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How to Pick the Right Boston Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental in Boston

So, you’ve decided to do something big in Boston. Maybe you’re in charge of organizing a large public event like a demonstration or a festival. Perhaps you’re simply working on a private project such as a home renovation or some serious landscaping. In any of these cases though, you’re going to find that you have some loose ends to tie up once most of your work has commenced. It’s almost certain that you’ll have some debris or refuse left over at the end of the process.

Collecting and disposing of this leftover material properly should be one of your principal concerns. Those of you who have decided to rent a dumpster are making a smart decision. There are other ways to deal with junk in the Boston area, but they aren’t all necessarily as cost-effective. For example, you might have decided that you were going to drive your junk to the dump all by yourself instead—but unless you have a small quantity of trash and a vehicle with plenty of room, such a choice is likely to be impractical. Then again, you could have called a company to arrive at your location and clean up the whole site for you—but this can be expensive, and scheduling can be difficult. In most cases, renting a dumpster offers better results with less stress.

Deciding on a Boston dumpster rental is only the first step, you’ll still need a way to make a decision on which Boston dumpster rental company to use. To choose a company you can feel confident dealing with, it helps to refine your criteria. Know what qualities are most important to you, and you’ll have a simpler time finding a business that embodies them. As a result, you should be able to expect greater levels of satisfaction. You could also save a considerable amount of money.

To help you choose wisely, we looked for information on the qualities most people prioritize when searching for dumpster rental companies in Boston MA. Below, we’ve compiled a list of features every savvy renter should be aware of, so that you can subject the companies you consider to measurable criteria and select yours accordingly.

Flexible Pricing

It’s very rare for two given renters to produce the same amount of junk at each of their events. Because the amount of waste created by each project tends to vary so greatly, it doesn’t make sense for dumpster rental companies in Boston to charge a flat fee for their services. You would expect the price you pay to vary depending on the size and weight of your load, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how every company in the area does business. Don’t worry, though—there are plenty of companies that do offer flexible pricing options. Junk King puts an innovative spin on this concept by charging you only for the space that you use. If you rent one of their disposal boxes, you’ll have unprecedented control over the price you end up paying. The more efficiently you use space, the more value you’ll get. Think of it like playing Tetris, but with blocks made from trash and actual rewards for doing a good job.

Prompt Pick-ups and Drop-offs

When you’re renting anything that needs to be delivered, it’s important to make sure your product gets to you on time. After all, you’re paying for the time it spends in your possession. When it comes to dumpsters for junk removal, this is of particular importance because you also need to have the dumpster removed when you’ve put your trash inside. Because pick-up and drop-off both affect the amount of time you get to spend filling the unit, the company you rent your dumpster from needs to be extraordinarily punctual. Customer service counts for a lot here, because you’ll be arranging for them to drop off your unit and pick it back up again at specific times. They’ll need to be able to deliver on those promises. Some companies make pick-ups and drop-offs more customer friendly by sticking to a strict timetable (Junk King rents you a unit for three days, then has someone come for it). Companies that create structure in this way make things easier for their customers by providing them with a window in which they’re free to work with the dumpster however they see fit. If you’re looking for a trash disposal option that lets you run errands or make time for family in between working, this kind of strategy can be beneficial. You know exactly how much time you have left with your dumpster, so you can plan to fill it at your leisure.

Avoiding Permits

We’re going to start this segment with a disclaimer of sorts: no one specific company will prevent you from ever needing a dumpster permit. The likelihood of your needing a permit will depend largely on where your dumpster is going to sit while you fill it, and whether you’re renting it for commercial use. However, if you only want to rent a dumpster to sit on your own property while you fill it with material, you can avoid needing a permit from the Department of Transportation. What you will need is a dumpster that fits in your driveway. If your dumpster is sitting on a public right-of-way like the road, requiring a permit is practically inevitable—even if the dumpster is sitting on the street directly in front of your home. Miniature units (around 12 cubic feet) are usually preferable when it comes to dumpster rental on private properties. Check with the company you’re considering to ensure they can offer you a dumpster your driveway can accommodate.


One of the final criteria that ranks highly with most renters is environmentalism. Most people don’t want a company that simply picks up their dumpster and indiscriminately consigns the contents to a landfill. Instead, they want reassurance that their waste will be sorted and disposed of properly. Look for a company that sorts their waste and separates it into various categories. Companies that take such responsible approaches often end up recycling or reusing a majority of the material they collect, which helps reduce the environmental footprints of the people who rent their products.

Summary and Conclusion

People who have already put a lot of work into an important project or event don’t want removing the resultant material to be complicated or difficult. Their major priority is convenience, but cost also tends to play a significant role in their rental decisions. Often, people are willing to pay more for excellent service and responsible practices, but they still want to feel like they’re being treated fairly. Flexible pricing and the ability to avoid permit fees with driveway-friendly modules plays a large role in establishing this sense of justice. The company that you choose for dumpster rental in Boston should demonstrate an awareness of your needs, concern for your budget, respect for your time, and compassion for the environment. Make sure that anyone you choose considers these criteria in equal measure, and you should find that disposing of your waste is a much easier process than you may have anticipated. Look for smart customer service, prompt delivery and pickup, a fair pricing model, and a commitment to green disposal methods. Any company that focuses on these important areas is a company that you can feel confident choosing for your dumpster rental in Boston. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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