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Category Archives: Charlotte Furniture Disposal

Charlotte Cabinet Removal and Disposal

One of the important goals of any home improvement project should always be to increase the value of your home. A few years ago, the National Association of Realtors did a 2005 cost vs. value report. Here’s what they discovered: “The average “upscale kitchen” remodel with a cost of $81,552 and had a payback of 84.8 percent. The average midrange “major kitchen” remodel with a cost of $43,862 and had a payback of 91 percent. The average “minor kitchen” remodel with a cost $14,913 and had a payback of 98.5 percent.” Add it up and it’s clear that the investment you make in a kitchen or bathroom remodel is going to be a big asset to your home. It makes sense then that you need to spend your money wisely. Keep that in mind when your budget goes over and the job takes longer than you think it will!

You can come up with some basic ideas of a remodel by a visit to a Home Depot or search through the Internet for inspiration. Once you’ve got a sense of what you want to accomplish you’ll need to find a contractor especially if your remodel is going to involve any type of plumbing or electrical upgrades. You should get bids from several contractors. Part of your contractor “shopping” should be proof of current licenses and insurance policies that cover property damage and workers comp. A list of a contractor’s suppliers should be followed up to find out if they pay their bills on time. You don’t want to have a work crew sitting around waiting for construction material. You should also follow up with past customers. Even though they should be sending you happy customers, you can still ask a few pointed questions about their work which should give you a complete portrait of how they work.

When you get a bid from a contractor it should be an itemized list of what you can expect to pay. One of the items on that list should be “demolition and removal of preexisting cabinetry.” This is where a contractor might try to pad the budget a bit. However, you could probably handle this job on your own with a decent hammer, screwdriver and Junk King Charlotte.

Once you take down the cabinets a Junk King crew can be standing by to haul them away and make sure they are properly disposed of. As for pricing, Junk King will only charge you by the amount of space that your debris will take up in their truck. That means no labor costs or dumping fees. You’re not going to get a great deal like that with a contractor! Let Junk King Charlotte help you start your remodeling project off right.

Charlotte Bulk Trash Pickup

If you’ve noticed something missing around the area it might be the garbage. That’s because all around North Carolina and here in Charlotte residents and businesses are creating less garbage than they have in over 20 years. According to recent surveys each person has generated 0.98 tons of trash last year. That is down from the peak of 1.36 tons that hit in 2006. What’s the cause of this major reduction? Those in the know at the Division of Solid Waste point to more people recycling as the leading cause. Across the state there are 40 landfills that have been given the seal of approval to accept trash. Of that trash, around 60% is household garbage while 24% is industrial waste and the rest is construction demolition. What about your junk? Do you know where it ends up? You would if you hired Junk King Charlotte to get rid of it all.

Junk King is the professional junk removal service based here in Charlotte that makes a point of recycling or repurposing the majority of what they collect from homes and businesses. Ever since the city of Charlotte got into the recycling biz, it has fallen on residents to make sure they are sorting their recyclables but that doesn’t have to stop with magazines and soda cans. When you hire Junk King to cart off bulky items you’ll find that those can be recycled as well. Things like sofas, loveseats, shelves, bedroom sets and all kinds of appliances can all be broken apart and grinded into recyclable material. If it looks like something you’re tossing out could be fixed up then Junk King will drop that item off at one of those charities which handle that sort of thing. All you have to do is tell the Junk King crew what you want tossed out and they’ll handle the rest.

Hiring Junk King works best when you’ve got those bulky items which won’t fit into the garbage can. That’s because with every Junk King assignment comes a large truck that can accommodate whatever you want tossed out. There’s no longer any good reason to hold onto things you have no use of. Wouldn’t you like to reclaim that space in your home or yard for more practical purposes? In some cases, people have clear out a basement and put in a home theater. They’ve made room in their garage for a arts and craft workshop. They’ve even converted an attic into another bedroom which increased the value of the home. What can you do with your storage space? You won’t be able to find out until you toss out the junk and that can happen with a single call to Junk King Charlotte.

