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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Chattanooga Old Television Disposal – Upgrade to HDTV!

Folks who care about their electronic gadgets are always on the look-out for the “next generation.”  Just look at the long lines that crop up whenever Apple announces that they are selling a new “thing.” Doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, iPod or iPad; they are all guaranteed to sell out within hours. Next generation excitement also comes into play with video game consoles. Check out the next time Xbox or PlayStation has a new version of their game systems and you’ll see folks camping over night at your local Chattanooga shopping mall parking lots. When it comes to televisions, we’re already in the throes of the next generation – it’s called HDTV.
For a long time there really wasn’t much happening in the world of television deign. Sure, we all got remote controls, but for many years that was the only innovation. Then along came the plasma television screens. This provided a thin screen that could be hung on wall like a painting and a much sharper picture. Since the television screen improved, it was time to upgrade the images that were being broadcast. Enter high definition television or HDTV. With this new technology, you are getting more data transmitted to your Chattanooga home and into your television, thanks to advances in fiber optic cables and satellite signals. All of this simply means that if you enjoy watching television you should enjoy watching it on the best deliver system.
Take a walk through an electronics store like Best Buy and you’ll see all the latest models of HDTV plasma televisions on display and at reasonable prices. Even if you spend just fifteen minutes watching those in store televisions you’ll want to go home and kick your old set right in the tube. If you do make the exciting decision to replace you old set with the next generation model then you’ll have to get rid of that clunker; the most efficient and responsible way you can do this is by calling Junk King Chattanooga, the best television disposal company in the Chattanooga area.
Technically, this would be the same kind of company you might call on to haul away most of your junk. The difference with taking away a television is that it will have to be disposed of properly. You don’t want to just chuck it into the back of a garbage truck and call it a day. Instead, it should be taken to a proper e-waste recycling center around Chattanooga. That’s where the TV can be taken apart and broken down to its core elements. Those elements can then be disposed of in the proper way so you don’t contribute to environmental problems in your local Chattanooga neighborhood.
Just because you’re tossing out an old television doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You could also have some old computer hard drives, monitors or other e-waste that could be taken away in the same trip. Junk King’s hauling crew can even take away other items like busted kitchen appliances you stuck in the garage, rusted car parts or mattresses that have seen better days. If those folks are going to show up with a truck to take away your TV there is nothing wrong with getting that truck filled up with the rest of your useless junk!
For the best in Chattanooga Television Disposal, or any sort of junk removal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online..

Get Rid of Your Old Furniture in Chattanooga

The ABC Nightly News recently conducted an experiment to see just how much of what we’ve bought can actually be claimed to be “made in America.” For the purposes of this story, they had a typical family volunteer to surrender their home. The challenge was to remove everything that wasn’t made in America and replace it with those items that were manufactured here. The first shock was exactly how much they had which was an import. This turned out to be practically everything! All of their rooms were stripped bare. Fortunately, with a little internet research and due diligence, they were able to refill their home with just about everything that was taken away. The one thing they couldn’t replace was the coffee maker!
It might be interesting for you to conduct your own experiment like that around your home in Chattanooga. How much of what you have in your home can be considered “made in America?” As you go about lifting up items to see their country of origin, you might also discover that it’s time to get rid of some of those items. It might not be a case of wanting to buy American, but rather it could be that your old furniture is really just ready for the junk heap. When that happens then your best bet to get rid of that old furniture is by calling in a team of professional furniture haulers like Junk King Chattanooga.
You might be wondering why you would need to hire somebody to take away your old sofa or easy chair when you can do it yourself. Let’s get real; if you could do it yourself than the old pieces of furniture would already be gone! The simple truth is that sometimes we just don’t have the right equipment to get rid of our old furniture. This “equipment” could mean strong arms and backs of a few friends or family members. Even if you’ve got some strong folks around Chattanooga willing to pitch in and haul out your sofa, what are they going to do with that? Will these same folks have a truck big enough to take away your furniture?
Suppose by some miracle they do have a big enough truck, then what? Will those same folks know where to dump the furniture? If you tell them, “Just get rid of it”  they could have the best intentions, but that might not mean they know where to go. After driving around looking for a dump or recycling center your helpers might just decide it’s best to leave the furniture by the side of the road. Wrong move! We’ve all driven by abandoned furniture, right? Chattanooga is too pretty of town to mess up that way.
If you call in a local Chattanooga Furniture Disposal team, Junk King, then they’ll make sure your furniture is gotten rid of the right way. Don’t spend another day with furniture that you don’t want!