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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Clear Some Clutter Before Your Chattanooga Halloween Party

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Sure, they are the reason we buy candy and keep it at the ready for the trick or treaters. But be honest; don’t you pick the candy you’ll have no problem eating if there is some left in the bowl? Typically the weekend before the big day, you’ll find adult parties popping up all over the neighborhood. If you want to get into the act this year by throwing your own Halloween fest here are some helpful tips you can apply to your party production:
Get Creative With the Decorations:
There will be an unlimited supply of fake spider webs or plastic tombstones to spruce up your front yard but since a lot of the party action will be indoors you want to make sure your creepy decorations extend there as well. To set the mood you can rent a theatrical fog machine to lay a mist of eerie smoke by the front door to great your guests. Its’ also easy to find a dry ice supplier for some chunks of this special effect. When dry ice is dropped into any liquid, it creates that smoky look and it melts away completely harmless… just wear gloves when you break up the dry ice.
You can also hang bats, spiders and other ghoulish items from the ceiling with fishing wire and tacks. Any chance for your guest to knock into something floating in the air will certainly elicit a scream or two.
Have the Digital  Camera Standing By:
You can create a live streaming digi photo display by setting up a lap top and digital camera hooked up. You can either assign photography duties to a special friend or simply pass around the camera and encourage everyone to start snapping. You can even set up a faux photo booth and make sure everyone stops by for a snap.
Go Black & White on the TV:
While you pick out your perfect party soundtrack, don’t forget the visual element. You can run some classic black and white horror films on the TV with the volume turned down to add a creepy allure. Good choices would be any of the classic horror films from the 40s and 50s plus the perennial favorite “Night of the Living Dead:” the original!
Clear Out the Clutter:
Cleaning up before and after your Halloween party will be greatly aided if you hired the professional services of junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga.  Before the party, you might want to make room in the garage to set up your spooky buffet or mini-haunted house display. To accomplish that, you’ll want to toss out all that junk that is stacked to the rafters. After the party, you’ll have plenty of trash that might overflow your garbage cans. With a professional team of junk haulers on call before and after the party you’ll be able to make sure to stay on top of the cleanup efforts.

Alternatives to Chattanooga Dumpster Rentals – Avoid the Bears

Bear sightings are on the rise around the Chattanooga area. That’s one headline that might seem quaint to outsiders but for anyone who has had a bear show up in their backyard it can be a very frightening experience. Forget the cutesy Youtube videos of bears dipping into a pool for soak. The only reason a bear would come down from its natural habitat is to search for food. That’s why you have to make sure you keep the potential food supplies secure. This means putting up bird feeders in the winter and locking down your garbage. Even those steps might not be enough to keep the bears at bay. And you certainly don’t want a dumpster of trash sitting on your property. That’s like a buffet to bears!
Renting a dumpster might seem like a pretty good idea if you’ve got a lot of trash you want to throw out. Maybe you’re having a big party and know there will just be too much garbage for your weekly trash pickup. Perhaps you’re doing a little demolition work around the house in preparation for a remodeling job. Or it could be that you’re finally getting around to cleaning all the clutter out of your garage, basement or attic. Whatever the reason for building up a pile of junk, your best choice it to get rid of it on the same day you create it! That would mean hiring an experience team of local junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to handle the job.
If you’re creating enough trash to fill up a dumpster then you already know this isn’t going to be a job that is going to drag on for days. Dumpster rentals are typically for a weekend of a couple of days. That has less to do with your needs and more about the minimum requirements of the dumpster rental company. The longer you have that dumpster sitting around your property the greater the chances become of it attracting some undesirable elements like bears, raccoons or other critters looking for a snack. Sure you can put a lock on the dumpster but that’s not going to lock out the smells and that’s all it will take to draw those animals in.
On the other hand, if you create a pile of junk with a big clean up, why not have a team of junk haulers standing by for a pickup at the end of the day. Working with a deadline is a great motivator. If you know Junk King will be showing up at 4 then you can spring into action and create the piles of clutter for them to remove. By the end of your day, your home will be clean and there will be no trace of all that junk. Best of all, there is no chance of a bear wandering down sniffing for food. Of course, if you have that inviting swimming pool that might just be to cool to pass up for a bear!
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