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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Charlotte Refrigerator Buying & Disposal Guide

Some people are just die-hard shoppers. They will think nothing of hopping into the SUV and heading off to the SouthPark or NorthLake Mall at the crack of dawn to be the first in line for a new sale. These are the same folks who might camp out overnight on Thanksgiving to makes sure they’ll be able to snag some black Friday bargains. If you have a shopper like this in your life, its sometimes better to just give them your own list and let them have at it instead of trying to tag along. In many cases, you’ll just be left in the dust!
Then there is the shopper who likes to do their research before buying any item. For them there can be no great resource than the internet. With just a click of the mouse they can download all kinds of consumer report ratings, testimonials and comparison shop. There are also apps for the iPhone which let you snap a picture of a product in a store and see if you can find a better deal somewhere else. Usually this type of intense research works best when you are considering a major purchase such as a computer, television or big kitchen appliance.
If you happen to be in the market for a new refrigerator you might want to consider the following areas of research:
Capacity. When thinking about refrigerator capacity, you’re basically thinking about how much food and drinks you want to keep cold or frozen. This comes down to a matter of how many folks are living under your roof. A married couple can get away with around 8 cubic feet of storage capacity. That is just on the cold side. Add another 8 cubic feet for the freezer. For each additional person, factor in an additional cubic foot for cold and freezer foods. That will be a good capacity to shoot for.
Size. Talking about the size of your refrigerator has to do with how the ice box is going to fit in your current kitchen layout. This comes down to an issue of standard size (which is the most common) or a custom model that is built in to your existing countertops. The refrigerators that become flush with cabinetry can give a very sleek and elegant look to a kitchen but they also might be hard to replace. There are also smaller kitchens that take a fridge that fits under the counter.
Special features. How much fun do you want to have with your refrigerator? Do you want water dispensed along with ice? Would you like different kinds of ice (crushed or cubed)? Do you want a built in TV screen? A special container for eggs? A lettuce crisper? There a plenty of special features you can add to get the most out of your fridge experience.
EnergyStar. We live in an age where the majority of our kitchen appliances are EnergyStar rated. This means they comply with federal regulations with regard to energy efficiency. But even with the EnergyStar rating you can still compare different makes and models to find the one that will generate the most savings.
Style. This refers to what your new fridge is going to look like. Gone are the days of being able to pick just a white refrigerator. You can now select from a wide variety of colors and finishes.
As soon as you pick out your new fridge, make sure you make arrangements for Junk King Charlotte to show up to get rid of your old model in an easy and affordable manner.

Charlotte Mattress Purchase and Removal Tips

What could be easier than buying a new mattress in Charlotte? You go into the store, you lay down on the mattress and the one that feels right you buy. Quick, easy and nobody gets hurt, right? Actually, there are some unscrupulous mattress dealers out there that are working a couple of scams that you should be aware of. The last thing you want to do is get ripped off. Here are some mattress selling scams to be on the lookout for:
The Brand Name Swap
The goal for mattress retailers is to hook you once you’ve come into their shop. There are some popular brand names like Serta, Sealy or Simmons that you’ll recognize but other names not so much. Here’s the deal, most of the mattresses are all made at the same factory no matter what the brand name is. The reason for the switch is that you won’t be able to comparison shop and that means that the retailer can hook you. If you see a retailer who offers up a “personalized line” of mattress know that it’s probably a major brand name with a different label slapped on. Forget the name and focus on what is on the inside of the mattress and how it feels to you.
Avoid the Mumbo Jumbo
For the most part, all mattresses are created equal in the sense that they all have some very basic components that make up their “stuffing.” Do a little research first and you’ll discover the talk of reviews have to do with coil count, layers of foam, and type of foam. That’s really all you need to focus on. A mattress salesmen is going to come at you will all kinds of fancy terms like “medical grade” or “super-soft cell” or other flowery descriptions of the same stuff. Keep your eye on the prize and know what you want.
Be Wary of the “Goldilocks Syndrome”
Buying a mattress is a big deal. This is something you’re going to be spending a lot of time on and it can make all the difference between whether you have a good day or a bad day. That’s why you want to get your pick of mattress “just right:” not too hard, not too soft but “right.”  The way a mattress feels in the showroom might not be the way it feels in your home. For instance, a memory mattress in the showroom could feel very comfortable because it’s been broken in. But once it is delivered to your bedroom it’s going to feel stiff. That’s why you should allow yourself at least 30 days to settle into your new mattress. If the mattress dealer you’re buying from doesn’t offer a full money-back guarantee then don’t buy from them.
Once you make your way through those potential pitfalls, you also have to schedule the old mattress removal. An old mattress isn’t something you want to keep. Hire a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte to take away that old mattress and any other junk you have to get rid of. That’s a very productive use of the junk haulers!  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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