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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Hassle-Free Junk Removal in Baton Rouge

Do you have a lot of junk you need to get rid of? Whether you’re decluttering, downsizing, or renovating, junk can quickly pile up and become an eyesore. Sometimes junk disposal isn’t as simple as hauling your unwanted items to the curbside. You may have too much junk you need to dispose of. When getting rid of your unwanted items becomes a hassle or too hard to do yourself, you know it’s time to bring in the professionals.

If you don’t want to do the heavy lifting, look no further than Junk King Baton Rouge. We’re the leading junk removal company in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. From cleanouts and construction waste removal to hot tub disposal, we do it all. We’ll take all that junk off your hands quickly and efficiently.
Working with Junk King is a great way to reclaim your space. It’s no secret that Americans have a clutter problem. Too much clutter can be detrimental to your mental health affecting your anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus. With Junk King, you can say goodbye to clutter forever. We’ll help you clean out your garage, basement, attic, and even your yard. We specialize in junk removal, and seeing our clients happy is a source of joy.

What is Junk Hauling

Junk hauling is the process of picking up and taking away unwanted items from your home or business premises. Junk King offers on-demand, same-day junk hauling and removal services. Typically, we offer you two ways to get rid of junk:


    Full-service junk removal


Our professionally trained team will arrive at your location with one of our red trucks. They will then proceed to haul your junk into the truck and drive it away for disposal once they’re done. You don’t have to lift a finger during the entire process. Just show us what you want to get rid of, and we’ll get it off your property as quickly as possible.
Full-service junk hauling is an excellent option for decluttering cleanouts or post-renovation clean-up. Our full-service junk removal services cover everything from furniture disposal and hot tub disposal to removing unwanted items from estate cleanouts, garage cleanouts, or foreclosure cleanouts.


    Dumpster rental


We’ll drop off a dumpster at your premises so you can fill it up at your leisure. We’ll pick it up after 3 days or when scheduled to haul the junk away. Dumpster rental is a good option if you’ll be cleaning out your space over a couple of days or undertaking a project that will produce a lot of waste over the span of several days, like a home remodelling project.

Importance Of Junk Hauling

What are the benefits of bringing in junk removal experts instead of doing it yourself?

1. You don’t have to do anything

Junk removal can be a tedious process, especially when you’re moving around bulky and heavy items like furniture, hot tubs, and mattresses. With a professional junk hauling company, someone else will do all the heavy lifting and hauling for you. On the plus side, you get to save on time. Getting rid of your junk yourself means committing to sorting your recycling and finding the means to haul your junk to the local waste transfer station.
Also, local ordinances prevent you from just disposing of your junk just anywhere. For instance, you can’t just haul your fridge to the local dump and expect them to take it off your hands. At Junk King, we do all this and more for you. We’ll pick up your junk and ensure it ends up in the right place. We’ll even donate some items to your favorite non-profit if you ask us to, so choose the option that saves you time and energy.

2. It’s safer

Junk hauling is more dangerous than it sounds. Moving bulky, heavy items down stairs and through narrow corridors can result in injuries like falls, sprains, and the rare broken bone. There’s no reason to risk hurting your back while we’re in Baton Rouge; let’s do the hot tub disposal for you. There’s also the issue of broken concrete, rusty shingles, and nails in construction debris that pose a health and safety hazard for all involved.
The Junk King team is specially trained and equipped to handle all junk hauling projects, both big and small. Our team of professionals is here to keep you safe.

3. You can save money

Yes, hiring a professional junk hauling company may actually be the more cost-effective option. Charges such as fuel costs, truck rental fees, labor costs, insurance, tipping, and disposal fees can rack up your junk hauling bill. With Junk King, you’ll pay one overall fee for everything, from hauling to junk disposal.
The Junk King network is large enough to ensure our junk hauling services are cost-effective for our clients. Plus, you only get to pay for the space your junk takes up in our trucks as opposed to renting the whole truck out.

Junk King Baton Rouge Is Your Best Option

Whether you need hot tub disposal or need to clean out a basement full of junk, you should get to know your junk hauling service provider before engaging their services. Choose a junk hauling company that’s both reputable and reliable. Here are some ways Junk King makes junk hauling easy for you.

1. Quick turnaround time

We believe the efficient and timely removal of junk to be one of the hallmarks of great customer service. That’s why we’re the #1 ranked junk removal company in the country. Your time is valuable, and we’re committed to ensuring we get rid of the junk as soon as possible.

2. We take (almost) everything

An experienced junk removal company should be able to handle just about any type of household or commercial waste. At Junk King, we take just about everything except for hazardous waste that requires special waste disposal mechanisms. But for everything else? We’ve got you covered.

3. Licensing and certification

A good junk removal company ensures that its haulers are well-trained, certified, and insured. Not only does this guarantee you great service, but it also protects you if something were to go wrong. Junk King is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, which means we don’t take any chances, and you can rest easy knowing your property is in great hands.

4. Proper Disposal

We have an established way to dispose of the junk items we pick up. We’ve partnered with recycling centers and non-profit organizations to ensure over 60% of what we haul is diverted from landfills. Our philosophy is centered on sustainability and eco-friendly junk removal, which is why we donate and recycle as much as we can.

Need Help With Junk?

If you’ve been searching for a trusted, reliable junk removal company with haulers near you, call Junk King Baton Rouge. We’ll schedule junk hauling and get that junk out of your life once and for all.

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