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Let Junk King Handle Your Sofa Removal

Getting rid of an old sofa is definitely a two-person type of job. It might require those two movers to do a little special maneuvering to ensure a sofa can get outside the front door without causing any damage to walls and floors. This is removing experience matters. And that is precisely what you will get when you hire Junk King Atlanta for this type of work. Every Junk King session is staffed by two experienced movers who know the right way to carry out an old sofa. Are you ready to set up your sofa removal session with Junk King?

No Wasted Time

Junk King knows how valuable your time is. That is why the only is set aside a two-hour window for your sofa removal session. It will not take two hours to carry out an old sofa. But it may take some of that time to get across Atlanta. When the crew shows up, you will point to the sofa, and they will pick it up and carry it out. It may take less time to greet the Junk King crew, and it does for them to carry out the stuff!

In the same session that you are getting rid of your sofa, you can also get rid of many more unwanted items. This is your chance to clear out your closets and cabinets of all that stuff you know you’re not to use again. Just because you are having Junk King remove something from your home doesn’t mean that item has to end up in the trash. Junk King is happy to make drop off to charities and recycling centers. That should make you feel good about getting rid of all your unwanted stuff. Set up a session with Junk King Atlanta to get rid of your old sofa, and you can end up in a home completely clear of rubbish. Book that session today.

More Amazing Reviews For Junk King Atlanta

A company that earns great reviews demonstrates that it provides reliable customer service. It takes a little time for customers to post a review, which makes them worthy of consideration. When it comes to getting rid of junk, Junk King Atlanta is a professional junk hauling service that consistently earns fantastic reviews. Here are some prime examples:

“They are always on time, efficient and courteous.” – Hedwig, Roswell

“Efficient and great work ethic! I will definitely use it again! Thank you, Joe and crew!” – Marti, Cumming

“Timely, efficient, friendly and fairly priced. Thank you!” – Julianne, Roswell

“We love Junk King! They are fast to respond, accommodating and easy to work with. If you are looking for either Junk King to do the removal or if you need a dumpster to do it yourself. I highly recommend them. It’s the only company we use!” – Stephanie, Cumming

Those are just a few of the recent reviews posted for Junk King Atlanta, but they are a clear example of how this company gets the job done for rubbish removal.

Two capable movers staff every appointment. That is the friendly team talked about in these reviews. The Junk King crews show up with plenty of experience and a positive attitude. That always helps, especially when you ask them to remove those bulky items from down the basement or up on the second floor. There isn’t a removal task you could ask the Junk King crew to perform that will be challenging for them.

As for the cost, Junk King always charges a flat rate determined by how everything fits onto the back of the truck. It’s all about volume and not about how heavy something is. When you need to get rid of your unwanted rubbish, you must put Junk King Atlanta on the job. You’ll be adding your rave review!

Bring In Junk King To Bring Out Your Old Dishwasher

Is it time to replace your dishwasher? This is one of those appliances in the kitchen that are in extreme convenience. In other words, you will always know when the dishwasher is working. That is when the dishes start popping a piling up high in the sink! But not every appliance is meant to last forever. When you need to replace a dishwasher that is something that can’t be kept around the house. It is also something you can’t load onto the back of your SUV! The best approach to bring out your old dishwasher is to bring in the team from Junk King Atlanta.

Assessing the Pathway

As you bring the Junk King crew into your home into your kitchen, they will be assessing the pathway they will need to take with your old dishwasher. The goal is to get that bulky appliance out of the house without causing any damage to furniture, flooring or walls. This is where experience matters and that is exactly what the Junk King crew will be showing up with: experience!

Once the crew has unhooked the dishwasher on the plumbing and safely removed it from the house it will get loaded onto the truck. The job can be over at that point if you wanted to. But you will notice that the dishwasher doesn’t take up a lot of room on the back of the truck. That will leave you with plenty of room to have the Junk King crew load up anything else you want to get rid of. You can mix in old furniture, electronics and even unwanted clothing. Everything will be packed tightly onto the truck. That is another way that experience matters. You want to Junk King team to pack your items as tightly as possible. That is because the less room that they take up, the less you will be paying.

Getting rid of your old dishwasher and the rest of your unwanted items will be easy with Junk King Atlanta on the job.

