals in North Atlanta: Junk King and the Roll-Away Option

When you think of dumpster rentals what comes to mind? Is it those monster dumpsters that block half of the street? Or those prices that you’re forced to pay, despite not using the entire dumpster? Junk King has perfected the way that roll-away dumpsters should be done. Our roll-away option is also called our ‘self-service’ option, because you are able to fill the dumpster yourself, over the course of multiple days. Our dumpster rentals are unique for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is our ability to cater to both residential customers and commercial clients.


Our Dumpsters Are Different

In lieu of our residential dumpsters, we offer some of the best amenities and deals that homeowners can access. This year (2021) we were given the distinction of best residential removal option by Treehugger.com, a title that calls attention both to our business practices and our environmental services. Some of the things that made us stand apart from the rest of the competition include our specialized practices and options:

– Only pay for what you use of our dumpsters. Instead of paying for a full-sized dumpster and using half of it, only pay for what you use.

– 60% of all our dumpsters is recycled in some fashion. This makes us one of the greenest removal companies in the world!

– We offer a unique option for roll-away dumpsters, the famous MINI—12 cubic yards of space for junk and it fits in your driveway.


Click Here To Book A MINI Dumpster Today!


We Can Help with Commercial Dumpsters, Too

Meanwhile, we also serve commercial needs, in the form of business-to-business rentals. Junk King is rated as the #1 for removals involving commercial needs because of our service, payment plans, and our insurance for you and our staff. Junk removal for commercial businesses can be difficult because there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, especially when more than just desks need to be removed. We offer top-rated removals of almost everything you could buy, including:

– Office furniture removal

– Commercial equipment removal

– Property management cleanouts

– Foreclosure cleanouts

– Storage facility cleanouts

– And construction debris removal


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Full-Service Dumpsters Or Self-Service Roll-Away: Your Pick from Junk King North Atlanta

There are a lot of options to choose from in life—you only get two when it comes to dumpsters though, refreshing right? Depending on what your goals are for your junk removal, you should consider the full-service option or the self-service option as two distinct and great possibilities. As mentioned before, our self-service option involves a miniature dumpster which you can fill over the course of a few days; our full-service option is a bit heftier, involving a full-sized dumpster and a team of professionals to help you remove anything in your path. So, which one should you get for your removal needs? Here are some things to think about when making your choice.

– Do you want professionals to handle everything, or do you want more privacy?

– Can you get everything you need to be removed in a small time frame or do you need longer to remove things?

– Are you going to need help to remove heavy things, or do you have people to help you?

– How much stuff do you need to be removed? Are 12-cubic yards enough or do you need more?


full service junk removal


Protect Your Landscape when Junk King Dumpsters Arrive

All dumpsters, from the biggest options to the smallest options, may come with some issues regarding your landscape. This is often because of how and where the dumpster needs to be placed to allow for traffic flow, and since not all driveways are created equal, this can potentially mean some crushed grass and landscaping. This is not usually an issue for residential homes as much as it is for commercial properties, but it is still good to be mindful of these tricks when ordering a dumpster.

When you go to order your dumpster, think deeply about its size and its placement. Junk King offers the smallest possible dumpsters in the market, but that doesn’t mean that the placement won’t matter. If you have a curved driveway or a very narrow one, there may be some overlap with the landscape beside the driveway.

In these cases, our goal is to get your junk loaded up and removed as quickly as possible to remove and prevent further damages from happening. You can help this process by thinking about this beforehand, and either adding coverage to that possible damaged areas, adding soil to those places to regrow whatever is crushed, or you can cover the area with something like plywood. However, it should be noted that leaving plywood in the same place for a long time can end up killing off plants beneath it.


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Protect Your Driveway in North Atlanta – Tips from Junk King Removal Services

Those of us who are lucky enough to have a driveway, know that keeping it in good condition is a necessity. The Housing Associations which watch our homes make sure that it is in good condition in a variety of ways—including giving you possible fines for any damages that they see. Further, local codes may require that you have the dumpster parked in your driveway due to traffic concerns. All of this bundled up together means that you can only really put it in your space; keeping that space protected is a very important thing. No matter if your driveway is asphalt or concrete, your driveway can only take so much abuse before it retains damage—here are some tips to help prevent that damage for as long as possible when you order a dumpster.


