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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Put Junk King To Work For A Property Cleanup

A rental property is only viable when there is a paying tenet in occupancy. The very nature of a rental property means that it is not always long-term. That means there will always be the occasional turnaround of a renter. When the transition happens, it is important to get the property ready as quickly as possible for the next renter. That is where the team from Junk King Atlanta can play a part. This is the cleanup crew that can remove any amount of rubbish and debris that was left behind by a previous occupant. That will help you get that rental property ready fast.

Good Intentions

Sometimes renters leave behind furniture as a gift for the next tenant. The truth is that most furniture left behind are things that the renter has decided they can’t pack up or simply don’t want. That doesn’t mean the next renter will want them either. That furniture can be swiftly hauled away by the two men Junk King crew who will be assigned to your appointment.

That same junk King crew can also clean out any other debris that is left behind. That includes old appliances that might need to place. The Junk King property cleanup can also extend to the backyard. This is where piles of trash might have accumulated as part of the move out. All of that can be hauled away in a single session by Junk King.

The cost to junk King service will always be determined by a flat rate. That rate is based on how all the unwanted rubbish fits on to the back of the Junk King truck. Will it take up one third, one half of the entire truck? The answer to that will be your price. And you will know what the prices before the work begins. Junk King always wants to make their rubbish removal good for the bottom line!

When you need a property cleaned up fast, you need to put the team from Junk King Atlanta on the job. Call today for an appointment.

Junk Removal Norcross: How to Choose the Best Junk Removal Service for You

Junk Removal Norcross

What is Junk Removal? 


“Junk removal” mainly refers to a specific type of company. These companies typically offer junk hauling, garbage disposal, and waste removal. These companies offer two types of services to their customers: a roll-away dumpster option or a removal crew complete with a truck and equipment.  


Junk removal itself references taking away a person’s stuff based on the idea that they are no longer “interested” in keeping it. Items like pianos can’t fit in college apartments, for example. The college kid might use a junk removal company to take it away. Additionally, suppose the piano was in good condition. In that case, the company could haul it to a donation center—whereas if it were in bad shape, Junk King would break it down for the recycling centers. 


At the same time, junk removal companies sometimes offer garbage disposal. This is important because not all junk companies will accept garbage or trash. Some removal companies will only haul junk and furniture. Along with garbage disposal, companies like Junk King can dispose of almost anything, from refrigerators to hot tubs


Waste removal is also a sizable identifying factor as far as junk removal companies are concerned. Only the most well-equipped and experienced removal companies are able to offer waste removal—since it requires additional licenses and procedures. Junk King has the facilities to accept all waste except for hazardous—so they can remove construction debris or landscaping trash quickly and effortlessly. 


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


How Much Does a Junk Removal Service Cost?


Many elements impact the final cost of a junk removal service. For example, things like customer service and recycling abilities affect junk hauling cost. Other factors like self-service or full-service are also impactful. 


In the case of Junk King, junk removal cost typically costs residential property owners between $60-$800. The large margin is due to the two separate services we provide and the additional quality-of-life amenities provided. Some of these amenities include features like our commitment to eco-friendly junk hauling practices, resulting in 60%+ of everything we haul being recycled, reused, or donated.  


On the lower side of the cost bracket is Junk King’s self-service. It costs between $130-$599, depending on the amount of junk accumulated in the MINI dumpster. The MINI is designed to hold 12-cubic yards of junk and garbage—plus, it’s heavy-duty enough to haul away multiple appliances at once. MINIs are rented for 3 to 7-day intervals and are picked up by our removal crews after the rental period expires. 


On the higher side of the cost bracket is Junk King’s full-service. It costs between $150-800, depending on the difficulty of the work and the volume of our removal truck after we’re done. Part of the cost comes from the additional utility provided by our Big Red Trucks. These bright red trucks are 20% larger than competitors at the same price point. That means you save money, while getting rid of more junk.  