Fun Ways To Fill Up The Days Staying At Home

The “default” for staying at home is to flip on the TV and catch up with all those programs you’ve been eager to watch. Yet, despite having a seemingly unlimited number of things to watch on television, at some point you’ll want to click it off. It can be much better to engage you mind in different ways. Here are some things you can do by yourself or with the entire family.

Play with Lego

If you live in a house with kids, then you have Lego. It is time to gets the bricks out and start building. You can follow the instructions in the many kits that are available or you can opt for “freestyle.” Try creating a structure or world that uses every brick in your box. Be sure to snap plenty of pictures.

Make Jewelry

You can order all kinds of jewelry making supplies online. You can also find all the plenty of online tutorials that can show you the way to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Who knows? You might be able to make some creations that can sell online. That would be fun side business!

Host an English Tea Party

The traditional time for an English tea party is 3 in the afternoon but you can have your tea party any time. A genuine tea party isn’t just about the tea but also tasty treats like finger sandwiches and scones. Bonus points if you dress up in your finest outfits!

Plant Bulbs

Spring is a time for planting and since you’ve got time on your hands, you might want to get some bulbs in the grounds. This is the season for planting tulips and daffodils. There are also summer plants like alliums and cannas that can go in early. Take the time to map out your garden. You could also mix up all your bulbs and be surprised at what pops up!

Read a Book

There are probably an equal number of books that you want to read as there are TV shows to watch. Along with reading your picks, you can also get back to basics and read aloud each night to the kids. Even if the kids are older, you can still read and take turns. It is easy to download books on pads and laptops.

Organize Storage Areas

All of this time at home might have you feeling overwhelmed by clutter. That is why you should take the time for a proper organizing of all your storage areas. You don’t have to do these all at one. You can do a kitchen cabinet or a closet a day. You can also do some great decluttering out in the garage. At the end of all that organizing, you might create a few piles of unwanted rubbish. Don’t worry about being stuck with that. One call to Junk King Atlanta can clear all that rubbish away. And Junk King has adopted safety protocols that makes the rubbish removal process safe and efficient. You can always count on the team from Junk King Atlanta to get your rubbish cleared the right way.

Improve your Atlanta Neighborhood Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal might mean actually looking up from the curb. What kind of shape is your roof in? It might be time to break out the ladder and do a little inspection. Of course, safety first is the rule and you shouldn’t climb up there unless you’re able. You could see any problems just from the rain gutter. Of course, as long as you’re up there, you might as well clear out the gutters and sweep off any debris that is on the roof. Whenever cleaning up, it’s always best to start from the top and work your way down. Once you make back to the yard, you might want to bring in Junk King. They can do amazing things for your curb appeal.


With the Junk King crew on the job, you won’t have to lift a finger or get the least bit dirty. This team will be happy to removed things big and small from your yard. Doesn’t matter if this was something dumped there by Mother Nature or dragged in by the “mechanic” you’re living with. It can all go on the same truckload. In the past, homeowners have also called on Junk King to help remove all kinds of weed overgrowth for lots. This usually happens when the situation has reached a crisis point. It’s the same with hoarding. If you can’t make your way through your yard because of all the growth, then you definitely want to bring in Junk King.

After they are finished removing all your yard waste, the Junk King crew can set their sights on the rest of your home. This is where you can finally move out all the junk taking up valuable space in your garage and basement. Once that stuff is gone, you’ll be able to repurpose those areas. You can finally get that garage workbench organized or set up an arts and craft corner in your basement. This will definitely make the living spaces more accommodating.

As for pricing, you’ll only be charged a flat rate based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. This price includes all the costs associated with the job from labor to transportation. Start off spring with an improved curb appeal thanks to a little help from Junk King.

Get Rid of Atlanta Junk – Clear the Clutter for Your Sweetheart

There will be a lot of chocolate sold before Saturday. Valentine’s Day is right up there with Christmas and Easter as the mega-candy buying holidays. Who doesn’t love a tasty piece of chocolate? Of course, if the object of your affection is trying to lose a few extra pounds then tempting them with the treats might not be the best Valentine’s Day present. Instead, stick with flowers and perhaps a special gift that they’ll truly appreciate. Why not hire Junk King to help clear the clutter around the home? This is a gift that keeps on giving!


