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Charlotte Cabinet Removal and Disposal

One of the important goals of any home improvement project should always be to increase the value of your home. A few years ago, the National Association of Realtors did a 2005 cost vs. value report. Here's what they discovered: "The average “upscale kitchen” remodel with a cost of $81,552 and had a payback of 84.8 percent. The average midrange “major kitchen” remodel with a cost of $43,862 and had a payback of 91 percent. The average “minor kitchen” remodel with a cost $14,913 and had a payback of 98.5 percent." Add it up and it's clear that the investment you make in a kitchen or bathroom remodel is going to be a big asset to your home. It makes sense then that you need to spend your money wisely. Keep that in mind when your budget goes over and the job takes longer than you think it will! You can come up with some basic ideas of a remodel by a visit to a Home Depot or search through the Internet for inspiration. Once you've got a sense of what you want to accomplish you'll need to find a contractor especially if your remodel is going to involve any type of plumbing or electrical upgrades. You should get bids from several contractors. Part of your contractor "shopping" should be proof of current licenses and insurance policies that cover property damage and workers comp. A list of a contractor's suppliers should be followed up to find out if they pay their bills on time. You don't want to have a work crew sitting around waiting for construction material. You should also follow up with past customers. Even though they should be sending you happy customers, you can still ask a few pointed questions about their work which should give you a complete portrait of how they work. When you get a bid from a contractor it should be an itemized list of what you can expect to pay. One of the items on that list should be "demolition and removal of preexisting cabinetry." This is where a contractor might try to pad the budget a bit. However, you could probably handle this job on your own with a decent hammer, screwdriver and Junk King Charlotte. Once you take down the cabinets a Junk King crew can be standing by to haul them away and make sure they are properly disposed of. As for pricing, Junk King will only charge you by the amount of space that your debris will take up in their truck. That means no labor costs or dumping fees. You're not going to get a great deal like that with a contractor! Let Junk King Charlotte help you start your remodeling project off right.
Charlotte Cabinet Removal and Disposal


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