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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Chattanooga Spring Junk Removal

Spring cleaning isn’t just a time for homeowners to get their house in order. Over at the Chattanooga national military Park there are several large monuments that are getting their own thorough cleaning thanks to the efforts of the Historic Preservation Training Center which sent a team down from Frederick Maryland to handle this task. The HPTC doesn’t just clean and restore these monuments but also uses the occasion as a teaching moment by involving local schools and community’s in several history packed seminars.

The crews will first spend time clearing away any unwelcome algae or mold that is grown around the statues. They will then painstakingly inspect each monument to make sure there are no cracks or other damage. If any damage is found they’ll be able to make the repairs right on the spot. One of their favorite tools is the power washer. Can you imagine how much fun you would have with one of those around your home?

When it comes to our own spring cleaning we might not have the advantage of a full working team at our disposal but that doesn’t mean we can’t tap into some family members for assistance. Dedicating a weekend for a spring cleaning project should be something that everyone clears their schedule for. That way there’ll be no hard feelings among siblings if it appears someone is doing all the work. With children are in the picture the best place to begin the spring cleaning project is within their own rooms.

Keeping a kid’s room clean has been a battle that has raged for generations between parents and their children. The difference with spring cleaning should be all in the attitude. If presented as a seasonal cleaning job then it might not be looked upon with such drudgery. Once a room has been thoroughly cleaned it’s also a lot easier to keep clean but don’t tell that to the kids. What you need to do is set specific goals for the kids aside from just “clean your room.” It might be helpful to give them a checklist of particular tasks that they should accomplish before moving onto the next. This might be cleaning out a closet, cleaning out desk drawers, dusting shelves and picking up anything on the floor.

While the kids are engaged in their spring cleaning work you can take on the rest of the house with the same systematic approach. One helpful partner you could list would be Junk King Chattanooga. These are professional junk haulers who can help you get rid of a lot of clutter. A popular approach used by many satisfied customers is to schedule a Junk King pickup at a particular time in the day. Before that you can create a pile of all the stuff you want to get rid of. This might help motivate the kids with their cleanup if they know all they have to do is dump their junk in a pile for Junk King. Finally, don’t discount the idea of a reward for a hard day’s work. A special night at the movies or some other event makes for great incentive.

Storm Debris Cleanup in Chattanooga

When you hear a tornado warning there is no telling what kind of destruction that storm might bring. It could be that the tornado loses its steam before it does any real damage. That’s what everybody hopes and prays for. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take precautions once the alert goes out. A recent storm that shot through the Short Tail Springs area left at least 20 homes ripped off their foundations. Several other homes had their roofs torn are completely off. Down on Highway 58 the Island Cove Marina was hit especially hard with several houseboats tossed about like soda cans and dozens of other boats were shoved underwater. This same tornado also snapped trees in half and brought down power lines knocking out electricity for several hours.

To anyone who has lived in the Chattanooga area this type of storm is not a rarity. Ironically, when a storm like this passes through the clouds part and the skies are as bright blue as they’ve ever been. It’s almost as if the storm never happened that is until you look down at the ground. What the sun shines down on is a path of debris and destruction that has been left behind for the cleanup crews. Even if your house has been spared of any major damage, a storm like this could dump a lot of unwelcome debris into your yard. Whatever that debris is, it now your responsibility to take care of. This is exactly the reason why you may want to keep the number of Junk King Chattanooga on your speed dial (1-800-995-JUNK).

Just as you have a number for a plumber or handyman that Junk King number could prove to be a big benefit after a storm. Junk King is a company based right here in Chattanooga that’s part of a national franchise of professional junk removers. This is a successful business that provides folks with a helping hand when it comes to removing junk from their lives. Many folks around Chattanooga have already called on Junk King to help them clean out the clutter from their garage, basement and attics.

How Junk King works is pretty simple. You call up for an appointment.  At that time you will set up an appointment for the crew to show up and get the job done. One thing can bet is that Junk King won’t keep you waiting. When the crew shows up they’ll haul away all the stuff you you’ve picked out in no time. That’s when the plan goes right. What you can’t count on is what might happen after a storm but know that Junk King Chattanooga will be standing by to lend a hand after any emergency.

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