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Monthly Archives: May 2017

How To Resolve Common Roommate Conflicts

Having a roommate is a great way to cut back on expenses. The goal is to find someone that you are compatible with and can share a living space. This doesn’t mean you have to become best friends for life with your roommate. In fact, you could have totally separate lives and still live under the same roof. Even if you get along for the most part, there’s still always a chance that conflict will arise. Finding a way to effectively resolve these conflicts quickly is the best way to make sure your living arrangement is a peaceful what. Here’s help on how to resolve common roommate conflicts:


Late Rent

Most rental agreements with landlords include a late fee for rent. There is often a grace period. None of that means you should “push the envelope” and become late with the rent. Typically, rent is due on the first of the month but you might want to establish a rule with your roommate that you’re going to be collecting the rent on the 25th of each month. That way if there’s any trouble you can head off before it becomes a major issue. It also helps to impress upon your roommate how vital it is to communicate if there is going to be trouble with the rent so that you can make other arrangements.

Dishes in the Sink

Dirty dishes are a very common problem between roommates. This problem becomes even bigger when there isn’t a dishwasher in the kitchen. One way to get around this is to rotate dish night. That way you’re both cleaning up equally. You can also establish the rule that no dish should be left in the sink overnight. It is much better to put these rules in writing before a roommate moves in.

Overnight Guests

It is hard to restrict your roommate to have overnight guests when you plan on having overnight guest as well. But there is a big difference between occasional overnight guest and a new romantic interest that is spending a lot of time at the apartment. One way to get around that conflict is to establish a kind of baseline. If this new person is going to be spending a lot of time, then perhaps they can contribute to things like food and other staples. If it appears that they are slowly moving in, then it’s time to have a discussion with your roommate without the other person to find out exactly what the intentions are. Again, it might all be fixed with additional money coming in for bills and rent, as it is only fair.


Another potential conflict beyond dirty dishes could be clutter throughout the apartment. One way to combat that is to make sure there is plenty of storage for both you and your roommate. That might mean clearing out closets of all kinds of unwanted items. This is where call to Junk King Chicago West is going to make a huge difference. These are the junk removal pros who have literally taken away tons of old clothing, furniture, appliances and e-waste from homes and apartments. A little decluttering will go a long way to making your living environment a lot nicer.

Six important Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips

A trampoline in your backyard can provide hours of fun for the whole family. But much like having a backyard swimming pool, you don’t want those bounce sessions to be unsupervised. There are many safety precautions that you should instill in your kids to minimize the risk of injury. Here are the backyard trampoline safety tips that need to be part of your summer fun.


Use The Ladder

Your backyard trampoline should have a ladder for access. It is important that your kids get into the habit of using that ladder to get in and out of the trampoline. There will come a time when they’ll be tempted to bounce off the trampoline onto the grass. This is not something that should ever be encouraged.

Make Sure the Surface Is Dry

Before your kids start bouncing, you want to make sure that the surface of your trampoline is free of moisture. Trampolines can be very slippery even with morning dew. It’s a good idea to take a towel to the trampoline before ever use just to be safe.

Position Your Trampoline On Energy Absorbing Ground

The best spot for a backyard trampoline is on energy absorbing ground. That would be grass, sand or wood chips. Absent those, you can put down safety pads if the trampoline is on concrete. This is all meant to help avoid a bad injury if someone bounces off the trampoline by accident.

Don’t Try Stunts

Once you install that trampoline, your kids will probably head over to YouTube to see how other kids are bouncing around. There are many professional gymnasts who perform great stunts on trampoline. That only happens after years of practice. Your kids should not try any of these stunts unless they are given proper instructions by a certified teacher. Even then, it’s not something they should try on their own without having someone spot them.

Make Sure There Is Nothing Underneath The Trampoline

Before they get started, you need to make sure the area that is underneath the trampoline is clear of obstacles. That includes any other sporting equipment, toys or even rocks.

Replace Rusty Trampoline

Your backyard trampoline is going be exposed to all kinds of weather. Even with the best protection it can still get rusty or frayed. When that happens, it will be time to replace the trampoline. This is not something you can toss out into the trash. Instead, you want to hire Junk King Chicago West. These are the professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience dismantling bulky objects like a trampoline. They’ll get rid of that unit in very short time. They can also clear way of a lot of other clutter from around your house in the same trip.

Taking a few extra precautions will go a long way towards keeping all of your trampoline users safe.

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