Furniture Donations Pickup in Charlotte NC

Despite what you might think about the junk you want to forever get rid of, not everything deserves to land in a dump. There are some of your items that might actually have a little bit more life left in them. They might need some TLC when it comes to replacing a seat cushion or repairing a table leg but that doesn’t mean those items would be totally worthless. That’s why Junk King Charlotte makes it a point to drop off many furniture items to those Charlotte charities which make repurposing their mission. Think of this as recycling your junk without grinding it down to pulp.

While there are some terrific charities that accept furniture donations for resale, there are many more who like to fix up broken or worn out furniture. By doing this they are providing some work for many deserving folks who are looking to get a fresh start on life. Having a job fixing up furniture for a charity could be the perfect training for a bigger and better job down the road. Then there are the recipients of that repaired furniture which will be greatly appreciative of your donation. Sure, you might not be able to see their smiles as they get to add comfortable furnishings to their home or apartment but you can be assured that with Junk King your junk will find the right home.

Now, there is some junk you’ll be tossing out that just won’t be good for anything other than the trash heap. That’s understandable but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be properly disposed of. Once again Junk King will be riding to the rescue and making sure your junk will be dropped off at a certifiable landfill. These would be the government-sanctioned areas that have been constructed to make sure all the trash deposited there will be contained and not leak into the surrounding environment. Dumps have come a long way and Junk King knows the right ones to drop off your refuse.

If all of this sounds like a lot of sorting it is but it’s not anything you have to worry about. The Junk King Charlotte crews are experts at determining what items can be recycled, repurposed or just dumped. All you have to concern yourself with is what you want tossed out and Junk King will handle the rest.

You also won’t have to worry about picking up a heavy object, breaking something down or renting a truck. Junk King will have you covered on all those levels. What do you want to get rid of? Let Junk King Charlotte know today!

Charlotte Refrigerator Disposal

A big shout out should be given to the Environmental Protection Agency for their Energy Star program that has been around for several years. The goal of Energy Star is to encourage manufacturers to make products which run on less energy. Less energy means lower bills for your and natural resource savings for everyone. Buying a refrigerator or stove or any other electrical appliance with the Energy Star rating means you’re doing your part. But what happens when you unplug that device and get ready to toss it out? Should the concern about the environment stop? Absolutely not. Which is why GE has teamed up with the EPA’s second major program WasteWise.

Once again this means manufacturers need to take the lead. In this case, GE is redesigning its line of refrigerators to reduce the amount of landfill waste generated by a single ice box. By adapting a new type of insulation and form of plastic, GE hopes to reduced the weight of a fridge waste by around 85% from an average of 55 pounds to just under 8 pounds. They have also put out the call that they’ll be on the receiving end of all those product materials like circuit boards, glass, foam and plastic that go into the composition of every refrigerator. Hopefully, the other major players will follow GE’s lead and get on board this program.

All of this points out the importance of proper refrigerator disposal. If you’re planning on swapping out your old model for a new and improved version then you want to make sure you take care of junking that ice box the right way. The “wrong way” is leaving it around your home or property. If you don’t lock up that fridge or remove the door you could be facing some very serve fines. The law on the books makes it a crime not to secure any refrigerator you’re not using. To avoid that hassle, what you should do is hire a team of professional junk haulers who can not only get rid of your fridge but do it the right way.

Most people don’t think about where there junk ends up and that’s a major problem. When you hire those junk haulers, ask them where your trash will be headed. You might be happy to hear they’ll be dropping it off at the closest Charlotte recycle center. Your refrigerator might not end up at the same place as your plastic bottles but that’s not something you have to worry about when you hire the right team of junk haulers – Junk King Charlotte.

As long as you are going to have a full crew show up to take away your fridge you can also get them to remove any other bulk piece of junk you want gone. If they can carry out a refrigerator they can certainly carry out an old sofa, television, stove or even row boat! Be smart about how you get rid of junk, go with Junk King Charlotte.

Charlotte Basement Junk Removal

Unlike the Midwest or Northeast regions of the country, Charlotte is not really considered “basement” territory. Part of the reason is all that wonderful red clay that is so much a part of our state’s heritage. That same clay is extremely dense and retains water like a sponge. Those are two conditions which don’t make for decent basement building. A lot of new homes will have what they call a “walk out” basement which are often built on plots of land that have a slope to them and can support this kind of construction. In older homes, you’ll find more cellars than basements. Even though both of these spaces are under the house, a cellar is used more for storage than as a family room. There are also rooms built on top of garages which are referred to as “Charlotte basements.” If you’re fortunate enough to have a home with a basement, be it a cellar or above a garage, then you still might find the need to clear out the junk.