It is always a challenge to come up with perfect Valentine’s Day gift that is still original. Of course, the best present you can give your sweetheart is to show them you care and listen to what they say. If they’ve been complaining about all the junk around your home, then hiring Junk King will be a way of saying, “Message received.” With Junk King on the job, all kinds of clutter can be removed in a single appointment. We’re not just talking about piles of magazines or newspapers but the really big objects that are taking up a lot of space. Things like old furniture down in the basement or boxes of outgrown clothes in the attic. If your garage could be considered a “no-go” zone, then clearing out the clutter with the help of Junk King can make a huge difference.

When Junk King handles your junk removal, their impact will be felt for a long time. Obviously, you’ll appreciate being able to reclaim all that valuable storage space. Once the junk is gone, you can turn those areas into a home office, a workout space or even a guest room. This is the kind of cleanup work that really lets you enjoy your home. Beyond helping your clear the clutter in your home, Junk King will be making a difference for the local environment. That’s because they have a powerful recycling and donating policy that keeps most of what they collect out of landfills. That is the kind of work that will also have a lasting impact. This Valentine’s Day, give the gift that your sweetheart has been asking for: a clean home. Let Junk King clear the clutter.

Atlanta Foreclosure Cleanout

If you want to check in with how the economy is doing, then start with the house market. A good indication is the number of foreclosures. Here in Atlanta, there is good news: the foreclosure notices are at their lowest levels in 12 years. Back in 2010, the housing crisis hit a peak with as many as 13,000 foreclosure notices going out in a single month. That meant that a lot of homeowners were “under water” as far as their finances were concerned. Now that the tide is turning, the price of individual homes will also be on the rise. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t opportunities to cash in on a foreclosed home sale. You just have to move fast. Whether you’re investing in a foreclosed home to flip or as your family home, you’ll want to start the process with a foreclosure cleanout from Junk King.


When it comes to removing junk from homes or businesses, Junk King really does reign supreme. That’s because they don’t mess around with double-bookings or untrained crews. Everyone who works for Junk King knows they have to put the customer’s needs first. For a foreclosure cleanout, this means removing all the old furniture, carpet, drapes and appliances. This “everything must go” assignment can be handled by Junk King in no time.

The average Junk King junk removal appointment consists of two capable movers being assigned the task. However, with a foreclosure cleanout, you might require some extra manpower. As long as you tell Junk King in advance, that won’t be an issue. Best of all, you won’t have to pay for those extra hands. You’re only going to be charged a flat fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the Junk King truck. Whether it takes two movers or six, you’re paying the same rate!

With Junk King on the foreclosure cleanout assignment, you’ll not only be guaranteed of a clean home but as much of that junk that can be recycled will be. This gets your new home purchase off to a good start carbon foot-wise! Keep in mind that not only can Junk King take away the garbage that was left behind but they can also remove any of the demolition debris from your renovations. Add it all up and it’s clear that when it comes for a foreclosure cleanout, Junk King is the best partner you could hire.

Celebrate Earth Day In Atlanta With Green Junk Removal

Throughout the year, the Environmental Protection Agency acts as the guardian for our environment. They are constantly conducting safety tests of water, soil and air. They also make recommendations for how to keep the planet “green.” However, they’re not just talk. The EPA is also about action. To prove that point, the new regional administrator for the Southeast is joining other local EPA employees to pitch in and cleanup Proctor Creek here in Atlanta. This special cleanup project is in honor of Earth Day and a way of bringing attention to the need of keeping our waterways free of debris. For decades, Proctor Creek has been an illegal dumping ground for tires, trash and other hazardous materials. The EPA hopes to reverse the damages with an ongoing cleanup project.

Volunteering to clean up the many Atlanta waterways is a perfect way to spend Earth Day. Of course, you don’t have to wait for this once-a-year celebration to help with the environment. You could be pitching with your own recycling efforts. Those efforts don’t have to stop at the curb with your recycling bin. If you hire a company like Junk King to handle your junk removal project, you can be assured that your bulky items will stay out of area landfills whenever possible.

Keeping trash out of landfills has always been the goal of Junk King. That might seem odd that a company dedicated to collecting junk would want to avoid the dump. However, Junk King has always known that just because something is trash doesn’t mean it has to be thrown away. The Junk King crews are trained to recognize those items that can be recycled or donated.

