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Monthly Archives: March 2021

E-Waste Pickup in Chicago Downtown : How to Dispose of Your Electronic Waste the Right Way


In 2019, China was ranked the top electronic waste producer because it generated over 10 million metric tons; the US followed closely with 6.9 million metric tons. Consequently, a UN report concluded that the way we produce, consume, and dispose of e-waste is unsustainable. Considering the damage that improper e-waste pickup and disposal cause to the environment, you can do your part by hiring a reputable e-waste pickup company. Take a look at some of the methods you can use.


Donate in Chicago Downtown  


Sometimes, you might want to get rid of your electronics simply because you want to upgrade. Such electronics could be a goldmine to non-profitable organizations with limited resources that can’t afford to buy new stuff. Besides non-governmental organizations, some schools have no funding to purchase computers yet still appreciate the importance of instilling technological knowledge in young minds. 


A teacher in Ghana had to draw Microsoft Word on a blackboard to help students pass an information communication technology exam. The school had not owned a computer since 2011, but laptops and desktops donations saved the school from such challenges. Donation programs in Chicago Downtown could likely benefit from any of your unwanted, usable, old electronics.


Junk King Chicago Downtown is incredibly convenient when you have heavy electronics that you need to eliminate. We have the workforce, which means you don’t have to break a sweat hauling them to the e-waste pickup spot or the donation center. We recommend, however, reusing any packaging for sensitive electronics if you have access to them. That way, they will not be damaged while in transit, ensuring they arrive in working order to the intended recipients. 


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Trade-in for a New Item


Just because an item is old does not mean you can’t still make money off it, so how about taking it to the recycling program near you and get paid some hard cash for it. Most electronic manufacturers have trade-in programs, for instance, Apple encourages buyers to trade in their old electronics, and the value can go towards purchasing a new item.


If you need a quick $500, that iPhone11 Pro Max that has become relatively worthless to you could be worth a lot to Apple. Some large electronics like computers could fetch up to $1,530, so don’t rush to dump yours just yet. However, there is usually a catch for such items; when trading in with some retailers like Amazon, you can only turn in your old device if it meets stringent requirements. 


Still, you might want to hurry up and trade in your devices because the future of such programs is not looking bright. Some organizations are shutting down their trade-in programs, others may soon follow suit.


Upcycle E-Waste 


When it comes to upcycling, your creativity is the only limitation. You can create whatever you want with the old electronics you don’t need, and you are sure to attract buyers when you opt to put them up for sale. Think of toys, art pieces, or whatever else your passion brings to mind. Cell phones and tablets have been said to have the largest lifespans thanks to their second lives as refurbished items.


Besides, you can never go wrong with vintage tech when you decide to revive it into something more exciting. Unlike recycling, where you need an e-waste pickup service to help take your electronics to the center for mechanical processes to break them down, upcycling removes such hassles. You can make use of the entire electronics or components to make other items without degradations. 


Sell Your Items without an Intermediary 


Having Junk King Chicago Downtown do you the honor of taking your old electronics to a donation center or recycling center is excellent. However, if you are strapped for cash, it is possible to sell your old tech; after all, you get to set the price for your items instead of waiting for someone else to assess them and give you their price. By advertising on social media or Craigslist in Chicago Downtown, you may pocket a little cash off your old electronics. 


Of course, if you find yourself still stuck with unwanted technology, we’re here to responsibly haul off e-waste in downtown Chicago.  Junk King Chicago Downtown are pros at disposing of electronic waste. We ensure your E-Waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Check out how we do it!


Hire Junk King Chicago Downtown — The E-Waste Pros


Fortunately, if you live in Chicago Downtown, you do not have to fret about having an unreliable e-waste pickup company. At Junk King Chicago Downtown, we take all kinds of junk, e-waste included. We are the leading junk removal and e-waste pickup service provider you can rely on for superior value and service. 



junk removal service recycling


If your old electronics are too damaged to be sold or upcycled, then recycling is the ideal option for the following reasons: 


  1. Recycling helps prevent landfills from having so many hazardous materials; it also facilitates raw materials extraction. 
  2. E-waste contains so many valuable raw materials in the form of precious metals like copper, silver, and gold that the recycling professionals know how to reuse and repurpose. 
  3. Considering that restrictions are being lifted and shopping is starting to rise, consumers are starting to upgrade to newer stuff, therefore electronic waste is bound to rise.


Statistics have shown that even if e-waste were to be 100% recyclable, in 2019, the US only recycled 15% of e-waste, leaving $7.49 billion worth of raw materials to go to waste. Hiring Junk King Chicago Downtown is essential for both residential and commercial to improve these numbers and educate homeowners and businesses alike to properly dispose of electronics waste. 


Junk King Chicago Downtown is committed to providing eco-friendly e-waste pickup and disposal services. Should you want to donate your electronics or have us take them to a recycling center, Junk King offers efficient e-waste pickup services on all types of e-waste. Feel free to contact us for a free onsite estimate and low pricing. Remember, If you book online, we offer a $20 discount on e-waste pickup and disposal services on any service $100 or more!


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Decluttering & Junk Removal: Top Tips for Spring Cleaning


Fifty-four percent of Americans are overwhelmed with clutter and do not know what to do about it. Despite this, the average American spends at least $18,000 a year on non-essential items. Therefore, renowned Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo advised that the best way to find out what you need is to get rid of what you don’t.