A basement attracts junk like a magnet to metal. It’s only natural that if you’re done using something and you can’t throw it out because it is too big that it will end up in the basement. This home storage area is also the destination for the kind of junk you think you might need but years later has you wondering why you’re keeping it. Into this category are things like baby furniture, ping pong tables and other pieces of worn out furniture. If you have stored them down into basement, they might have been overrun with dampness or worse: mold. The moment that happens those items instantly become junk and need to be taken out of the home. You can handle that job with the help of professional junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte.

When you hire professionals like Junk King you won’t have to worry about making dozens of trips up and down those basement stairs to get rid of this junk. The pros will do all the climbing up and down. And it’s not just about stairs; it’s also about what’s being hauled up the stairs. Those bulky pieces of junk will require at least two men to bring them up out of the basement. That’s not something you need to bother with when you can hire professionals for the job.

These same professionals will have a big enough truck to take away anything you ask of them. Take note that it doesn’t just have to be junk in your basement. You can turn your basement clean out into a total home clean out. When the Junk King Charlotte team shows up at their scheduled appointment just walk them through your home and show them what you want removed. They’ll take it from there. As soon as you can get your basement clear of clutter you might be able to find more practical uses for it. In other words, if you need more room in your house you could find it down below but first you’ve got a clear out the junk!

Charlotte Attic Junk Removal

There is a unique program coming to Charlotte as part of Holocaust Remembrance gatherings. There are 18 violins that had been repaired by a special shop in Tel Aviv. These violins are no ordinary musical instruments but instead were once owned by Jewish musicians who played them in the death camps and ghettos of World War II. For the last several years Amnon Weinstein has been on a quest to find these special instruments and has scoured the attics and basements around the world. Now these fully restored violins will be part of a musical celebration honoring their previous owners. All of this points out that there may be some very special treasures in your own attic that should be brought down from the dust and cobwebs.

If you are lucky then you’re living in a Charlotte house that has been part of your family for generations. When that is the case there is no telling what kind of treasures might be up in that attic. The typical attic becomes a family’s go to storage zone. This is where all the unwanted furniture, clothing, heirlooms and other stuff get stored. Usually there are a couple of suitcases or trunks that might be holding precious keepsakes. There might be some photos of long forgotten family members that could be put into new antique frames for display. Because Charlotte played a vital role in Civil War history there is also a pretty good chance there might be some memorabilia from this era that could fetch a decent price at auction.

Obviously, you’ve got to go on your own attic scavenger hunt to find these items and that’s a perfect way spend a Saturday afternoon! While there might be a few pieces that are worthy of display it could also be that there is just a lot of junk up in that attic that needs to be tossed out. If you make that kind of discovery then you should have a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte standing by to take away all of that garbage. The great thing about having professional junk haulers work with you is that they’ll make the climb up and down the attic steps. All you have to do is supervise.

Once your attic is clear of treasures and junk you might discover that it’s a perfectly viable space that can have many purposes. It might not take a lot of work to convert an attic into a spare bedroom or home office. It could even become your kids’ playroom. You’ll be amazed at what a little dry wall and fresh paint can do!

Keep in mind, that as long as you’re cleaning out your attic and having Junk King Charlotte take away all that garbage you also put them to work in other areas of your home. This could be the perfect excuse to finally clear out the clutter from your closets, basements and garages. Who knows? You might find treasure there as well!

Charlotte Spring Junk Removal

The wacky weather that has hit the country this year has brought spring into the Charlotte area a lot sooner than anyone anticipated. The result is that pollen is everywhere. It’s covering Lake Norman, dusting cars and the ground. By some estimates this is the worst season for pollen in over ten years.

All of this can be traced back to the warm weather that has swept through the Charlotte area. On the average it has been five degrees higher than normal. This has tricked plants and trees into blooming earlier and in a short amount of time. Normally, this blooming is spread out over a couple of weeks which allows the pollen to spread out a bit more. Now it has exploded in two days which has left many residents heading indoors. What are the numbers? Last year the oak pollen count was just 1,200 grams per cubic meter. This year the count was as high as 8,829 grams per cubic meter. That’s a lot of pollen.

