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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Bring In Junk King To Remove Old Flooring Debris

This is the perfect time of year when home renovation projects kick into high gear. That is because everyone wants to have these projects completed before the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving dinner with the family would be a perfect time to show off your new kitchen! One of the important details with every renovation project is the selection of new flooring. You might have “inherited” your flooring from the previous owner of your home. Now is your chance to pick out a flooring choice that reflects your decorating style. Before the new flooring can go in, you’ll flooring has to come out. That is a job that Junk King Chicago West is well-suited for.

Removal Pile

Whether you or a hired crew is going to your old flooring it will instantly create a pile of debris that shouldn’t be in your home for any extended period of time. Even if you pile that debris up in the backyard you still don’t want to keep it around because it is a safety hazard. This is where Junk King can spring into action. You can schedule your cleanup session with Junk King on the same day that the old flooring is getting pulled up. Bring in Junk King at the end of the day and everything will be cleared out. That will create the perfect environment for the installation of your new floor the following day.

Junk King is going to assign you a pair of movers in the truck to take care of this task. That means you might also want to put this team to work to get rid of any other unwanted items. It can be anything from down the basement or up on the second floor. Carrying out bulky objects is what junk he is all about!

When old flooring is getting removed, Junk King Chicago West can help with the debris cleanup. Call to set up a removal session today.

Clear Out An Old Washing Machine The Right Way

When you’re washing machine breaks down and it needs to be replaced, that is an operation that has to happen quickly. It will start with some online research into buying a new washing machine. You will find since the last time you bought this type of appliance that there had been great improvements made. You will find washers that are more energy efficient and easier to operate. Once you have made the deal and scheduled the delivery you have to contend with removing the old washing machine. This is not something you need to keep around. Thankfully, the crew from Junk King Chicago West can clear out your old washing machine in no time at all.

Pickup Coordination

You might want to coordinate the pickup of your old washing machine with Junk King for the same day that your new machine will be delivered. With enough notice, Junk King can make you their first appointment in the morning. That will provide plenty of time to clean up the machine and even clean the floor underneath. You will also have time to get rid of a few other items if you want to. Junk King is going to provide you with a pair of capable movers and a big truck. Your washing machine will not take up a lot of space on the truck. That leaves plenty of room for unwanted furniture, clothing and other household goods. Just think of how many things you would like to clear out of your home and what an improvement it will make. That can all happen in a single session with Junk King on the job.

Clearing out your old washing machine will not be a challenge for the team from Junk King Chicago West. Book your removal appointment today.

Make Your Next Rental Property Cleanout A Breeze with These Tips

One of the main questions adults will ask when planning their lives is whether they should rent or own a house. According to Pew Research Center data, most young people nowadays rent property instead of buying it. This is because renting allows one to live anywhere they want and does not sink you into debt with an expensive mortgage.


As a property owner, you should factor in several costs to maximize your rental profits. One of these is a property cleanout when one renter moves out. A rental property cleanout gets rid of the furniture and trash that renters leave behind when moving out. This ensures the house is ready for your next tenant and paints it in the best possible light to attract clients.


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Unfortunately, a rental property cleanout is not as easy as washing the house and repairing broken items. Below are a few tips to ease your next rental property cleanout.

Hire a junk removal company

Before starting your cleanout, get in touch with a junk removal company that offers property cleanout services. Removing trash and junk from a property then hauling it to a recycling center or dumpsite is not easy. It can see you waste a lot of time in your cleanout, and you might get hurt in the process. Get a professional junk removal company with the right tools to get your junk to the right places. This allows you to focus on cleaning.

Divide your rooms

Cleaning an entire property might seem initially daunting. Dividing the cleanout into sections will make the task seem less overwhelming. For instance, you can divide the living areas into sitting, dining, and cooking sections for cleaning. Dedicate a day or some hours to cleaning different sections depending on the enormity of the task. It is best to set realistic timelines for cleaning the zones, so you do not get demotivated. When you divide a property cleanout into sections, this motivates you because you see the results of your actions quickly. 

Declutter the floors

Declutter the ground first if there are boxes and random items strewn around. Doing this will prevent deadly accidents when you trip over the objects lying on the ground when cleaning. If anything on the ground is meant to be stored, put it in the correct storage spot. Placing it on top of other surfaces for later transfer to proper storage only increases your workload.

Clean all surfaces

Once your floors are clear, focus on the tables, countertops, and other surfaces. Consider having separate boxes for things on these surfaces that you want to keep, recycle, donate and throw away. Having a visual separation of the items on your property makes it easier to get rid of them. When you are undecided on what to do with an item, set a timeline for deciding. A minute is enough to determine what to do with an object so that your cleanout does not stagnate.

Remove bulky items

Most rental property owners now invest in appliances as part of their offering to attract tenants. At times, they are outdated or broken down and should be replaced when a tenant moves out. Bulky items like furniture, hot tubs, and appliances might be hard to move out of your rental property. When these bulky items are mishandled, they often damage your floors and walls. Mark what should be removed from your premises, then have a junk removal company handle the removal.

Clean the walls and ceilings

Once your surfaces are clean, it is time to focus on the walls and ceilings. Get rid of wall hangings, wall coverings, hooks, shelves, and lighting fixtures that no longer suit your space. When doing so, pay attention to the windows as well. Any broken window hardware or worn-out coverings should be removed. Tenants pay attention to these seemingly small details, so any mistakes can turn off potential clients.

Clean the outdoors

Nowadays, outdoor living is quite popular. As such, most rental properties have an outdoor space as well. Do not forget to clean this during your rental property cleanout. Get rid of broken furniture or appliances and trash in your outdoors as well. This is crucial for an excellent first impression on would-be renters.

Contact Us Today!

The steps above will undoubtedly make your next rental property cleanout a breeze. Nonetheless, this will only be the case when you have the right junk removal company with you- Junk King. We offer fair up-front pricing, employ a well-trained crew, and have the best tools for junk removal. Moreover, our professionals recycle about 60% of the waste , making it the eco-friendliest alternative for your cleanout. Contact us today for a hassle-free, inexpensive and effective way of getting rid of the trash during your rental property cleanout.

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