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Tag Archives: Chattanooga Junk Removal

Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In Chattanooga

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone here in Chattanooga? The Tennessee Valley Railroad is offering a special excursion that includes a four-course dining experience on board a restored 1924 train car. You’ll be sharing an amazing meal as you gently roll through the hills of Tennessee. If you’re looking for some guaranteed laughs, the Chattanooga Theatre Centre is offering up Neil Simon’s hilarious comedy, “The Odd Couple.” The twist here is that both the male and female versions of this play are being performed in repertory. Take your pick of which “Odd Couple” you want! Love is also in the air at Ruby Falls with a Valentine’s Day lantern tour that takes you through this amazing setting while hearing the romantic tale of Leo Lambert who discovered the waterfall and named it for the love of his life, Ruby.

Then there is getting rid of your junk. Wait… junk removal for Valentine’s Day? Is that romantic? It could be if you surprise your significant other with a junk removal appointment from Junk King. Your partner doesn’t even have to be home for you to pull this off. You know what needs to be tossed out of your home. It’s all those things that have gotten too big for the weekly garbage pickup. But, if you had a pair of strong lifters and a huge truck, there is no end to what you might be able to get rid of. With a Junk King junk removal appointment, you’ll be getting just that: a crew and a truck.

Does this look like your clutter?

Does this look like your clutter?

If you time this right, you could have Junk King swing by your place while your partner is at work or off shopping. Once they show up, it’s not going to take long for the Junk King crew to cart off your stuff. They could be long gone by the time your significant other shows up. Imagine the look of surprise on their face when they come home to find a cleaned out garage or empty basement. This might even be the one thing you’ve been promising to do for some time. Now you can with the help of Junk King.

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Ringgold Junk Removal

If you’re looking for that “small town” feeling, then Ringgold is the place to be. At the last official census count, the population stood at 3,580. It’s pretty much stayed a small town since the city way founded in 1846. Back in 2011, a powerful tornado touched down in Ringgold and nearly wiped the town out. But the locals banded together to clean up, rebuild and heal. It was a prime example of why this small town has such a big heart.

From a geological standpoint, Ringgold is a city in Catoosa County, Georgia but part of the Chattanooga, Tennessee Metropolitan Statistical area. That means that Ringgold gets to share some things from its neighbor to the north and one of those items would be Junk King of Chattanooga. This professional junk hauling service is a big benefit for folks who want to remove a few bulky items from their home or have a complete cleanout.

“Junk King made the end of my move painless,” wrote one satisfied customer. “I was in such bad pain physically that I just could not do any more clean out. I will definitely use you again when I have completed my unpacking because I know that I definitely have some “stuff” that I should have sent with you to begin with. Your employees were extremely helpful and polite, a joy to work with. Thank you for helping make my end of my move so easy.”

That brings up an interesting fact about moving: Most of us move with our junk. When it comes time to pack, we think, “I’ll get rid of it on the other end.” When you do that, you’re taking up space on your moving truck and forcing your movers to waste time carrying stuff you’re just going to throw out. That’s why you should consider Junk King for a cleanout before you move. At the very least, you can leave all that junk behind for Junk King to pick up the following day.

There are other satisfied customers who sum up their experience with Junk King in just a few words:

“Great service, on time and well done!”

“Prompt, professional, friendly.”

That really tells you all you need to know about how Junk King Chattanooga operates. Add in the affordable pricing and Junk King’s eco-friendly recycling policy and it’s clear why you should be calling this company for all your junk hauling needs. Are you ready to start 2014 with a clutter free home? Junk King can help you get there!


Haul Away Your Junk From Your Chattanooga Home

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean the Chattanooga Zoo is shutting down. In fact, they’re getting into the Christmas spirit by turning the zoo into a winter wonderland. There will be festive lights and guests can watch as the animals open up their special treats from Santa while sipping on hot chocolate.

“Every year, it is such a treat to celebrate the holidays with our animal friends,” said Zoo Executive Director Darde Long.  “To see the Zoo decked out in festive décor and watch our many animals unwrapping the presents from Santa, truly makes the holiday season memorable.”

Perhaps a stroll through the zoo might inspire you to get your holiday decorations up. The question then becomes if they are easy to get at. Have the last several months caused you to set up a “blockade” of junk between you and your boxes of decorations? You’re certainly not alone. It’s easy to pile up stuff in front of the “once a year” things. These could be all those objects that you’ve decided you no longer need but can’t quite throw out. That would make them junk and as many of your neighbors have already discovered, the best way to get rid of junk is by hiring Junk King.

These are the junk removal experts who love clearing out clutter. If your “blockade” is in the garage, up in the attic or down in the basement that is just where the Junk King crew will go. When you hire Junk King you’re getting some very capable movers who won’t have a problem making several trips up and down your stairs. Leave your junk where it is; the JK crew will handle it.