With all of those particles flying about, it might motivate you to begin your spring cleaning project earlier. A proactive approach to take is to line up an appointment with Junk King Charlotte to help with your mission. Junk King is a local business who specializes in all kinds of Charlotte junk removal. So what does junk removal have to do with your spring cleaning? Everything! In order to really get clean, you’ve got to first get rid of the clutter. What’s great about hiring Junk King is that they’ll be all the “muscle” you’ll need to get the job done. If you go through your home and identify those big items you want removed, then all you need to do is tell the Junk King crew what to take away. They’ll handle the rest.

Junk King Charlotte isn’t afraid of getting dirty to get the job done. They’re also not afraid of stairs. That means having them make the trips up and down the basement or attic will be a lot better than having you do that heavy lifting. Hiring Junk King can provide the right motivation to really go deep with your spring cleaning project. If you know you have an empty truck at your disposal there is no telling what you’ll finally be able to get rid of. Everything can go such as unused furniture, bedroom sets, cribs, ping-pong tables, pianos and whatever else can’t fit into the garbage can. While they are at it, the Junk King Charlotte can also do a complete sweep of your front and backyard to remove all of the debris that might be piled up there. They can haul off fallen tree limbs, shrubs, pieces of concrete or rusty patio furniture. Put it this way, if you want to get rid of it, Junk King will take it away. That’s going to make any spring cleaning smooth sailing!

Charlotte Hoarding: How To Get Rid of Junk

For the most part “saving” can be a good thing. That certainly applies to saving money for a rainy day. Saving is also important when it comes to family pictures or keepsakes. You can also save recipes, favorite books and even DVDs that you watch over and over again for your enjoyment. We all have something we like to save. Yet there are some among us that take saving to an entirely different level. This is when a compulsion kicks in and compels a person to begin hoarding objects. In extreme cases of hoarding you can’t really blame a person for being lazy or criminally negligent. Instead, you need to look at deeper psychological issues that have triggered these patterns of hoarding and have created hazardous living environment.
Before the popular reality series based on the lives of hoarders came along, there were many noteworthy cases of hoarders who would crop up in the news. One of the most famous was the 1947 discovery of the Collyer brothers. These were two very well to do New York City residents who lived in a mansion and died there among literally hundreds tons of junk. Just last year a woman was smothered when a massive pile of clothes she had been ordering fell on her and she had no escape.
There are also many instances of hoarders homes going up in flames because of all the hazardous material stored within the walls to create a veritable tinderbox. Hopefully your “saving” tendencies haven’t gone to those extremes. If you do feel you’re right on the edge of becoming a full-blown hoarder then you might want to take control by getting rid of all the junk that’s cluttering up your home.
Fortunately you don’t have to do this alone because the professional team from the Junk King is standing by in Charlotte to help you cart away all your junk.
Junk King Charlotte employs licensed junk haulers who specialize in removing any amount of junk you want to get rid of. No pile is too big for the Junk King crew. The reason we hang onto our junk is because we don’t have the ability to simply throw it away. With the hoarder they don’t have the desire to throw their junk away which goes back to that emotional problem. You could be holding onto old furniture or kitchen appliances because your car isn’t big enough to load them into. Those bulky things then get shoved out onto the back porch or down the basement but that doesn’t make you a hoarder. Now is your chance to get rid of all of that by calling up Junk King at 1-888-888-JUNK.
You can also depend on Junk King Charlotte to show up when they say they will and treat your home with respect. Their reputation depends on you being among the many already satisfied customers. If you’re ready, Junk King is able to take all your junk away!

