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Appliance Removal and Recycling Made Simpler with These Tips

You may already know that you have outdated appliances and you need them out of your home. While something like a microwave is fairly manageable on its own, other appliances can weigh hundreds of pounds and require a professional junk removal service.

Junk King Downtown Chicago accepts all kinds of appliances, even ones that weigh hundreds of pounds. You can count on Junk King for virtually any kind of appliance removal, whether that’s removing a microwave or window air conditioner or removing a huge refrigerator or water heater from your home.

Since Junk King is America’s ‘greenest’ junk removal company these appliances can easily be recycled. That’s great because these appliances can frequently contain recyclable metals, such as steel, copper, and aluminum. Junk King will remove, haul away, and recycle virtually all household appliances.


What is Appliance Removal and Recycling?


Junk King realizes that much more can be done to keep as many recyclable items as possible out of landfills. Estimates show that Americans collectively produce about 260 million tons of trash annually, which is nearly 5 pounds of trash per person every day!

At the same time as the landfills are overflowing, there’s a push to ‘go green’ and protect the environment. While approximately 50% of trash is recyclable, very little actually gets recycled at the moment. The average person in the US has the opportunity to recycle about 25,000 metal cans over a lifetime, but misses a lot of those opportunities.


Our Commitment To A Cleaner Chicago


Junk King Downtown Chicago is in an excellent position to help keep appliances out of landfills and put back into circulation with metal recycling. Laundry and kitchen appliances, after all, are mainly constructed from metal, and that can usually be recycled. Our team of junk removal professionals know the potential recycling pitfalls.

Refrigerators and air conditions, for instance, can contain environmentally harmful solvents such as freon. Appliances with solvents like freon need to be handled separately by recycling centers as part of safe processing. That’s where we come in – you can have all of your appliances safely recycled by going with a junk removal company with nearly two decades of experience.

Appliance removal is also very affordable when you factor the cost of removal and transporting the appliances. Junk King is committed to taking these and other appliances as well as offering transparent pricing.


Junk King Appliance Removal and Recycling Services


Junk King Downtown Chicago has formed partnerships with scrap metal recyclers and transfer stations to make appliance removal and recycling simpler. You will also only pay for the actual volume that you use in our big red trucks. This means that you will pay a lower rate if you only have, say, a blender or microwave removed compared to a refrigerator.


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Here’s a list of some of the residential appliances that Junk King currently takes:

  • Air conditioners
  • Dishwashers
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Blenders
  • Toasters
  • Heaters
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens
  • Trash compactors
  • Vacuums
  • Lawnmowers
  • Fans
  • Garbage disposals

How does appliance recycling work? After we pick up your home appliances, they are taken to the metal recyclers where they are then dismantled and their parts are processed for reuse in other appliances. After dismantling old appliances, hazardous components (e.g., containing freon) may have to be removed before proceeding.

Recycling appliances can give new life to old appliances. (Many people are pleasantly surprised to discover that various electronic waste (e-waste) can be recycled, e.g., televisions and computers, as well.) Appliances that have broken down, gotten recalled, fail safety standards, or have other problems (e.g., frayed wiring) can usually be recycled by Junk King.



In fact, Junk King might be the best option if your appliances are no longer working. Why? Appliances that are no-longer-operational are unlikely to find a buyer in terms of reselling the appliance. Donating to a charity will also be difficult here. The solution is allowing Junk King to haul away and recycle your appliances so they don’t wind up festering in landfills, potentially polluting the environment in the process.

Junk King for Full-service Appliance Removal


Junk King offers full-service junk removal throughout downtown Chicago. Trucks are now 20% larger as well, which means that junk removal just got more efficient and you can enjoy more savings. If you want to see how much you will actually save, then consider using the online price estimator. Simply enter your zip code and the appliances you need removed to get an idea for how much the job will cost.

Junk King is committed to fair, transparent pricing on all appliance removal. While on-site pricing is the best way to ‘lock in’ the lowest price, you can also text a photo to (737) 888-5865 or book an appointment online to save $20 on your next job.

Full Service Junk Removal

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