Invest In Boards Like Plywood

This might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to protecting your driveway, but it is the best way to do it. Roll-away dumpsters concentrate all of the weight that is put in them straight into their lowest parts; this includes their wheels and their skeleton supports on the bottom. If the dumpster is heavily loaded, these points will sink further with the increased weight, and this can result in either dents from the wheels and supports when the dumpster is removed, or it can scrape the driveway during removal, leaving scratches and deep gashes. Placing plywood over the dumpster section will give you a buffer between the dumpster and the face of the driveway.


Think About Possible Stains

Have you seen those oil stains that get accumulated on driveways from old cars? Many HoAs end up giving fines to those people who have them. Other, more questionable stains can also garner attention from them too. If you have plywood below your dumpster, you already have a good chance of catching those run-away stains, but make sure that you consider other areas which could get them. Place and weigh a tarp at the lower end of your dumpster, if it is on an uneven driveway; place an additional tarp at the entrance of the dumpster, this way the tarp will catch any last-minute accidents (and those do happen).


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


For All Junk Removal Needs and Options, Call Junk King North Atlanta

Junk King is your one-stop shop for everything junk removal. We are rated as the number one best removal service in the United States, and we would love to show you why. Our commitment to high-quality customer service is one of the reasons we’re the best, so to show you a taste of that, we’ve created four distinct ways for you to contact us for questions, quotes, or comments.

Give us a call: Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak with a trained customer service representative about any questions you have, including to getting in touch with a quote specialist.

Call us to come onsite: The best and most solid way for you to get a quote, our specialists will come to your home and access everything you want to be removed before giving you a no-obligation estimate.

Text us for quotes: Send us a photo over text to 737-888-5865 and we will answer you with an estimated quote. This is the best option for those of us who cannot stand the phone.

Get a quote online: Our most popular option is using our online tools to get an estimate. We’ve created a custom pricing estimator that makes the entire process seamless, effortless, and beneficial for everyone.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Junk King Renovations and Construction Debris

Get Ready for Your Decatur Renovations with Junk King Atlanta

Being a homeowner comes with a long list of benefits, but it also comes with responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Chances are, you’ve already thought about improvements that need to be done in your home or rental property. When the time comes for you to begin renovations, turn to Junk King in North Atlanta to make the process easier. Ready to get rid of your unwanted junk, or your renovation waste? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


full service junk removal


The Best Reasons to Renovate – Homeowners and Property Owners in North Atlanta

We all tend to put off things, especially when those things involve a lot of time or commitment or money. All too often we push off things because we think they can be done later, at a better time. In reality, the best time to do substantial changes to your home or your property is right after you’ve committed to the idea. If you aren’t committed to moving forward with your plans yet, here are some motivating things you should know.

Donald Rattner, an architect and author, describes the relationship between our homes and our mental states as two sides of the same coin; “Our mental space stands in direct proportion to our perception of physical space.” What does this mean exactly? It means that for humans, our physical surroundings become mental, especially when we don’t like those surroundings.

Things that we don’t like in our home will raise levels of cortisol, the stress hormone which induces our fight-or-flight mode. If you’ve ever needed to leave a room in your house and immediately felt relief, this is that response. However, if we stay in that area too long, we can start to have real mental and physical effects, including stress responses in our brain functions:

– Our brains will kick our physical state into a phase called ‘residual stress’, characterized by low energy, headaches, and muscle pains.

– We’ll also feel the stress on an emotional level, making us suddenly moody, overwhelmed, or lonely even when around family and friends.

– Our cognition also suffers, giving us subtle messages, like having a lack of focus or increased forgetfulness.


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You Have Control Over Managing Your Stress

What can be done about these emotions and stress levels? Well, the obvious answer is to do something about the surroundings to make them more palatable for you—but there are statistics to back up why this will work. The National Association of Realtors completed an impact report in 2019; in it, they reviewed surveyed information from homeowners regarding both indoor and outdoor renovations. One of the biggest metrics they looked at was how the homeowners felt after completing the renovations. Here is what was said in the introduction of the study:

Americans spend $400 billion annually on remodeling their homes. However, many find the idea of taking on a remodeling project too overwhelming to attempt…Taking on projects is often worth the investment and time. After remodeling, 74 percent of owners have a greater desire to be in their home. Sixty-five percent have increased enjoyment in their home. Fifty-eight percent feel happy and 38 percent feel satisfied when they see their completed project with a typical Joy Score of 9.6 [out of 10].


What Did They Find?