Charlotte Hot Tub Disposal

There is nothing quite like soaking in a hot tub. This is a very easy concept to embrace: It’s a big round tub, its hot water and it’s relaxing. Soaking in a hot tub also carries a special medical classification: Hydrotherapy. This is what you get when the warm water in a hot tub generates three healing ingredients of heat, buoyancy and massage. Ironically, as kids most of us did everything we could to avoid getting into a tub but now in our more “advanced years” there can be nothing better than slipping into a hot tub at the end of a work day. There is a long list of benefits for hydrotherapy.
First and foremost, hydrotherapy reduces stress in a natural way. There is no need to take a pill for a headache when you can submerge yourself in a hot job. By doing that, you will be dilating your blood vessels which in turns help prevent headaches from ever happening in the first place. Soaking in a hot tub before heading to bed could also help you get to sleep faster because you’ll be in a state of total relaxation. Just don’t fall asleep in the hot tub!
Another benefit that can be found from hot tub hydrotherapy is the increased blood circulation that relaxes your muscles. That increased circulation helps bring much needed nutrients to strained muscles and in turn helps speed up the repair process. This same principle applies to folks who might be suffering from arthritis. Believe it or not, studies have found that hot tub hydrotherapy also helps control diabetes. Once again the issue is blood circulation. When everything is flowing as it should, blood pressure is lowered along with blood sugar level.
Add it all up, and it’s clear that a hot tub is a great investment for your Charlotte home that can be used every day of the week. If you are fortunate enough to have the space then installing a new hot tub should be easy. On the other hand, if you’re living in a home where an old hot tub is going to waste then it’s time to get rid of that clunky model and bring in a new and improved hot tub. To accomplish that you should call upon the services of an experience Charlotte hot tub disposal crew like Junk King. An old hot tub is not something you can just pack up and toss into the garbage can on the curb. There a many large components to a hot tub that have to be broken down. This means you need some muscle and more importantly you need a big enough truck to haul all those broken down pieces away. That’s just what you’re going to get when you hire a professional crew of hot tub disposal experts. Let them handle all the “back-breaking” work of pull out that old hot tub. All you should concern yourself with is who are you going to invite in your new hot tub?

Charlotte Refrigerator Buying & Disposal Guide

Some people are just die-hard shoppers. They will think nothing of hopping into the SUV and heading off to the SouthPark or NorthLake Mall at the crack of dawn to be the first in line for a new sale. These are the same folks who might camp out overnight on Thanksgiving to makes sure they’ll be able to snag some black Friday bargains. If you have a shopper like this in your life, its sometimes better to just give them your own list and let them have at it instead of trying to tag along. In many cases, you’ll just be left in the dust!
Then there is the shopper who likes to do their research before buying any item. For them there can be no great resource than the internet. With just a click of the mouse they can download all kinds of consumer report ratings, testimonials and comparison shop. There are also apps for the iPhone which let you snap a picture of a product in a store and see if you can find a better deal somewhere else. Usually this type of intense research works best when you are considering a major purchase such as a computer, television or big kitchen appliance.
If you happen to be in the market for a new refrigerator you might want to consider the following areas of research:
Capacity. When thinking about refrigerator capacity, you’re basically thinking about how much food and drinks you want to keep cold or frozen. This comes down to a matter of how many folks are living under your roof. A married couple can get away with around 8 cubic feet of storage capacity. That is just on the cold side. Add another 8 cubic feet for the freezer. For each additional person, factor in an additional cubic foot for cold and freezer foods. That will be a good capacity to shoot for.
Size. Talking about the size of your refrigerator has to do with how the ice box is going to fit in your current kitchen layout. This comes down to an issue of standard size (which is the most common) or a custom model that is built in to your existing countertops. The refrigerators that become flush with cabinetry can give a very sleek and elegant look to a kitchen but they also might be hard to replace. There are also smaller kitchens that take a fridge that fits under the counter.
Special features. How much fun do you want to have with your refrigerator? Do you want water dispensed along with ice? Would you like different kinds of ice (crushed or cubed)? Do you want a built in TV screen? A special container for eggs? A lettuce crisper? There a plenty of special features you can add to get the most out of your fridge experience.
EnergyStar. We live in an age where the majority of our kitchen appliances are EnergyStar rated. This means they comply with federal regulations with regard to energy efficiency. But even with the EnergyStar rating you can still compare different makes and models to find the one that will generate the most savings.
Style. This refers to what your new fridge is going to look like. Gone are the days of being able to pick just a white refrigerator. You can now select from a wide variety of colors and finishes.
As soon as you pick out your new fridge, make sure you make arrangements for Junk King Charlotte to show up to get rid of your old model in an easy and affordable manner.
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