Tips & Tricks on Hiring a Local Junk Removal Company in Norcross 


Recycle Cardboard in Atlanta


Hiring a local junk removal company in Norcross can be difficult. No homeowner wants to overpay for services that they don’t benefit from. At the same time, no homeowner wants to be given bad customer service because they want to save some money. Here are some of the best tips to consider as you look for a local Norcross junk hauler



  • Some companies only have one type of service. This is important to remember as a homeowner with many complex needs. Some junk removal companies are more similar to ‘dumpster rental companies’ or ‘junk moving companies’, but few are both. 
  • Larger companies will offer discounts for events or holidays. Take advantage of the season and its holidays by paying attention to any discounts being given out by these businesses. Junk King North Atlanta, for example, offers a Dump the Ex event on Valentine’s Day. 
  • Utilize all of the free quotes and estimates that are given to you. Get multiple quotes from different companies and compare them. Before deciding on which one to hire, consider the features that separate the companies from each other. 
  • Read through recent reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews. In the service industry, the review is the most important thing. Reading through reviews written by people who have actually used the service is a great way to learn more about the treatment you are most likely to receive. 
  • Consider reviewing websites like Angi or Home Advisor to get unbiased information. Reviews are great, but they don’t always tell the whole story. Use websites with comparison articles to get more details of a higher and more specific quality. These pages will help the homeowner compare their options and make an informed choice for their Norcross junk removal. 


Types of Junk Haulers in Norcross 


There are two main types of junk haulers in Norcross: the private companies and the city-funded option. Knowing these will significantly help in thinking about how to hire a Norcross junk remover and the features that are important to you. 


Private companies, like Junk King, are one of the most common choices for residential and commercial junk removal and disposal. As mentioned above, there are two types of services associated with junk hauling companies: self-service and full-service. On the other hand, city-funded options also exist. 


Every Atlanta resident is given a limited number of bulk item pickups that the city will come to collect for free. However, there are many limitations that the homeowner needs to be in accordance with, or else the free removal could end up costing more than the private option from incurring fees and violations. 


Additionally, it is worth noting that Atlanta residents are entitled to a limited amount of landfill drop-offs each year as part of their garbage services. However, many choose not to use these drop-offs because landfills damage the environment directly. Further, the weight limit of junk becomes expensive when surpassing the drop-off guidelines. 


full service junk removal


The Benefits of Having Your Own Junk Removal Service 


There are many benefits of having your own garbage disposal service. Consider the following unexpected benefits from working with Junk King:


  • The Junk King MINI dumpster offers more time to make difficult choices. 
  • Our Big Red Trucks can hold more than six regular-sized pickup truck beds worth of trash and junk. 
  • Our professional removal crews are highly trained in proactive measures, keeping everyone safe and all of your belongings in good condition. 
  • Junk King has the ability to take anything—except hazardous material. That means the hot tub, the shed, and the storage boxes are all goners. 
  • Junk King services are able to take care of the entire removal by themselves—that’s part of what makes Junk King’s full-service option such a hit for folks in Metro Atlanta and Norcross. 

What’s the Best Way to Clean Up Your Home with a Junk Removal Service


junk removal in atlanta


The best way for anyone to clean up their home is by using the most beneficial services available to them. The most beneficial services might be the cheapest (the city), or they can be the ones that provide the most assistance (Junk King). That said, the best way to clean a home is by effectively noticing behavior patterns and implementing organization to encourage or discourage the behavior. In other words, adults may still need “training” to combat the less desired behavior. 


For example, the student with homework is likely not going to do it if there is nowhere for them to do it (besides the floor). Having a designated space for students to explore their academic prowess is important for comprehension and long-term learning of the material. Said another way, if there are unique places for things to occupy, there is less opportunity for messes and chaos in the home. 


Clean up your home in Norcross with Junk King North Atlanta. Junk King is North America’s top-rated junk removal service, and with three sister locations, North Atlanta serves all of the Northern Metro areas. Residents and companies with removal needs should call immediately to get started on cleaning up, organizing, and progressing.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


There are four ways to get a quote from Junk King—pick your favorite to get started immediately. Contact us today to get a MINI dumpster or a Big Red Truck as early as tomorrow! When you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling and disposal is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone!



  • Call us at (706) 247-7513: From here, ask to speak with an expert to receive a quote over the phone. Or ask to schedule an in-person assessment of your junk for a concrete quote. 
  • Text us pictures at (737) 888-5865: Text us pictures, and we’ll text back with a quote. 
  • Stay online and get a quote in minutes: Use the custom-made Junk King pricing calculator to get a quote immediately. This option is also the best choice for people looking to explore our services and abilities.



