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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Chattanooga Computer Recycling and Disposal

Just as with the rest of the nation, Chattanooga is in the recycling business and provides opportunities for its residents to handle all their recycling needs whether that involves curbside pickup for city residents, hazardous waste removal or computer recycling. The only drawback with these Chattanooga programs is that you have to work on their schedule.

For instance, household hazardous waste collection day is held on the second Saturday of each month only. You can drop off your hazardous waste from 8 AM to 12 noon at a recycling center on N. Hawthorne. Hazardous waste is considered all those things that shouldn’t be tossed out or poured down the drain. This includes any type of corrosive liquids like rust removers or drain cleaners and anything that would be deemed toxic. Hazardous waste also applies to things like batteries and paint.

When it comes to recycling computers and other electronic waste Chattanooga provides help at the John Germ Recycling Center at Orange Grove which is on Arlington Avenue. The list of acceptable e-waste items are things like computers, cell phones, fax machines, stereos, radios, DVD and VCR players. What they won’t accept at this recycling center are televisions, microwaves, air conditioners, or large appliances. Here are the restrictions that apply to recycling your computer at this center:

“You can now take outdated computers and other small, broken household appliances and telecommunications equipment to between the hours of 9: 00 am and 2:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY. Follow 3rd Street from UTC towards Memorial Hospital until you reach Dodson Avenue (turn beside the Kentucky Fried Chicken). Turn left on Dodson Avenue and right at the 3rd building on the right. Look for John F. Germ Recycling Center on the front of the building. Go in the front door or the door on the far right side of the building. Someone will be there to direct you further.”

The big issue here is whether or not this is convenient for you. You’ll have to load up your computers and other electronic waste then make your way down to the center on a workday. With all these restrictions it might just be easier to shove the computer into the closet and forget about it. But that’s not really handling situation. Your best option is to call up Junk King Chattanooga. Junk King specializes in all types of junk removal for the home or office. The great thing about hiring Junk King is that you don’t just have to get rid of one old computer. You can take advantage of this removal session by having the Junk King Chattanooga crew take away any other garbage or junk you want to get rid of. Most often we hang onto those things we can’t toss out into the garbage like furniture or bulky kitchen appliances. They’re just taking up space in your home and that space that can be put to much better use. Recycle on your own schedule with the help of Junk King.

Chattanooga: Hoarding How to Get Rid of Junk

When it comes to the clutter in your own home, how close are you to becoming a full-blown hoarder? We all have things we like to hang onto. You need look no further than a closet crammed full of clothes we no longer wear or a garage stuffed to the rafters with all sorts of boxes of junk for proof of this. What makes a true hoarder is someone who develops an emotional attachment to that junk.

A hoarder can’t let go of things because of some intrinsic psychological burden that compels them to hang onto it. We’re not talking about things like neon beer signs or furniture made from driftwood that looks tacky. That’s really a matter of taste. To be classified as a hoarder it means you are essentially not letting go of anything. This is often diagnosed as a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. When hoarding has reached extreme levels it might be time to bring in qualified psychological or psychiatric help.

Which brings us back to the issue of your own junk collection. Are you ready to get rid of it? If so then you should consider hiring a professional junk hauler like Junk King Chattanooga who will have the right amount of manpower and available trunk space to take away any amount of junk. It might sound harsh to accuse someone who has a lot of junk in their home of being lazy. It’s easy to ask, “Why don’t they just throw it all out?” The answer that question could come down to a matter of practicality.

Someone who lives by themselves might not have the ability to get rid of big items like old furniture or rusted car parts. Instead, they pile up in backyards, porches and driveways. Most of those big items where probably brought into the by means of a delivery truck. It stands to reason that that would be the only way to get rid of them. That is why calling the professional haulers can accomplish that task.

The other issue with this kind “hoarding” is what it might do to property values. You might be perfectly happy to put an old refrigerator or worn out sofa on your porch but if it gives the appearance of junk then your neighbors might not appreciate what that could do with their own property values. Yes, you are well within your rights to do whatever you want on your own front porch but you’re only causing a disservice to yourself by hanging onto those big bulky items. Suppose you need to assess your home? Wouldn’t you want it to have the highest value possible? Appearances do matter!

The moment you clear your house of all that junk you’ll be able to reclaim some valuable space that might have been lost over the years. Even having an empty closet can mean a lot when you need to store those valuable items you want to keep as opposed to all the trash you’re willing to let go. Don’t cross the line to become hoarder when it’s so easy to get rid of your junk.

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