After they’ve helped you clear out those indoor spaces, the Junk King crew can also do some work on the outside of your home. They’ll see to it that your yards are clear of any debris you wanted picked up. Doesn’t matter if it is man-made (auto parts, concrete, lumber etc.) or Mother Nature made (leaves, tree branches, dirt etc.) it will all go on the back of the Junk King truck.

This is truly the easiest way to get rid of junk. It’s also the most affordable. That’s because Junk King Chattanooga isn’t going to charge you for labor costs, dumping fees or travel time. You’ll only be charged a fee that will be determined by how much space your junk will occupy on the truck. As long as you agree to that low price the work can commence. Then all you have to do is kick back and watch all your junk disappear! Call Junk King today to make it happen!

Chattanooga Office Furniture Removal

office furniture disposalAre you in charge of the offices at work? If so, you have a lot of responsibility to insure that your staff is equal parts comfortable and productive. In fact, those two things go hand in hand. When the staff has the supplies they need, the proper equipment and a solid chair it’s amazing how much good work can be accomplished. Of course, a really good coffee machine wouldn’t hurt either!  Before the fiscal year closes out, you might want to consider investing in new office furniture. This will be a perfect way to spruce up your work environment and motivate your employees. Whether you’ll be buying new pieces or finding a bargain on closeout furniture, one thing is for sure: you’re going to need to find a way to get rid of your old office furniture. This is where Junk King Chattanooga will be a huge asset.

Junk King are the expert junk haulers who have been helping hundreds of local homeowners clean out the clutter. They have removed tons of unwanted appliances, household goods and general piles of junk. However, Junk King isn’t limited to junk removal around the home. They can also make quick work of taking away all the clutter from your office. In addition to getting rid of old office furniture, the Junk King crew can assist in removing things like cubicle walls, copiers, fax machines, computers and storage files. All of that junk will be loaded up on the back of the Junk King truck to be properly disposed of later in the day. Best of all, you only have to supervise this project. The Junk King Chattanooga crew will be doing all the lifting and loading.

As soon as your old office furniture is cleared out you’ll be able to move in the new pieces. You could even schedule the Junk King removal hours before the delivery of your furniture. That way you can keep working without skipping a beat. By hiring Junk King, you’ll also be able to promote that your company is going “green.” That’s because the vast majority of all the junk collected by Junk King ends up at a certified recycling center. That’s not something you’ll be charged extra for; it’s all part of Junk King’s complete service package.

In terms of the bottom line, Junk King Chattanooga will be the office hero. They will only charge you a flat fee based on the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. All the labor, dumping fees, travel time and mileage will be included in that one low fee. Then when you present that bill to your boss you’ll become the office hero! Call Junk King today to see how they can help clean up your work space.

Back to School Junk Removal In Chattanooga

The students returning to Central High in Hamilton County discovered something missing this year. In fact, this item has been missing since 1968. That would be the school’s planned second auditorium. Most of the schools in this Chattanooga district have a gym and an auditorium. One is for sports and the other for assemblies. Not so with Central High but it wasn’t for a lack of planning. Recently uncovered architectural drawings and floor plans show that a sprawling “multi-purpose auditorium, with classrooms, music rooms and storage areas was to be built at a later date.” That was forty-five years ago and they’re still waiting.

Editor in chief of the school’s online newspaper, Ray Walker is on the case. “It’s disappointing that we seem to always get overlooked,” Walker said. “You look at other high schools, even middle schools, and they have better facilities than we do. Central is a great old school with a lot of pride, but people seem to forget about us.” He is putting the pressure on Hamilton County to come through with the new building.

Thanks to Ray’s investigation there is one commissioner who is standing up for the students. Chester Bankston of District 9, whose children graduated from Central said, “I will support them all the way. This community deserves what everyone else already has. We really need to build a new Harrison Elementary, but maybe there’s a way to do this project in a way that will benefit Central.”

Has your back to school experience this year been this dramatic? Hopefully your kids all got off to a good start. Now that they are back to cracking open the books, you can get back into your normal routines. This is a golden opportunity to give your home “the once over” with regard to getting rid of clutter. You don’t really need any hidden floor plans to tell you where your space is being wasted. That would be under all the junk you’re holding onto for no good reason. Actually, the reason is probably that you never had any way to get rid of heavy and oversized items. That has all changed since Junk King came to Chattanooga.

These are the Chattanooga junk removal experts who can help you get rid of all your unwanted stuff without your breaking a sweat. That’s because the Junk King crew will be doing all the work. That includes carrying out anything you want tossed away. It also includes loading that junk onto their truck and then seeing to it that the junk is properly disposed of. Back the school is a time for new beginnings. Call Junk King today to get a fresh start on the fall.