Junk King Makes Recycling A Priority

For recycling to be effective, everyone needs to be involved. That means every business and resident has to do their part. Recycling of the home is easy when you have access to a recycling bin. Then it just becomes a matter of separating the recyclables out from the rest of your trash. But you also have an opportunity to expand your recycling when it comes to getting rid of stuff that can fit into the trash. These are the kinds of objects that need to be pick the and hauled away. When you hire Junk King Atlanta for this job, you are hiring a company that makes recycling a priority.

Sorting The Recyclables

The recycling effort provided by Junk King happens automatically. You do not have to separate your objects into a recycling pile or trash pile. The Junk King crews all know what can be recycled. That sorting happens back at the Junk King depot. The goal is to get enough recyclables to fill up a truck. That is when they make the drop off. You might not be aware of all the things that are considered recyclable. That is why the Junk King crew will take care of the task from start to finish.

The cost for Junk King service is always determined by how everything fits on to the back of the truck. One price covers all the transportation, labor and those recycling drop-offs. You never be charge by the pound when you hire Junk King for this type of service. That can certainly make a big difference especially when you getting rid of things like construction waste or furniture.

Junk King Atlanta will always strive to recycle the majority of what they collect. That makes them the perfect junk hauling partner.

Cartersville Junk Removal Services: How to Remove Waste from Your Home

Cartersville Junk Removal

Understanding the Dangers of Trash in Your Home and What to do if You Need Clean Up


The trash piling up in the corners of a home is more than just a smelly eyesore—it is also dangerous. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers certain household things to be wasteful byproducts of other materials. In other words, many types of household hazardous waste put you and your family in relative danger. According to them, “products, such as paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides, can contain hazardous ingredients and require special care when you dispose of them.” 


Household hazardous waste is a unique problem for the EPA because the dangerous products are particularly destructive. They can catch fire, react, explode, or be corrosive, acidic, and toxic. There is no way to stop these types of hazardous waste because the waste is a byproduct of necessities in the household. Homeowner must ensure that their hazardous waste is appropriately maintained and disposed of. 


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


How to Safely Handle Some Household Hazardous Wastes


junk removal company


The most crucial part of handling household waste is following instructions for use and storage. For example, making sure to air out a garage with wood sealant fumes is a basic step one can take to make themselves safer. 


Also, not saving hazardous materials in food containers is a good tip. The dangerous products can harm the container, cause a reaction with the waste, or in some cases, the hazardous waste can corrode the container and spread to other spaces. We should also note that it is unsafe to store household waste in empty containers of other rubbish. There can be leftover waste that can cause a strong reaction. 


Further, homeowners should never be combined in one container. This is especially true for cleaner household wastes (i.e., ammonia and bleach). Adding two hazardous wastes into one container may not seem like an issue, but it can have deadly consequences for those unlucky enough to run into the combination. 


What to Do if You Need Clean Up Assistance


Junk King junk removal services are Cartersville’s premiere trash removal specialist. Founded on the premise that junk removal could be eco-friendly and the entire process could be a good customer experience, Junk King has been helping residential and business owners since 2005. In northern Atlanta, the Junk King Family has taken on this legacy of green removal and superior customer service abilities. 


If you don’t know how to remove your junk and household hazardous waste, give Junk King a call. Not only does Junk King reuse, recycle, or donate more than 60% of everything we touch, but we also ensure that the stuff we can’t be reused is correctly disposed of. That means not worrying about the old family computer (e-waste), not throwing out half-filled paint cans (household waste), and not dumping anything down your pipes (i.e., grease or oils). 


Junk King North Atlanta has the tools needed to get rid of your household hazardous waste. Junk King is able to take all forms of household hazardous waste—but our abilities stop at hazardous waste itself. Biohazards and chemical hazards are two situations that require more specialized abilities than what our recycling hub is able to manipulate. 


