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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Junk Removal Pricing | How much junk is that?

Behind our cost effective junk removal service is a system based on the dimensions of our trucks, ability to consolidate or break down materials, and team hours spent hauling. This may sound like a lot of factors but all are key principles involved in our volume based pricing system. 

It all starts with our famous big red trucks (BRT) which are some of the largest trucks available. Each of our truck’s boxes measure 8’ wide x 12’ long x 5’ tall (480 cubic feet), giving us almost 18 cubic yards of space per truck. Our pricing system estimates the volume of junk someone wants hauled and the space it takes up in a truck. Using standard measurements of each item a customer wishes to have removed, for example, a queen size mattress takes up about 1 cubic yard of space, we know that one of Junk King’s BRT’s could hold 18 queen sized mattresses. This system extends to almost anything we haul, from couches to appliances allowing us to estimate the exact volume on our truck and therefore the best price to the customer, so they don’t pay for more space than they need. 

For example, if a master bedroom contains a king sized mattress and box spring, king size bed frame, two dressers, two night stands, a tv, a bench or chest or chair, and typically around 10 regular trash bags full of clothes or miscellaneous items. All of these items will come out to be about eight (8) cubic yards, taking up less than half of one of our trucks or a full-service fixed price of $428. This gives us a starting point for an estimate. Here is a list of some other standard items we remove and their approximate sizes and how many we could fit on our truck:

How many items can a Junk King truck fit:

  • A standard couch is 2 yards – 9 total couches would fit
  • An over sized ottoman is 0.5 yards – 36 ottomans
  • An office chair is 0.4 yards = 40 – 45 office chairs would fit
  • An oven is 0.75 yards = 24 ovens
  • A large dresser is 1.5 yards = 12 large dressers per truck
  • 10 kitchen bags of trash are 1.25 yards = 145 kitchen bags of trash
  • A refrigerator is 1.75 yards = 10 refrigerators per truck

We at Junk King also know that not all houses or situations fit into a typical estimate which is why we made our pricing system transparent and flexible depending on the junk removal needs of our customers. To ensure the consistency of our pricing system, we diligently train each of our team members to ensure they understand how it works.

We aim to make estimates as easily accessible to our customers as possible with our onsite pricing, online pricing estimator, our text us a photo, and we will provide you with a convenient quote to get your started. Call us today to find out more: 888-888-JUNK(5865)

Junk King Baltimore
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