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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Fix Your Cardboard Box Problem With Help From Junk King

Some business entrepreneurs ascribe to the advice of dealing with a problem in two ways: Either cut it loose or throw money at it. That actually can be applied to a lot of aspects in your daily lives. When a car breaks down, you’ll spend the money to get it fixed unless it keeps break down and makes more sense to trade it in for a new car than to keep “throwing money” at it. When you have a situation with excess rubbish like cardboard boxes piling up in a garage or stockroom, then you’ll definitely want to “cut them loose.” That can happen with one call to Junk King Chicago West. These are the experts when it comes to solving all kinds of trash problems.


Everyone knows that cardboard boxes are recyclable. But that doesn’t automatically mean they end up in a recycling bin. Too often they tend to pile up in storerooms, alleys, garages and basements. Perhaps the intention is to use them some day but when the pile keeps growing, it soon becomes unmanageable. That’s when Junk King needs to step in. Junk King can supply the truck space and the workers to clear out any amount size cardboard box pile. That includes whether they’re broken down or not. If not, then the crew from Junk King will happily smash those boxes to squeeze them onto the truck.

Actually, squeezing things onto the truck is a specialty for the Junk King crew. Their mission is to get as much as they can into as little space as possible. That way you’ll be paying the low end of the price scale.

Along with solving your cardboard box problem, Junk King can also solve the rest of your rubbish overflow situation. Just think of how much room it can make in those storage areas if all the clutter, rubbish and debris was cleared out.

You can schedule Junk King for a one-time session or set up regular junk removal. It all depends on what you have coming in and what you want going out! Put Junk King Chicago West to work solving your cardboard box and junk problem today.

Tips To Improve Your Warehouse Inventory Management

Any company that needs a warehouse to store inventory has a lot to manage. It is easy to keep track of things in a small retail store or café but once you’re dealing with a warehouse you’re in the big leagues. Here are some tips to help improve your warehouse inventory management:


Put Cycle Counts to Work

Every business goes through some sort of annual physical inventory count to square the books. It might help to increase those counts to quarterly reviews. This will also help you take notice of any upticks in sales of a new item and to see what’s not moving off those shelves.

Minimize Unauthorized Traffic

The bigger the warehouse, the more likely someone can just wander in off the street and make off with inventory. You can eliminate that risk by having your warehouse workers wear something identifying like a uniform shirt or lanyard. You should then establish a policy of every worker to ask why someone is in the warehouse that isn’t wearing the ID.

Label Everything

There isn’t a “once system fits all” approach for labeling inventory. It is your warehouse so whatever works for you is what you should use. The goal should always be that any new employee can walk into the warehouse and find the inventory they’re looking for without wasting time or asking for “directions.”

Make Room for Receiving

The reason you’re in a warehouse to begin with is because you needed more space for inventory. That starts with receiving. You want to make sure your receiving area has the room it needs to get the job done and that includes office space as close to the area as possible. Putting them at the opposite end of the warehouse isn’t efficient at all.

Making room also means clearing out the unwanted rubbish. It is an accepted part of every business that there will be items that are either damaged or taken as a loss. That doesn’t mean you have to hold onto them especially if they’re several years old. A quick junk removal session with Junk King Chicago West could be the solution you’re looking for to help make more space in your warehouse. These are the junk hauling pros who can clear out any space in no time at all. Your inventory management will improve after Junk King Chicago West has cleared out all the unwanted rubbish. Book them ASAP.

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