If you need clean up assistance in north Atlanta or Cartersville, a top-rated removal company is at your disposal. When you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling is as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone! Contact us today to get a Big Red Truck or MINI dumpster as early as tomorrow!


full service junk removal


Junk Removal Cartersville—How to Contact Us


self service dumpster rental services


Junk King believes that junk hauling and Cartersville trash disposal don’t have to be anxiety-inducing or stressful. The different options that anyone can use to get an estimate reinforce this belief. Residential and business owners are encouraged to explore their options. 


There are three ways to get in contact with a customer service representative and four ways to get a quote. When you choose to move with Junk King, Cartersville junk removal and trash disposal are as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point, and the trash is gone!


Call us at (706) 247-7513


Junk King’s customer service representatives are top-ranked in the removal industry. Our specially trained estimate experts can also give anyone a ballpark quote in as little as five minutes. Businesses are encouraged to call us before ordering a fleet of Big Red Trucks or MINIs


Text us Pictures at (737) 888-5865


What good is advanced technology if we aren’t going to use it? Pictures are the most accurate way to predict costs in this industry remotely. Text us pictures of your junk, and we’ll answer with an estimate. Many use this method as a way to get multiple quotes at once. 


Get a Quote Online


Get a quote in as little as two minutes when you choose to move with Junk King’s pricing calculator. This specially-made software is meant to provide area-specific quotes based on the general information entered into its wizard. At the end of the process, you’ll also have the option to order a service based on the suggestion of the assessment. 


Get a Quote In Person


Quotes in person are not for the faint of heart—not because of millennials, but because they can accurately depict costs. In person assessments are Junk King’s most solid option for prices; this means written estimates. Written estimates are the gold standard for people looking to get services because some companies will offer a guarantee to beat any other written offer—just like Junk King. 


How a Professional Junk Removal Specialist Can Help with Cartersville Junk Removal


Any Cartersville junk removal company can claim that they’re the best in the business—but with Junk King, the proof is undeniable. Being North America’s greenest junk removal business is just one of the many distinctions given to our professionals. Junk King customer representatives have also been recognized for their work, making Junk King a top-rated proprietor of customer experience. 


Junk King junk hauling is the superior option for any clean up time, from disasters to estate clean outs. Our maximally efficient junk service makes Junk King the better choice for many residents and business owners. Junk King services come in two distinct types, both with unique pros:


Junk King Full-Service 


The top choice of many Atlanta companies, the Junk King full-service is the more luxurious of the two options. Inspired by the idea that “the heaviest thing you should have to lift is the telephone,” Junk King’s full-service provides the most amount of customer service possible. Full-service consists of a crew of professional removers and a Junk King Big Red Truck. Our professional removers are there to do the lifting for you—while our truck is there to get rid of all of your junk and trash. When we say, “junk removal with Junk King is as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point, and the junk is gone!” We’re actually talking about the full-service option. 


Junk King Self-Service


Conversely, the top choice of many Atlanta residents is the Junk King self-service option. This service consists of our professionals dropping off a Junk King MINI dumpster for a specified rental period. During that time, the homeowner is welcome to fill the 12-cubic yard interior of the MINI—and at the end of the rental period, our professionals will return for the MINI and all your junk. Self-service rental periods are usually 3-day, 5-day, or 7-day spans, but some circumstances can increase this duration. 


What is the Cost of Cartersville Junk Removal?


Many factors affect the final cost of any junk removal. Aspects like convenience, guarantees, and ratings all play a small part in costs. In the case of Junk King, additional factors affect our pricing, such as the size or resources required for a removal, or the fact that we will spend extra time to ensure our eco-friendly status. 


For those in Cartersville, serviced by Junk King North Atlanta, residents have the choice of the full or self-service. This is notable because not all locations or removal companies offer both options—they require different resources, and so many franchise owners do not commit to both services. 


For those looking to get self-service in Cartersville, the price of rubbish removal is as low as $325 and as high as $400. Of course, this doesn’t include the $20 discount applied when an order over $99 is placed. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


In contrast, is the full-service. The cost of junk removal in Cartersville can be as low as $169 and as high as $600. The $20 discount also applies to these services when ordered online. 


These aren’t hard-fast numbers, however. How much your specific removal job will cost will consider many factors. The price of every removal job is unique, which is why we suggest exploring your options before committing to one. Get started right now with the Junk King pricing calculator—contact us today to get a Big Red Truck or a MINI as soon as tomorrow!

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