Got Junk Items in Chattanooga?

Over in Knoxville, there are acres of weeds being mowed down by an unlikely source: Goats. The Tennessee Clean Water Network rented the goats from nearby farmers to clear out patches of overgrowth at the Williams Creek Urban Forest. The more the goats eat, the more they revealed the garbage that was tossed out there.

“It was pretty dense in there, so we couldn’t get a good idea. We couldn’t even walk through there it was so dense with invasive species like honeysuckle vine and privet. So now that we can see what we’re up against, it’s going to be a little bit,” said Renee Hoyos, the executive director of the Tennessee Clean Water Network.

Despite what you think, goats don’t eat everything. They’re not going to be chomping on that garbage. That will be leftover for municipal crews. When it comes to getting rid of junk nothing beats some good old-fashioned “elbow grease.” In other words, if you’ve got junk then goats won’t be much help. Instead, you should be calling Junk King Chattanooga. These are the junk removal specialists who never met a pile of trash they couldn’t get rid of.

Sooner or later we’ve all got junk that will need to be hauled away. It really doesn’t take all that long to fill up a garage, attic or basement with stacks of boxes, piles of trash and all kinds of debris. The moment you decide that stuff is no longer useful it becomes something to be tossed out. We’ve all got junk and the best way to haul it off is with the professional crew provided by Junk King Chattanooga.

There’s no limit to the kind of junk that a Junk King crew can take from your home. You’ll have your own two-man crew to handle all the lifting and loading. That’s going to make a huge difference if you have heavy objects in out of the way places like your basement or attic. The JK crew won’t be bothered one bit with climbing stairs. They love that stuff! After the crew clears your home of whatever you’re tossing out they can turn their attention to your garage and yard. If you’ve got debris left over from the last storm or anything else that is causing an eyesore then give it Junk King to take away.

Your first phone call will set this removal plan into action. They’ll send over a supervisor to size up your piles of junk. That’s important because this is how you’ll be charged: by the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. In many cases, you can have your junk hauled away with that same first visit. Bottom line: if you’ve got junk then Junk King is the only company you should be dealing with.

Spring Cleaning Tips in Chattanooga

When you start your spring cleaning project you do so with good intentions. You want to get all the dirt and dust that has built up through the winter out of your home. But even the best intentions can diminish especially if you are doing the job by yourself. If you are your own cleaning crew than maybe you can break up the job over the course of a few weekends. Take a couple hours every Saturday morning taking on two rooms at a time. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed and can still enjoy part of your weekend. If you’ve got some help in the form of other family members than the goal should be to divvy up the chores evenly. Naturally, everyone should be in charge of cleaning up their own rooms.

You should also have a checklist for every room. Here is where you can get into the details. For instance, you’ll want to clean those ceiling fans and light fixtures. These are two overlooked areas. The same can be said for the back of things like refrigerators, stoves, dryers and washing machines. Pull these appliances out from the wall and have at it! This is where a good vacuum hose will be a big help.

If you’re getting help from a family crew you might benefit from offering a little reward at the end of their assignments. Even a beloved cake can go a long way towards motivating the crew. One crew that won’t need much motivation is the one you would hire with Junk King Chattanooga. These would be the folks who can help haul away all those oversized items you want to throw out but can’t fit into the trashcan. The only motivation a Junk King crew needs is for you to schedule an appointment. Once that is set in motion, you’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to finally get rid of all that unwanted stuff you’ve been holding onto for all these years.

The Junk King Chattanooga crew will climb up or down any flight of stairs to get to your junk. These are professional movers who will take great care with your walls and floors. They will also have their own truck ready to receive your junk. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be paying for any extras like truck rental or dumping fees. You’ll just be charged only by the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. When it comes to junk removal it doesn’t get any better.

New Year’s Resolution in Chattanooga – How About Junk Removal?

If you’ve joined a gym to honor your New Year’s resolution good for you! But not all resolutions have to be about getting into shape (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Why not adopt a New Year’s resolution for your home? One popular resolution is to give all your appliances a review and/or upgrade.

Start with anything that has a filter such as a vacuum cleaner, furnace or air conditioner. Gather up all those dusty filters and swap them out for clean ones. Next, check the seals on your fridge, over or freezer. You might not notice if you don’t look but those seals could be worn down which could be getting in the way of that appliance working properly. Speaking of your freezer, is it in need of defrosting? Don’t wait any longer!

This could also be the time to check all the wires and electric cords you’ve got running through your home. A check-up like this is especially vital if you’ve got pets around who might have chewed on some of these wires. As you make a review of your appliances you might notice that some of them are beginning to wear down. Maybe they’ve simply stopped working. This means it’s really time to get rid of those items. The same could probably be said for a lot of other junk you’ve got taking up space in your home or yard. Ask yourself, “Do I really need that?” If the answer is no then why hold on that thing.

