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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Get Help From Junk King To Set Up Your Home Gym

Working out at home has become a viable option for many Chicago residents. It allows you to work out almost “on a whim.” In other words, you don’t necessarily have to plan your day around driving to a gym, parking, working out and then driving home. With a home gym you can simply walk down all and get in some great exercise. You might find that beyond an exercise mat you would like to bring in some additional workout equipment. That would mean you are essentially setting up a home gym. Before that can happen though, you might need to clear out some unwanted items. This is where a session with Junk King Chicago West can be a big help. These are the professional junk haulers that can get all the unwanted clutter cleared out of your new home gym space.

Fast Removal

Junk King prides itself on not wasting any time with its junk removal sessions. That starts with booking the sessions. One call will put a plan into action that will lockdown an appointment for the removal. All that you need to do is set aside a two-hour window for that appointment on a day that works best for your calendar. Junk King will always strive to match up your schedule to an available crew. Based on the positive reviews that Junk King receives, it is clear they are able to do this on a regular basis.

Once the crew shows up, you just point to all of the things that you want removed and they will handle the rest. That includes disposing of the things that they collect. Sometimes that disposal might include a drop off at a charity. That is work that Junk King is happy to provide.

Getting your home gym set up should include a rubbish removal session Junk King Chicago West. Book that session today.

Get Help From Junk King To Clean Out Your Business

Organization is the key to any successful business. That organization extends beyond just delegating assignments and keeping computer data backed up. It also means providing a work environment that is a productive space for the staff.  A business that is over run by rubbish sends the wrong message both to the staff and to customers. Of course, maintaining a busy operation doesn’t always provide for the kind of rubbish removal that might be required. That is why Junk King Chicago West is standing by. These are the professional junk haulers who can help remove any amount of rubbish from any type of work environment.

Total Clearing

When you hire Junk King you are actually hiring a two-man moving crew. This is the team that can provide total clearing for your business. Whether that means removing crates and cardboard from a warehouse or unwanted furniture from an office, the team from Junk King can get it done. The only supervision they require is for you to tell them what has to go. Armed with that information, the Junk King team will make quick work out of the removal. None of your staff has to get involved with this process. And the team from Junk King will always tries to get the job done without causing any disruption to the business.

As to the cost, Junk King uses a flat rate approach for this type of work. That rate is always based on how everything fits onto the truck. The goal for the Junk King team is to get as much of they can into as little space as possible. That will result in you paying the low end of the price scale.

When you are ready to get all the rubbish out of your business, you are ready to put Junk King Chicago West on the job. Set up your session today.

How To Clear Out Clutter In Your Home

How To Clear Out Clutter In Your Home

They say the best way to clear out clutter in your home is to go through room by room and ask yourself if each item brings you joy. If it doesn’t, find a new home for it before getting rid of it completely. Of course, that’s easier said than done, so here are some tips on how to clear out clutter in your home using the Junk King Chicago junk removal service.

The Importance of an Organized Home

An organized home is a happy home, but it’s also safer and more efficient. When you walk into a messy room, you have to take time and energy to find things or make space to do what you need to do; an organized room lets you focus on what’s important. You can focus on projects or tasks without distraction or worrying about where you put something. An organized space makes your job easier.

Step 1) Get A Free Quote

Junk King Chicago provides professional, courteous and safe appliance removal service. Our uniformed crews arrive on time, take unwanted items out of your way quickly, and even haul away stuff you want to keep. We recycle 60% of all items removed from your home or business, including appliances. For fast junk removal in Chicago, call Junk King today!

Step 2) Schedule The Removal

Schedule a pickup time for your appliance removal. Once you’ve scheduled a pick-up time, you can begin getting rid of clutter around your home by deciding which furniture and other unwanted items will be removed. Once you’ve decided, make sure they are cleared of any personal items you may want to keep. Empty dresser drawers, make sure there are no valuables hidden away in old furniture. This will make it easier for Junk King Chicago to get all of your items removed at once and save you money! If possible, remove items that don’t need to be taken out of your home ahead of time and store them in an area accessible to Junk King for a contact free junk removal.

Step 3) Our Team Arrives on Time

Our team of professional, uniformed haulers will arrive on time and ready to work. A Junk King Crew works with a sense of urgency, but they don’t rush. Our goal is to get your job done right while keeping your property damage-free—all while working as efficiently as possible.

Step 4) What Will They Remove?

Junk King is a great resource for home organization. By removing unwanted items from your home or office, you can remove clutter and make room for new items. Junk King provides fast, professional junk removal services for homeowners in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas. Our professionals can remove just about anything from your property including: furniture, appliances, electronics and more! After we’ve removed your junk from your property, we recycle as much of it as possible through our partnership with local recycling facilities.