Let’s look at some of the reported results. After over 2,000 respondents were asked, those who completed a full kitchen renovation reported a Joy Score of 10 out of 10. 24% of the respondents chose to do the project because of worn-out surfaces, finishes, or materials. Then, another 20% reported that they wanted to customize the room since moving into the new home. What were the most important results of the renovation being completed?

– 46% of respondents said they received better functionality and livability from the completion.

– 93% of the respondents had an increased desire to be home since the completion.

– 95% said that they had an increased sense of enjoyment when they were home.

– 87% of them reported that they felt a sense of accomplishment when they think of the project and its completion.

It’s undeniable that our homes play an important part in our mental states on a day-to-day basis. Further, the results in The National Association of Realtors’ report speak to the importance of changing those things which bother us about our homes. It is better for those who live in the home, and it is better for those who come after too.


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Before the Renovations Start – Advice from Junk King in North Atlanta

We’ve had a lot of home renovators call on us for help removing their junk and excess materials. You could say that we’ve assisted in our fair share of renovations, providing a smooth and convenient way to clean up, both when the process is getting started and when it is over. Every time we’re called on to help, we learn a little more about the process and the downfalls of renovators. Here are some of the best pieces of advice that we can give you, to make the entire process go quickly, safely, and hopefully under budget.

Plan Ahead

It’s not useful to think about renovations, commit to them, get motivated by articles online, then buy all of your materials—only to waiver once you get the resources. By setting up a plan, you will know how to beat the stereotypes of home renovators; and you’ll get that sweet, sweet, serotonin upon completion. If you stick to it, you might even know the exact day you’ll finish.

Set a Budget

Unexpected costs are a part of the renovation game. After gathering quotes, you should always add another 10% on top of your estimated costs. You may be able to lower the cost by doing some of the work yourself, but complex things like plumbing or wiring should be done by professionals. Part of your budget should be factoring what could go wrong if the work is done badly and preparing for that by getting the right people.


If you plan ahead and set a budget, you’re already in the top percent of renovators that are more likely to finish the work. However, that does not mean that your preparations are done. Whatever room you are renovating, no matter what room it is, or where it is, you’ll need to empty it and prioritize items. Taking the time to remove items from the room before you start, will make the process easier, and having that stuff in other rooms will also push you to finish too. Organize your objects before you remodel, and give us a call when things are ready to be taken away.


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Junk King has Services for Your Renovation in North Atlanta

There are two times you want to consider calling us during your renovation. Once at the beginning, and once at the end. (And maybe in the middle somewhere if things get really messy.) Calling us in the beginning will give you the best chance at completing your renovation because you’ll be removing unnecessary items from both your home and the renovation space. Then, calling us at the end will give you a chance to get rid of broken things, excess material, and any items you ended up not fitting into the new space. Plan ahead for us to come at least twice during the process, and you can make the most out of both trips.


Dumpsters Can Help During Renovations

We’ve found that the most common and beneficial way to utilize our services during a renovation is by ordering one of our dumpster rentals.  Our dumpster rentals are rated #1 in North America, giving you convenient drop-offs straight into your driveway. How can we make that better? By giving you fair and flexible pricing, that only requires you to pay for the space used. Only use half the dumpster? Only pay for that half, saving you money, and keeping you within budget.


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


You Can Recycle Some of Your Junk?

You may wonder what happens to your stuff and junk once it’s taken from your home. We are one of the cleanest running junk removers in the world. We recycle, reuse, or donate almost 60% of everything we remove. That’s the difference between us and normal dumpster removers—those other guys won’t bother to recycle, taking everything and anything to the local landfill. This harms the environment and the local community, both of which we care greatly about.

At Junk King, we can handle almost anything and everything that you can throw at us—except for hazardous waste. The stuff you’re going to be interested in for renovations is going to be our ability to remove, recycle, and donate, furniture, garbage, and construction waste materials. Almost everything in construction can be handled by us, including tiling, drywall, flooring, windows, frames, debris, and even floorboards.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Turn to Junk King Atlanta for Help with Decatur Renovations

Contact Junk King today to get an estimate for your renovation budget. We’re all about convenience and customer service, so pick your favorite method and reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate:

Go Online: Use our custom-made Pricing Estimator to get a fast and simple idea of costs.

Call Us Down: Call us to come and assess your junk—this is the most accurate way to get a pricing estimate. (Plus, it’s still no obligation.)

Give Us a Call: Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to speak quotes and options with our customer service representatives.

Shoot Us a Text: Send us phones of your junk to 737-888-5865, we’ll always text you back, and even better, we’ll text with an estimate.


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