Too bad you can’t just “blink” and have all that junk disappear. Actually, if you hire Junk King Chattanooga you can make that stuff disappear and it would be in the blink of an eye. That’s because Junk King handles all the work of lifting any heavy object and loading it onto their truck. They will then take that item to its final resting place whether that’s a recycling center or landfill. All of that work is part of the complete Junk King package. That would be the work crew, the truck and the dumping that you don’t have to bother with. You’ll also only be paying for the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. No rental fees, dumping charges or labor costs. What could be better than that?

By having Junk King Chattanooga do their thing around your home, you’ll be kicking off the year to a clean start. Isn’t that the best way to begin things? Call Junk King today and set up your junk removal appointment.

Post Thanksgiving Holiday Junk Removal in Chattanooga

When it comes to holiday fun, nobody does it better than Tennessee. All throughout the season, there are events for the whole family to enjoy. Over at the Bristol Motor Speedway, there are millions of lights strung up along the route and visitors get to actually drive along the legendary “World’s Fastest Half-Mile” track. Speaking of millions of lights, you’ll find those same numbers on display at Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival and Christmas at Graceland over in Memphis. Here in Chattanooga, you can take in the annual Holiday Starlight Parade and the Lighted Boat Parade. Lots of amazing decorations floating by plus a big fireworks display at the end. For an event that might be a might bit warmer, head inside for the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera production of “Home for the Holidays.” It’s a delightful concert of Christmas classics you’re sure to enjoy.

Of course, those are just the events you can go to outside of your home. There might be plenty to do right where you are especially if you’ve got a big family to tend to. Will you be opening your home for guests? Are out of town family members coming by for a visit? Is your college student coming home for the holiday? If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, then you are going to have to get the place ready and that will mean tossing out all your clutter. Once you’ve filled up the trashcans and still have oversize items to toss out what are your options? Actually, your best option is to hire Junk King Chattanooga.

Junk King is a company of professional junk haulers based right here in Chattanooga. Living in the local community gives Junk King an important perspective. They want to keep Chattanooga clean as much as you do. That’s why they’ll help you take away any junk you might have rusting in your front or back yard. They’ll also help you make a clean sweep of your home to cart away any old furniture pieces, appliances, e-waste or mattresses that are going to get in the way of your guest’s comfort.

Junk King is an extremely dependable service. They take great pride in their high marks for customer satisfaction. Unlike the phone or cable company, when Junk King makes an appointment they won’t keep you waiting for hours. They know how valuable your time is especially at this time of the year. They’ll have you cleared out of all your junk before you can say, “Here comes Santa Claus!” Call Junk King Chattanooga today to find out how at 1-800-995-5865.

Chattanooga Bulk Pickup

Buying in bulk is a fairly recent device that the average consumer uses to bring down their costs for groceries. The concept is simple: the more you buy of a particular item the lower the “per unit” cost is of that item. You might be buying more but you’ll be paying less in the long run. Of course, that might mean snagging a gallon of ketchup and a crate of hot dogs which will have you eating wieners with ketchup for days on end to make sure you finish them off before they go bad. Buying in bulk with non-perishable items can be a real cost savings.

The other type of bulk we might have in our lives are the bulky items meant for the trash heap. Because they are bulky they’re not going to fit into the garbage can. This would be things like old furniture, construction waste from a remodeling job, yard debris, mattresses and/or kitchen appliances. That’s the kind of bulk you don’t want to hang on to. To get rid of that here in Chattanooga you’re going to have to turn to the professionals as in Junk King Chattanooga.

Junk King makes hauling bulky items their business. They get this job done by dispatching an experienced crew to your home or business with a big ol’ truck standing by to be filled up. That Junk King crew will be working for you when it comes to the removal process. All you have to do is point out to them what you want taken away and they’ll do the rest. If it’s a heavy object let them do the lifting. If it needs to be brought up from the basement or down from the attic, let them do the climbing on the stairs. Bottom line: the Junk King crew is going to do all the work while you just sit back and watch your junk fly out the door.

Getting rid of bulky items means you’re going to be freeing up a lot of space around your home. There is a tendency with most folks to turn around and fill up that space with more junk. This is especially true if you’re clearing out closets to make room for more shoes or clothes. But if you’re serious about living without junk, then you could turn that open space into something more practical. There have been some folks who cleared out enough junk from a spare room to turn it into a home theater. Others have set up an office out in the garage. Even clearing out a corner in the basement where you can put a reading lamp and cozy chair is worth it. Look at it this way: when you bought your home it wasn’t to have some place to store junk. It was to be comfortable. Now you can get back to that cozy home with the help of Junk King Chattanooga.