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Deep Cleaning Checklist for Chicagoans

Deep cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming. When people always have to leave the house early and return late and exhausted, there is no time to properly deep clean the home. 

This is the reality for those that live in the Chicago Downtown area. When you live that city life, wishing the home was cleaner but never having the time to deep clean or declutter feels more like the unchangeable lot you’ve been given in life. However, with Junk King Chicago Downtown’s deep cleaning checklist, a clean house is no longer a mirage. Chicagoans can have a clean home throughout the year, even with a busy work schedule. 

If followed, The Junk King deep cleaning and declutter plan will help you accomplish that goal of coming home to clean, organized spaces. Are you ready for such a game-changer? Explore the following steps, and your deep cleaning goals may feel a little more achievable! 


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Step 1: Make A List

The reason people never get started with deep cleaning is that the task can be pretty overwhelming. To make it easier to handle all that work is to break it up into several small tasks. List the jobs that need to be done in each room. Do not forget the garage, decks, balconies, and porches.

Once a tackle list of tasks for each room is created, assign the rooms a particular time or day of the week. Also, ask household members to help with some spaces for quicker results.


Step 2: Divide & Declutter

With your list in hand, approaching each room first to divide and declutter is your best start to a successful job.  Going through stuff in the rooms will reveal what is no longer needed. Sort out the items in piles of what to donate, sell, or dispose of. 

This is really where Junk King Chicago Downtown is your partner in deep cleaning. We have the trucks, the workforce, and the availability to help you get rid of that donation, junk, and recycling pile. Indeed, you can text us a picture of your piles, we’ll shoot you back an estimate, and when we show up, all you need to do is point, and we do all the heavy lifting! You’re going to love walking into your new decluttered room!


Step 3: Start At The Top

Once you get your rooms decluttered and hauled off, don’t be discouraged– you just accomplished the hard part! We recommend doing the rest of the cleaning by starting with the top surfaces and working your way downwards; finishing with the floors will ensure you get every square inch of your home clean.



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Now that you have the best tips in mind, here’s a quick checklist organized by room that can help you tackle your deep cleaning project!



Deep Cleaning Checklist for the Living Room

  • Remove curtains and wash them. 
  • Remove cobwebs and dust the walls and ceiling.
  • Dust the furniture, starting with tall ones like hutches and the entertainment unit.
  • Wipe lampshades, décor, flat surfaces, and mantles.
  • Empty shelves and dust them and all the items they hold.
  • Unplug and wipe the electronics. 
    May need special wipes to disinfect your electronic gadgets without damaging 
    them. Note: If you have e-waste, Junk King can help you with that. 
  • Remove cushions, Pillows, couch covers, and wash them.
  • Clean the fireplace.
  • Clean windows and windowsills.
  • Vacuum the couches, pillows, and chairs gently.
  • Vacuum the carpet. Occasionally, 
    remove the rugs to clean the floor underneath.
  • If you have a wooden floor, this would be an ideal time to polish it.
  • Disinfect remote controllers, toys, and games.
  • Rearrange the living room and replace curtains, cushion covers, and pillows.

Deep Cleaning Checklist for the Bedroom

  • Remove dirty curtains and any other covers from bedroom furniture
  • Dust the furniture, picture frames, and wall hangings.
  • Clean the windows and windowsills
  • Remove the bedding and flip the mattress to freshen up the bed. 
  • Mop or vacuum the floor
  • Replace the bedding, curtains, and furniture cover with clean ones
  • Organize the items such as pillows, books, and pictures

Deep Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

  • Remove cobwebs, dust the walls and the kitchen shelves. 
    Remember to clean the window and window-sills.
  • Work on each appliance, one at a time. 
    May need to unplug some of them before cleaning kitchen appliances safely.
  • When cleaning the refrigerator, remove any expired foodstuff. 
    Do not forget to clean the lining of the door of the fridge or deep freezer. 
    Wipe it clean with warm soapy water.
  • Remove food particles lodged in the oven, microwave, and toaster. 
    If left there too long, they may damage these products or cause a fire.
  • Clean the sink with warm soapy water. 
    Remember to clean the faucet and the backsplash crevices 
    with a disinfectant spray.
  • Mop the floor. When there is moveable furniture and appliances,
    move them to clean the floor below them.
  • Rearrange the kitchen.

Deep Cleaning Checklist the Bathroom

  • Remove the shower curtain and bathroom mats and wash them.
  • Clean the walls, paying special attention to the grout. 
    For sparkling clean grout, use grout cleaners. 
    Remember to wipe the wall tiles so that there are no unpleasant 
    water stains left behind.
  • Clean the toothbrush holder and soap dishes.
  • Wipe any shelves and mirrors in the bathroom.
  • Clean the toilet without forgetting the toilet base and behind.
  • Clean and dry the floor.
  • Replace the mats and shower curtains.
  • Spray air freshener to leave the bathroom clean and scented.

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We are committed to helping our fellow Chicagoans with their deep cleaning goals by removing any junk or clutter from your home. Our team at Junk King is professional, trained, licensed, and insured. Contact us today for a free estimate or book online and save $20 today! 





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