That is the essence of decluttering and junk removal. For most people, junk removal happens during spring cleaning, and it can be therapeutic to see things in their rightful place. However,Room filled with debris and cllutter including an old bed and clothing when you get in the habit of putting off cleaning until spring, you can imagine how much unwanted stuff has been accumulating in your home, and it can be overwhelming even to get started. Lucky for you, we have come up with the following top tips for spring cleaning to make the junk removal process as motivating as possible. 


Tip #1: Prepare Yourself 


For some, spring cleaning can take a day and for others, several days that turn into weeks. Whichever category you fall under, you are not competing with anyone in getting your house clean. What matters is at the end of the day, you will have accomplished your plan, which is junk removal and decluttering; see a list of items we take here. Start by picking the best time possible for spring cleaning.


I likely don’t have to tell you that cleaning with kids around can be a headache; one minute, you have your pile of recyclable materials, and the next, it is mixed up with the hazardous materials. Besides, household cleaning products have been associated with respiratory issues in infants. Therefore, if you have small children around, plan to clean when they are not in the way. 


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Tip #2: Set Goals for Effective Junk Removal 


Once you know the best time for spring cleaning, set a target for what you want to achieve, and in this instance, decluttering and junk removal are your priorities. Let’s face it: unless you have a lot of time dedicated to thorough cleaning, one day will not be enough to get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated since your last spring cleaning. Therefore, be realistic and set an attainable objective. For instance, you might want to achieve 60% junk removal in your garage this month and then remove the remainder in the next month. After all, you are human, and junk removal in the entire house and compound will take a toll on you. But, if tackling it all at once is more your speed, Junk King Downtown Chicago is a full service operation


Have clear guidelines in your junk removal efforts to help you focus on what needs to be done. You could say that broken appliances will have to go if you have been looking for spare parts for years without success. Clothes filling up your closet, yet they are three sizes smaller, are not doing you any good unless you plan on going on a miraculous diet. The same goes for shoes; if your children have outgrown them, stop saying you might have other children and are saving tens of pairs for them. Whatever you put your mind to, do not be tempted to revisit the rules and hold on to stuff; otherwise, your junk removal and decluttering efforts will have been wasted.


Tip #3: Start Decluttering 


Marie Kondo’s philosophy of tossing whatever doesn’t spark joy has been said to be wrong when decluttering. However, junk removal is a personal matter because, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you have to do whatever works for you. If you start reorganizing the closet, how about getting rid of clothes you have not worn in ages because they are out of style, or those that are too worn out to be caught dead in them. While here, you can keep piles of clothes that you want to donate, those that will end up in the trash, and those you will keep. Once you know what you are holding onto, organize your closest to avoid rearranging every time you can’t find your favorite top.


As per the goals you set for yourself, move to the rooms you identified as befitting junk removal. Besides the closets where most people are guilty of holding on to unnecessary items, the kitchen is also a place you should look at carefully. The pantry can be stocked up with too many canned foods, which you can donate. The cupboards could also have too many pans, utensils, and pots that have not seen the light of day since you bought them because you already have too many. Organize by putting what you need at the front of the cupboard and pack whatever you don’t use in readiness to gift someone who needs it more.


The garage is where we toss away anything broken, be it a refrigerator, freezer, television, or washing machine. Besides old magazines and books, garden tools that need to be repaired are also likely to be found here unless you have a tool shed. It can be tricky getting rid of such junk due to their sizes, but a junk removal company like Junk King Downtown Chicago is a lifesaver in such scenarios.


Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Outdoors


No matter how well your spring cleaning has transformed the house’s overall look, if the yards look cluttered, you still have a long way to go. First impressions count, and the yard is what gives your home an instant curb appeal if it is in good condition. Therefore create a beautiful space outdoors by getting rid of old garden furniture. If it cannot be repaired or refurbished, it belongs to the junk pile. The same case applies to the flower pots you have been piling in the garden. As much as you want to utilize the green fingers everyone keeps complimenting you on, if you can’t find the time to plant flowers in them, they are junk that needs to go.


You are not finished with junk removal until you prune the overgrown trees and take down the broken fence as you build another one. The eyesore created by the leaves littered on the dry lawn since your sprinkler broke down is not doing you any favors when it comes to giving your guests a comfortable place outdoors. If you have also been piling pieces of wood to prepare a barbecue party, ensure that they are not rotten after soaking up the winter moisture. Such improvements will leave you with so much yard waste that hiring a junk removal service might be your only option. Check out how we help with yard waste here. 


Tip #5: Hire Junk King Downtown Chicago


You are yet to fully accomplish spring cleaning until you have hauled the garbage away, which by now you have to realize can be too much to fit in your trash bin. After the tiring exercise that almost had you giving up midway, your saving grace is a reliable junk removal service to take all your junk that you need hauled away. With Junk King Downtown Chicago, we take pride in serving our community and we will get your job done right. 

Junk King Chicago Downtown makes spring cleaning fun! Conquer the clutter with these pro tips and save $20 by booking us online today. We take an extensive range of items including mattresses, appliances, garbage, refrigerators, televisions, and many more. Contact us today for a free estimate of our junk removal services, and once we agree on the price, we will take care of your garbage immediately.


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