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Charlotte Spring Junk Removal

The wacky weather that has hit the country this year has brought spring into the Charlotte area a lot sooner than anyone anticipated. The result is that pollen is everywhere. It’s covering Lake Norman, dusting cars and the ground. By some estimates this is the worst season for pollen in over ten years. All of this can be traced back to the warm weather that has swept through the Charlotte area. On the average it has been five degrees higher than normal. This has tricked plants and trees into blooming earlier and in a short amount of time. Normally, this blooming is spread out over a couple of weeks which allows the pollen to spread out a bit more. Now it has exploded in two days which has left many residents heading indoors. What are the numbers? Last year the oak pollen count was just 1,200 grams per cubic meter. This year the count was as high as 8,829 grams per cubic meter. That’s a lot of pollen. With all of those particles flying about, it might motivate you to begin your spring cleaning project earlier. A proactive approach to take is to line up an appointment with Junk King Charlotte to help with your mission. Junk King is a local business who specializes in all kinds of Charlotte junk removal. So what does junk removal have to do with your spring cleaning? Everything! In order to really get clean, you’ve got to first get rid of the clutter. What’s great about hiring Junk King is that they’ll be all the “muscle” you’ll need to get the job done. If you go through your home and identify those big items you want removed, then all you need to do is tell the Junk King crew what to take away. They’ll handle the rest. Junk King Charlotte isn’t afraid of getting dirty to get the job done. They’re also not afraid of stairs. That means having them make the trips up and down the basement or attic will be a lot better than having you do that heavy lifting. Hiring Junk King can provide the right motivation to really go deep with your spring cleaning project. If you know you have an empty truck at your disposal there is no telling what you’ll finally be able to get rid of. Everything can go such as unused furniture, bedroom sets, cribs, ping-pong tables, pianos and whatever else can’t fit into the garbage can. While they are at it, the Junk King Charlotte can also do a complete sweep of your front and backyard to remove all of the debris that might be piled up there. They can haul off fallen tree limbs, shrubs, pieces of concrete or rusty patio furniture. Put it this way, if you want to get rid of it, Junk King will take it away. That’s going to make any spring cleaning smooth sailing!
Charlotte Spring Junk Removal


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