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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Appliance Removal & Recycling: Follow These Tips By Junk King Experts

Like most other modern conveniences, appliances have a lifespan. When the time comes to replace your old appliances, you can get confused about how to dispose of them correctly without harming the environment. Whether it’s a small coffee maker, a large commercial refrigerator, or anything in between, you’ll need to dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly manner. That’s why it’s essential to hire a professional junk removal company such as Junk King to help you through the appliance removal & recycling process. 


With only 6% of small appliances recycled and more than 2.2 million tons of appliances sent to landfills each year, appliance waste is rising. Fortunately, Junk King can save you the hassle by offering cost-effective and eco-friendly appliance removal and recycling.

What is Appliance Removal & Recycling?

Appliance removal and recycling at Junk King involves finding a new home for your old but functional appliances. But if the item cannot be reused due to malfunctions, Junk King will make every attempt to recycle useful components.

When deciding to replace or repair an old appliance, the rule of thumb is to repair items below halfway through their standard lifespans and replace those that have surpassed half of their lifespans. Typically, the cost of repairing an old appliance can go higher than half its price. 

Junk King has special equipment to quickly remove old appliances and haul them away from your home. Additionally, Junk King’s crews are fully insured to handle all kinds of junk, except hazardous materials.

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Ways for Making Appliance Removal & Recycling Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts

When it comes to appliance removal and recycling, planning ahead is crucial. Most appliances usually need replacement after about ten years. That means that if you bought most of your appliances one decade ago, it could be time to replace them in bulk. However, certain clues could help you determine what to replace and what to keep using for a few more years.

For example, an old dishwasher that doesn’t heat water effectively or generates odd noises during a dishwashing cycle should be replaced. And even if these appliances are still functioning well but are more than ten years old, it makes sense to replace them with new Energy Star-certified appliances to save on water and electricity bills. 

Typically, newer dishwashers can use as little as three gallons of water for each load. Additionally, Energy Star appliances can save you up to 50% of energy, significantly reducing your electricity bills.

Safety is another key reason you could consider replacing your old appliances. For example, an old dryer could produce a burning odor or even trigger a fire, exposing your family to great risks. If you start to smell burning from your dryer, that’s something to remove and dispose of. A malfunctioning washer may also lead to water leaking on the floor, posing a risk of falls and causing thousands in damages to your flooring and walls. 

Junk King removes and recycles all of these appliances and more. By taking an inventory of all of your appliances and investigating any operational issues, you can easily determine what needs to be hauled away by Junk King Appliance removal professionals. To make it even easier, you can get an estimate in advance by simply texting a photo or using the online pricing estimator.

Junk King Appliance Recycling Services

Junk King junk removers are highly committed to the environment. This means recycling as many items as possible. Whether it’s an old dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, stove, dryer, range, washer, or even HVAC equipment, Junk King can haul it away and recycle all reusable components in an eco-friendly manner.

The good news is that most appliances, especially kitchen and laundry appliances, are largely made of metal, which is highly recyclable and recoverable. Junk King junk removal company is experienced in removing and processing scrap metals recovered from non-working appliances. 

Also, keep in mind that certain older appliances such as AC units, freezers, and refrigerators contain Freon or other related chemicals. These solvents are harmful to the environment and should be handled carefully. Junk King ensures that Freon is collected by a licensed recycling center before recycling the appliance itself.

Refrigerators manufactured before 1995 typically contain R-12, a CFC, as the refrigerant. Currently, only EPA-certified technicians are allowed to buy R-12. Modern refrigerators manufactured after 1995 typically use R-134a, an HFC, as the refrigerant. Working with Junk King can help you determine the kind of refrigerator you have and advise on the right method of disposal.

The Junk Removal Experts

Junk King’s mission is to manage junk in all forms, including large and small household appliances. We offer businesses and homeowners eco-friendly appliance removal & recycling services to keep as much of the materials as possible out of the landfills. 

Our recycling experts at Junk King work with you to build a cost-effective and environmentally friendly appliance removal and recycling solution. Contact Junk King today to schedule a consultation or to get a quote!


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