Consider your old sofa. You might have held onto that piece of furniture for several years. Now you’re ready to swap it out in favor of a new model. One that doesn’t sag or isn’t stained. Nothing wrong with that. But that old sofa could be given a new lease on life when Junk King donates it to a local Atlanta charity. That charity will have the proper craftspeople that can spruce up the coach and get it ready for more years of use. What this means is that some family in need will have a comfortable place to watch TV and the area landfills will be less crowded. The green way is the Junk King way. Call for your Earth Day junk removal appointment today.

Lawrenceville Junk Removal

If you notice a manhole cover that looks like it has been pried open, it might not be someone trying to get out as much as someone trying to get in. Recently, there was a wave of illegal dumping down the sewers by way of a manhole cover.


“People have been dumping everything from grease and chemicals to septic tank pumping,” said Acting Director of Water Resources Lynn Smarr. “It’s not only illegal but it’s also dangerous for the perpetrators and our employees. We’re asking anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it immediately.”

It’s not just problems with prying open manhole covers. Illegal dumping can show up at an abandoned lot, by the side of the road or even outside your own home. You’ve probably seen all kinds of abandoned TVs, mattresses, sofas and chairs littering up the neighborhood. All of that is against the law. It also has an impact on property values. Imagine getting your home appraised when you’ve got piles of junk sitting in the alley or next door. That’s not going to be good news.

Lawrenceville residents are encouraged to report this kind of illegal dumping by calling into a 24 hotline. Another proactive step you can take is to hire Junk King Atlanta for your personal junk removal project. Junk King Atlanta is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists who have already helped dozens of your neighbors with their junk removal chores. What can they do for you? Start with providing you with a two-man crew who will be able to lift and load any object you’re throwing out. That’s going to make a huge difference in terms of what you can get rid of around your home.

That Junk King crew will be working fast to clear out whatever you want taken away. Junk King knows how busy your day off can be and they don’t want to waste it. As soon as the crew arrives, you’ll show them what you want removed and they’ll confirm the fee. This will be a flat rate determined by the amount of space your junk will occupy on the back of the Junk King truck. You need to be 100% satisfied with that estimate before the work can begin. If you were to add up the costs of hiring a work crew, renting a truck, dump fees and your time, then you’ll clearly see what a bargain Junk King is. Call today to set up your junk removal appointment.


Yard Waste Removal after the Snow-Marietta

Yard Waste Removal and Yard Clean up after the Snow and Ice-Marietta

Now that Snow and Ice are finished (hopefully) and  Spring is heading our way we need to ask, “Is it time to clean the yard up for the new garden?” The heat and humidity are just around the corner and it is always better to clean up before it gets too hot and the thorny bushes start growing again. We at Junk King Atlanta offer a full service Yard Clean up and Yard Waste Removal where we will do all the work and haul all the waste away and your garden will be ready for spring planting.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, then you might need a little help with a yard cleanup and Yard Waste Removal. That’s where Junk King Atlanta can be also be a big help. Although “junk” might be in our name, Junk King Atlanta is all about cleaning up yards. After the snow and ices the Junk King fleet hits the streets to make sure to clean up the fallen limbs and other debris before it becomes a safety hazard. Beyond that, folks around Marietta can turn to Junk King for general yard clean up. Go through our checklist. Do you have chunks of concrete, fallen limbs, fallen trees, roofing materials, bricks, sod, lumber/other building materials, old decking, old tires, grills in your yard that need to be hauled away? Then Junk King Atlanta is your company! But you do not have to stop at your yard. Imagine what Junk King Atlanta can do for the inside of your home.

Here is when you can finally clean out that spare room or basement of all the unused furniture, computer equipment and other trash. As for your garage or attic Junk King can help with a floor to ceiling clean out that lets you reclaim your space for more important things like a car.

Keep in mind that Junk King of Atlanta also serves the surrounding communities such as Cumming, Smyrna, Kennesaw, Milton, Holly Springs John’s Creek, Norcross, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Cartersville and Canton. They’re all in Junk King’s pick up zone. That’s also true for the many recycling centers located in the area. Junk King embraced the green way of doing things ever since we started up. We recycle, re-purpose, re-use, or donate most of what we collect.

Do not worry about any hidden charges for recycling because there are not any! Our price is based on how much space (volume) your junk takes up in our trucks. Start with a yard cleanup and finish with a junk free home. Junk King Atlanta can show you the way. We like to say the heaviest thing you need to lift is your telephone. We do all the work. Please call 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) or go to atlantajunk-king.com to book an appointment.

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