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Tag Archives: Charlotte Foreclosure Cleanout

Junk Removal for Charlotte Realtors

How great is it to be talking about “pre-recession”  numbers? That’s what appears to be going on in the Charlotte real estate market according to the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association. Based on their number crunching, they are happy to report that closings across the 10-county area shot up whooping 22.2 percent during the month of July from the same time a year ago. That follows 2,657 closings in the Charlotte area in June which was a nice bump from the 2,330 of closings that happened in June 2011.

There’s also good news about price points as well. The average sale price increased by 3.4% in July. That makes the sixth consecutive month of increases. “Pending contracts have always been seen as a gauge of demand,” says Jennifer Frontera, association president. “Contract activity has been elevated for nearly a year now. The fact that contracts are falling at this time of year shows that the market is now performing in a similar fashion to the way it did before the recession, with contracts and closings peaking in midsummer and falling as the selling season winds down.”

You can sum all of this up to mean that the Charlotte real estate market is bounding back. That puts realtors in the hot seat as they scramble to lock down listings. As a realtor are you playing it safe or thinking outside of the box? Thinking out of the box might have you considering foreclosed listings. A savvy realtor would connect with a bank or lending company to take over the old listings and any new ones that might crop up in the coming months. The banks might consider these “toxic assets” but there’s gold in every one of those houses if you know how to “mine” it properly.

We all know the value of staging a home but a foreclosed property might need a bit more work to get it ready for that phase. That’s where a company like Junk King Charlotte can come into play. Junk King specializes in professional junk removal. Home owners and apartment renters have turned to Junk King to help them clear out the clutter of their lives. As a realtor, you can tap into the same resources and have Junk King clean up a foreclosed property. Don’t worry about the condition of an abandoned home. Junk King has seen it all and they’re not afraid of a little hard work.

While the Junk King Charlotte crew is clearing out a property you can focus on preparing the listing and getting the word out about this terrific opportunity. In fact, Junk King will probably get that house cleaned quicker than you think. Hire them on a Monday. Clean up on a Tuesday and by the weekend that house will be ready for viewing by potential buyers. Make Junk King a part of your sales team today!

Charlotte Foreclosure Clean Out

Don’t let the dire news reports fool you: real estate investment in Charlotte, NC is still a smart way to gain financial security. The key is making sure you invest the smart way. This means not getting into a situation where you can’t afford to make mortgage payments while you wait to sell or rent the property. Yes, real estate investment is less about you buying a home for yourself but about finding a property that will either create a revenue stream or let you flip it for a profit. One area where you might benefit from those types of investments is with foreclosed property.
Charlotte homes that have been foreclosed on are considered “toxic assets” for the bank or loan company who is holding the deed. In this case the word “toxic” doesn’t refer to hazardous material but the fact that the property is just going to sit there not making any money for anyone. Banks would love nothing more than to clear their accounting books of all their foreclosed homes. That means you can swoop in and make a sweetheart deal for just about any piece of property. And since this won’t be your own home, if you don’t get the deal you like just walk away and move onto the next one.
As you tour foreclosed homes you might be shocked to find what kind of condition they are in. Often the previous owners weren’t exactly happy about being foreclosed on so they could have left a mess behind. If that property has been sitting without TLC for some time it could be rather grimy. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees with a bucket and scrub brush why not hire a team of professional foreclosure clean out experts like Junk King Charlotte who can show up turn that property around. In other words, don’t let a layer of dirt or abandoned furniture dissuade you: that can all be easily cleaned up.
An experienced foreclosure clean-up and hauling service will not be scared away by any mess left behind. They’re goal is to strip the property down to the bare walls. This could mean loading up their truck with pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down. Even if you want to pull up dingy carpets this crew can handle the job. It might also be time to yank out all the old kitchen appliances to make room for new fixtures. This would be especially important if you intended to rent out the property. Before you give the place a fresh coat of paint, you need to make sure everything is pulled out.
Remember that a foreclosure clean up isn’t limited to just what was left behind indoors but also what is outdoors as well. First impressions matter in the real estate game and if you want to sell or rent a property you want to make sure that front and back yard is in good shape. Once again the foreclosure cleanup crew can ride to the rescue! While they are cleaning up, you can start lining up buyers. That is smart investing.

For the best in foreclosure clean up services in the Charlotte, NC area, give Junk King a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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