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How a full-service Junk Removal in Baltimore can help you.

Often it seems that life leaves us with unwanted furniture or other clutter and junk that needs to be hauled away. You could have easily gotten carried away on a home improvement project or been handed down items from your parents or simply just tucked too much stuff in the closet. Whatever the reasoning, the junk needs to be removed somehow, and that’s where full-service junk removal company Junk King comes in.

If you live in Baltimore and the surrounding counties, you know that getting rid of bulk trash is not easy. Scheduling a pick-up could be weeks or even months out if it can even be scheduled at all. Then you have to haul everything down to the curb and leave it out until your scheduled time.

Who can use junk removal?

As you begin searching for junk removal or junk hauling services to help with the clutter of life and the accumulation of unwanted items wouldn’t it be nice if someone did the hard part for you. There are numerous reasons for calling a junk removal service and Junk King is happy to help when needed. Whether by design or accident, accumulating stuff just seems to happen to everyone – young and old, married or single. When you junk is small it is easy enough to remove with you household trash or bag it up and donate it might even be an option. However, if your items are large pieces of furniture or even construction debris or you have large amounts of household junk items to be removed – you should look for a reputable licensed and insured junk removal company.

What items can a junk removal service take?

At Junk King Baltimore, we take just about everything you want or need to get rid of. Whether it’s removing basement junk or attic clutter or all the old broken tools and misc. wooden pieces from your garage, Junk King can handle it.

Need help in getting organized? Check out this handy guide we created – Homeowners Junk Removal Checklist! – a great compliment to your planning for cleanliness.

What is Full-service Junk Removal?

Full-service is all about you not doing anything! Rather than you borrowing a truck from a friend or renting a trailer or U-haul – you still have to do all the hard work of grabbing and carrying everything. Another option is hiring a local guy that occasionally does “dump runs” but that certainly has issues such as insurance and ensuring they are dumping properly. The good news is that Junk King is full-service and fully licensed/insure, which means we take care of the grabbing, bagging, and hauling away of all the unwanted items while also being careful with your home. No need for you to do anything but let us know what junk needs to be removed.

How Junk King, The #1 Rated Junk Removal Service Works!

Working with Junk King is a simple process that works with your schedule and budget:

  1. Get an estimate. Whether you go online and check out our price estimator or you text us pictures of the junk removal project or we schedule a free no obligation onsite estimate. You will be given a written estimate good for 30-days.
  2. Schedule an appointment that is convenient to your schedule or have Junk King pick up on the same day.
  3. Smile with satisfaction at all the time and effort you saved while gaining back valuable space for the stuff that is important.

At Junk King we strive to exceed your expectations with outstanding customer service, courteous and trained professionals, and a job done – satisfaction guaranteed. We look forward to working with you on your project and seeing you soon.

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Part 1 | Junk Removal Tips | Decluttering during Covid-19

>>>Go here for a helpful decluttering checklist from Junk King

So your stuck at home with your “loved ones” and maybe feeling antsy about the space. With loads of time on our hands let’s see if we can’t get a little of our personal space back but getting rid of the unnecessary to make room for the important. Clutter can get out of control quickly. Odds and ends stashed in a drawer to remain forever. Out of the way closets become a land where things go to never return and even your nightstand can be a wasteland of forgotten things.

You want to, dare we say NEED TO, declutter and aren’t sure where to begin. It could even be understandably overwhelming to think about the whole house, however with 14 – 21+ days to tackle – I know we can handle it. That being said – let’s start small to warm ourselves up to the idea. 

Makeup Bag/Drawer | Go through your makeup bag (guys what about your gym bag or your shaving kit from traveling) and reassess some of those items. Hot pink eye shadow from 1980 Toss it! Lipstick that melted into a blob – let it go. If you haven’t applied it or used it in a year. Get rid of it. Then restock the items you do need.

Medicine Cabinet | Expired medication – lets safely dispose of those. Half used hotel shampoos and lotions you don’t use – throw those out. Anything else that just doesn’t belong. Give them a toss. Close the cabinet door, wipe the mirror and smile – you deserve it.

BONUS DECLUTTERING: Why not shake the bottles in the shower and see what needs to be tossed or refilled. For me – it was the toys in my son’s bathroom that needed to be removed! Also – some homeless shelters will accept partially used bottles of shampoo or even hotel bottles.

Linen Closet | Over time those neatly stacked towels and extra blankets start to shift and the neatly folded fitted sheets somehow end up knocked on the floor. Take stock of what you need/used in the last year and think about donating the rest to a local charity. We use Bemore Caring as our partner for lines/coats/blankets/clothing. You may even discover a 4 pack of TP that is in such high demand these days.

Time to get personal and really focus on these next areas. Expect them to take more time as they are two spots that hold a lot of history buried in there.

Your Dresser | Dressers can hide a lot in their drawers so let’s dig in. Your going to start at the bottom and work your way up, opening every drawer, and take every item out of the drawer. Before it goes back in,refold every shirt/short/pant and match all the socks. Ponder everything…Have I used this in the past year – if not perhaps it can be donated.

Master Closet | Add to those donate and toss piles by going through the closet. Follow your gut on this one: you know what you wear regularly and haven’t worn in forever. Now is the time to get real – are you really going to use those jeans this year? I personally spent 2.5 hours in my closet – jumping up and down in old jeans and remembering when my faded flannel was the pinnacle of fashion.

Night Stand | That place next to your bed that collects books, water bottles, and electronic chargers along with loads of dust and other old papers. Clear out the drawers, wipe off the top and take a peek behind it. Who knows what mystery items are back there.

BONUS CLEANING | After the night stand – take a look under the bed. We can’t promise that there aren’t any monsters under there but you may find your slippers/sneakers or that missing sock. That was probably a good therapy session but now you might need a break. You deserve it! Check back later for Part 2 of the Junk Removal Tips | Decluttering during Covid-19

Baltimore Junk Removal and Recycling Too

Getting an outstanding service when you’re looking for Baltimore junk removal is only part of what you need. Here at Junk King, we specialize in recycling too. Not only can we get rid of the junk that’s cluttering up your home or office but we can lessen your carbon footprint at the same time.

Our clients in Baltimore are always telling us how complete and efficient our services are. We have client testimonials on our website from real people. Take a moment to scroll through the accolades we’ve been given from people just like you. They needed reliable and effective junk removal to de-clutter their homes and free up office space. We supplied a friendly knowledgeable service that was so effective they left us a note.

Here’s just a few of the things we’ll haul away for you:

Of course, it’s no surprise to anyone in the Baltimore area that Junk King will haul your old furniture away. Sometimes landlords call us to get rid of some things that tenants have left behind, other times homeowners are upgrading and have decided that new furniture goes with the remodel.
We pride ourselves on making sure all of your old furniture gets to where it should be going. It doesn’t matter whether that’s the recycling center or charity. Even if it goes to landfill we’ll make sure that it arrives in a safe and efficient manner.

Yard Waste
Our clients in Baltimore are always happy to find out we will haul away their yard waste as well. Keep in mind that renting a mini dumpster for larger yard projects is another option. One of the big advantages to this method is the fact that you only pay for the amount of space that you use.
Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our junk removal business. Giving our customers better value is all about providing sensible flexible pricing options for them. Stumps, plaster or even old timber are just a few of the items that we’ll gladly take away.

Foreclosure Clean Outs
If you’re looking for an eco friendly safe foreclosure cleanout service, you’ve stopped at the right place. We have professionals on staff who are experts at hauling away furniture, carpets or any other kind of debris that can get in the way of putting a foreclosed home back on the market.

Call our comprehensive Baltimore junk removal services today.

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