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Monthly Archives: August 2016

How To Take Care Of Old Stove Disposal

Thanks to all the amazing recipes posted daily on Facebook and Pinterest, you do have a chance to become a “top Chef.” To make sure your culinary creations a going to turn out as you intend them to, you need to make sure your stove is up to the challenge. Everything you cook requires exact temperature and timing. The older the stove the greater the risk of your food not being cooked properly. Before the holidays kick into high gear and your cooking takes off, you might want to think about swapping out your oven. Before that can happen you, need to arrange for your old stove disposal. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Chattanooga.


There is a little skill required with the task of an old stove disposal. The movers who are delete in charge of that job need to understand how to dismantle a stove from a gas hook up. They also have to be able to expertly maneuver that appliance out of the kitchen and out of the front door without scratching it up the floor. This is the kind of job that requires professional care and that is exactly what you’ll get from the two-man moving crew that Junk King Chattanooga will be sending over to your home.

Although your old stove disposal might be the focus of your Junk King appointment there is no reason why you can have all the rest of your unwanted clutter taken away in the same session. Between the time you make that call and the crew arrives you’ll have plenty of opportunity to go through your closets, garage and basement. This is your chance to tag all of those unwanted items that can finally be removed from your house. Just think about all the space you can reclaim once that junk is gone. It might be enough to set up a guest room or home office. At the very least, you’ll be able to be better organized especially in your closets. Want to be nice not to have to fight through all those clothes to get to the outfit you want?

All it takes is one call to Junk King Chattanooga to make all your clutter and old stove disposal vanish in the blink of an eye!

End Your Summer With Total Junk Removal

As the kids head back to school, they will all be asked, “What did you do last summer?” Although nobody likes to think about it, summer is just about over. Did you get a chance to go on vacation? Did you take care of all your projects around the house it still not too late to handle junk removal? This is one of those tasks that is always put off until later but now you can get it done with one call to Junk King Chattanooga.


There could be several areas in your home that would be designated as “storage zones.” Obviously, these would include your closets, garage, basement and attic. But you could’ve also converted a spare room into a storage locker. You have to ask yourself if you are getting the best use out of all those spaces. Just because something is being kept in storage doesn’t mean you need to hold onto it. You could free up a lot of shelf space by getting rid of all that unwanted clutter. That is where Junk King Chattanooga can make a huge difference.

If you were to ask previous customers of Junk King Chattanooga what they like most about the service it’s the fact that they don’t have to do any of the work. Regardless of how heavy or bulky something is it can be removed effortlessly by the two-man team assigned to your junk removal task. This is a crew that will be licensed, bonded and insured. There also be very friendly. These are the exact kind of workers you want to invite into your home.

Before they show up all you have to do is decide exactly what you want taken away. You can go through all of those storage zones and pick out the things Junk King is going to load up. Just remember, they do all the work. That means you don’t have to bring anything downstairs or up from the basement. Just tell the Junk King crew what you want gone and they’ll handle the rest.

The other great part about hiring Junk King Chattanooga happens long after they’ve gone from your home. This is the company who is dedicated to a green way of getting rid of junk. They wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Call Junk King Chattanooga today and end your summer with a junk free home.