Step 5) The Process Of Appliance Removal

The most important thing you need to know about hiring Junk King Chicago is that they get rid of your old appliances with zero stress. And their process is quick and easy, with no hassle involved. First, you’ll schedule a date and time to have Junk King come out to your home. Then, you’ll simply fill out a simple online form—this will tell them what appliances you want removed and how much space they take up.

Is Junk King Right For Me?

Junk King is a great option for anyone that doesn’t have enough space in their home or garage to store their unwanted items. Getting rid of clutter around your home is easier than you think. Junk King can handle all of your junk removal needs at prices that won’t break your budget. With our one-time flat rate, there are no surprises when it comes to pricing. You pay what we say! Use our pricing estimator to get started: https://www.junk-king.com/pricing/pricing-estimator

Bigger Trucks

Remove Bulk Furniture From Assisted Living Homes With Junk King

It’s easy to see how furniture can accumulate at an assisted living facility over several years. At some point too much furniture just becomes clutter. It may restrict mobility and access to certain areas, which is why you should consider removing old items that take up precious space. Here’s why should choose Junk King to remove bulk furniture from your assisted living home facility.


Issues with Assisted Living Homes

According to data reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the United States is approaching 30,000 residential care communities. These assisted living homes house nearly 1 million beds. Over three-fourths of these facilities are owned by commercial entities.
Many assisted living communities have faced complex challenges during the pandemic and have had to rethink their property layouts. During the first year of the pandemic, 31 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the US were associated with assisted living centers. Staff members as well as residents were part of the death toll.
The pandemic triggered various large facilities for crowds such as schools, hotels and senior communities to plan social distancing strategies. Crowded places turned out to be where the coronavirus was most likely to spread. Many of these facilities have decided to remove bulk furniture and create more open space to improve social distancing.

Deciding What to Keep

An assisted living community needs a certain amount of furniture and recreational facilities. The key to set a comfortable tone is to balance limited useful furniture with open space. Assessing what to keep vs. throw out should come down to utility, economics and aesthetics.

Complexities with Bulk Furniture Removal

Moving out bulk furniture at one time is not a job for untrained personnel at an assisted living facility. So many things can go wrong with moving heavy furniture. Employees may strain their backs and then be out of commission for awhile. Furniture might bang into walls and other objects. On top of that, the facility might not have big enough trucks to move a high volume of items.
Many assisted living facilities are already running on reduced staffing due to the pandemic. So it’s just easier to have this cumbersome work done by professionals who remove bulk junk on a regular basis. Since improper junk disposal can lead to heavy fines, it’s best to work with experts who know the rules about what to do with trash.

How Junk King Makes Bulk Removal Simple

The reason Junk King is the leading junk removal company in North America is because it prioritizes sustainable solutions to improve communities. We work to keep most of the junk we collect out of landfills by partnering with recycling companies and donating to charities. We also have teams who can repurpose items, especially old large furniture.
While facility owners equate bulk junk with stress, we view removing it as providing relief for owners and opportunities for others. Since our team is well trained at removing large items from bookcases to beds and refrigerators, we can clean out a significant amount of junk in a short time.
Junk King owns several large trucks and dumpsters, allowing us to do business clean outs of any size. No matter how big the challege, we’re ready to help clear space for you.

Let Us Inspect Your Facility

The first step to bulk furniture removal at your facility is to contact Junk King and invite us over so we can inspect your site. We’ll be able to plan a seamless strategy for hauling all your unwanted items. Once we see where the junk is and how much there is to remove, we can determine how many trucks and staff members to bring.
We treat every removal job as a new experience, as it helps us develop new junk removal strategies. No matter how much furniture you want us to remove, even if it’s scattered over a large area or many rooms, we can do it. No item is too heavy for us to remove. In some cases we may dismantle a couch to make it easier to haul out. You won’t have to move anything.

Make New Space for Seniors

Your assisted living home complex should be comfortable for your residents and employees. When too much clutter slows down your progress, it helps to do inventory and decide which items need to go. The trend for big facilities is moving toward creating more open space to be more prepared for future disasters.
Crowded places increase liabilities and require more maintenance, especially at an assisted living facility. By moving out bulky furniture, you’ll be able to create a more spacious atmosphere, which alone will improve comfort and living conditions. Spacing furniture out more in new floor plans will create a safer environment for your senior community.
With more open space, you’ll be able to plan more social events for seniors, which is important for their well-being. A retirement community should be happy, not stressful. Adding more space allows conditions for a more relaxing environment. Wider passages will also create easier mobility, especially for seniors in wheelchairs.


If you’ve accumulated an excessive amount of furniture at your facility and want to reallocate space, we’re ready to help. Let us remove your old bulk furniture for you so you can focus on planning what to do with the open space. Contact Junk King for all your bulk removal needs so that you can move forward with your goals.

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