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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Chattanooga Drywall Removal

Have you ever dealt with drywall before? Yes, you’re currently surrounded by drywall but that doesn’t mean you’ve ever had to install it or take it down. That only comes into play if you’re remodeling your home or suffered from water damage and need to replace walls. Sounds like a job where you might need a huge crew, right? Actually, for the drywall removal phase, all you need is to hire the Junk King crew. As for the installation, you’re just a YouTube “how to” video away from getting the job done yourself.


Before Junk King can start the drywall removal project, they’re going to need to find the wall studs. This is easily accomplished with a mechanized stud finder or simply banging on the walls. They’ll then strike through the wall in between the studs. This is the part of the job that is lots of fun. Who doesn’t like smashing things up? Once those initial holes have been punched into the walls, it will be easy to literally pull down the drywall using hands or a crowbar. The Junk King crew who will be assigned your drywall removal project will have the experience and tools to get the job done.

They’ll also be instantly cleaning up after themselves. That’s extremely important for your ongoing job site. You want to make sure all the dust and pieces of busted drywall will be removed before you bring in the clean stuff. Whether Junk King is taking care of your drywall removal because of a remodeling project or storm damage, it’s a safe bet you’ll have even more rubbish to get rid of. Junk King is your one stop for all your junk hauling needs.

Before the work begins, you’ll be presented with an estimate based on how much space all your debris will take up on the back of the truck. If you should come across a junk hauling service that charges by weight, you should avoid them at all costs. It’s not fair and it can’t be measured accurately. The Junk King pricing policy includes all the labor and transportation costs wrapped up into a single flat fee. There won’t be any add ons or surprise charges. You’ll get a fair deal with Junk King every time.

Just because you’ve got a big project to accomplish around the home doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Let Junk King handle your drywall removal and junk hauling from start to finish.

Chattanooga Junk Pickup – Fall Cleanouts

We all associate spring with cleaning. Just as the flowers start to bloom, you’ll be seeing all kind of reports featuring spring cleaning tips. On some level, that makes sense. After being cooped up inside all winter, it is time to throw open the windows, let in the fresh air and get the dirt out. However, it might make more sense to do that kind of complete cleanout in the fall. Why? Because your home is about to be visited by a lot more folks than in the spring.


Next week is Halloween. Most of your visitors will just be knocking on the door for candy. They come and go and that’s just fine. However, right around corner will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you have a lot of friends and family, then you’re sure to open up your home during the holidays. It makes sense to get your house in order with a good decluttering. If company is coming over, you can certainly toss a bunch of things in the hall closet to make it seem like everything is clean. Sooner or later, that closet is going to burst. Instead of moving your clutter from room to room, perhaps you should call in Junk King to take care of all your junk pickup.

Junk King will send over a team of expert movers. These are the very capable crews who will be doing all the hard work of lifting and loading your junk onto the truck. You don’t need to move anything from its current location. If you have something you want brought up from the basement or down from the attic, the Junk King crew will go there. Just think of all that you can get rid of when someone else is doing the moving!

Everything that you’re tossing out could be targeted for recycling or donation. Junk King is dedicated to keeping the Chattanooga environment as green as possible. With a single junk pickup appointment with Junk King, you’ll be able to set up a guestroom. Also, bringing down the holiday decorations will be a lot easier when you don’t have to fight your way through all the junk you’ve collected since last Christmas. Your holidays will go a lot smoother when you can start with a junk pickup appointment with Junk King.

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