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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Junk King Chicago West Helps You Enjoy Your Next Day Off

Although it is not an official state holiday, it is hard to imagine anyone getting any work done on St. Patrick’s Day here in Chicago. That is especially true if you had down to the big parade and watch the Chicago River turn green. This is one of those experiences that you just have to take in at least once in your life. For many Chicagoans, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition. Of course, it helps if all the work is done at the office and around the home first. Junk King Chicago West might not be able to help you filing reports at the office but they can certainly be a big help around the home if junk removal is top of your list of things to do.


How many times of you said, “I wish I could get rid of that thing?” That “thing” could refer to any number of items around your house from an old couch to a ping-pong table. These are the big things that you’re done using and are taking up a lot of space but you have no practical way of getting rid of them. At least you didn’t have a way until Junk King Chicago West set up business. These are the professional junk haulers who never met a pile of rubbish they could make disappear.

Junk King Chicago West is going to supply you with a very strong moving crew. This is the team that will climb any stairs and carry any heavy object back down the same stairs the stairs. That can make a huge difference as you decide what will go on the list of things you want to toss out. Don’t hesitate to ask Junk King to move the really big stuff. They’ve taken away pianos and hot tubs, which means they can certainly handle whatever it is you want to get rid of.

The cost of this amazing service will be determined once the crew is at a chance to size up all your things. They are looking to see how much space your stuff is going to fill in the back of the truck. It could be one half, one quarter, one third or the entire truck. Once they’ve determined that amount your price will reflect that. This is a very fair approach for this type of work. Once Junk King Chicago clears away all your unwanted rubbish, you can enjoy everything the town has to offer.

Hire Junk King Chicago West To Help Transform Your Business With Junk Removal

Have you ever been a customer in your own business? It is a great way to experience how your own customers see your place of business. This is especially important to anyone who owns a restaurant. Although it might be hard to not be treated as a VIP, you should sit down and see how other customers are enjoying (or not enjoying) your restaurant. You might also be able to see things that you’ve taken for granted that should actually be removed from your place of business. If a customer can see busted appliances in a back room or old furniture stacked up by a door, then you’re not really presenting them with an inviting atmosphere. Why should they give you their hard-earned money if you can’t bother to get rid of your rubbish? Thankfully, is a company that can help you make all that rubbish disappear. That would be Junk King Chicago West.


Junking Chicago us as part of a nationwide chain of professional junk movers. This is a company who has been dedicated to cleaning out businesses, homes and apartments for over 10 years. In that time they have perfected a business model that has achieved rave reviews from the majority of their customers. In fact, many of those customers are repeat customers. As a business owner, you know how important that is.

When they started collecting junk in the area junk King Chicago West quickly became the number one junk hauler. That starts with their exceptional customer service. They want to make sure getting rid of your junk is as hassle free as possible. That begins with a very accommodating scheduling system. You’ll be asked to pick a date that works best for your time and a two-hour window. Don’t think for a minute that it will take two hours for the junking Chicago West team to clear out all your unwanted rubbish. They can probably get rid of things in less time than it takes you to enjoy a cup of coffee. They just need that time to get from one appointment to the other. If you would prefer junking Chicago West team to show up after hours, then that can be arranged to.

Make sure your business is inviting to your customers by hiring junking Chicago West to clear out your rubbish.

Make Valentine’s Day Truly Special With The Gift Of Junk Removal From Junk King Chicago West

For couples in long-lasting relationships Valentine’s Day often becomes a matter of routine. Flowers, candy and a card are always expected and always delivered. It’s appreciated but let’s be honest it can also be a bit cliché. That is why this year you might consider a truly unique Valentine’s Day present. That would be a junk removal session from Junk King Chicago West. Yes, you can show you care by getting rid of a lot of clutter.


Junk King Chicago West is all about convenience. That means when you hire them for a junk removal session they want to work around your schedule and not keep you waiting all day like the phone company might. If you’re giving this session as a gift, then you can pick the time that works best for your week. That might be early in the morning or late in the evening. Junk King Chicago West even works on the weekend.

Because you’re giving this is a gift you might already know some of the things you want to have removed from the property but that doesn’t mean you have the complete list. This is a great opportunity to finally clear out all the things you never going to use again from your garage and all the clutter jammed in your closets. Just think of how much space you’ll be opening up once all that stuff is gone.

The other benefit of a Junk King Chicago West gift is what happens after the stuff is collected. Your special someone will appreciate the fact that Junk King Chicago West is dedicated to a “green” way of doing business. They would prefer not to go to a landfill to dump the stuff. Instead they would rather make drop offs at charities or recycling centers. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint without any effort on your part. Yes, that still counts!

When clutter is removed from your home or apartment it’s a lot easier to find stuff and stay organized. That’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving! Make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable by getting rid of all your junk with help from Junk King Chicago West.

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