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Affordable Old Sofa Removal

When it is time to get rid of an old sofa, you’re going to need an extra set of hands. This is the type of task that requires two capable movers. Things can get complicated if that sofa has to make its way down a flight of stairs or two. You might need to bring in outside help, but instead of tapping in a friend, you should hire a professional. That would be the crew from Junk King Chicago West. This is a team of quality junk haulers that can clear out any size sofa from any home or apartment.

Fast Session

Removing a sofa is one of the fastest jobs Junk King takes on. It’s not complicated you just need to have experience. Two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your sofa removal task will have the right amount of experience to get the job done without causing any damage to your home. Junk King prides itself on taking care of its customers’ property. That is why it has become the leading junk hauling service in the Chicago West area.

The cost of Junk King’s service is also beneficial. That would be a flat rate determined by how the truck is packed with your stuff. One sofa would not take up a lot of space on the truck. That could mean you pay the low end of the price deal. However, if you want to add more items to the truck, the Junk King crew will adjust the price accordingly. You will know what all that is before the work begins. In Junk King will match the price for any competitor with the same amount of removal.

You will always get a great deal for sofa removal if you hire Junk King Chicago West for the job. Call to book your appointment today.

Book A Junk Removal Session For Spring Cleaning

Imagine how a junk removal session can boost your spring cleaning agenda. This is the type of session that Junk King Chicago West can be a big help. As you go through your home cleaning every room, you will undoubtedly find a couple of items that could be picked up by Junk King. These are all the things that you do not want to toss out into the trash. They could be furniture or clothing. You could also be appliances, electronics, or other household goods. Even if those items are still usable, Junk King will find a way to get them dropped off at a local charity. This kind of support from Junk King can really transform your home.

The Estimate Assessment

When the Junk King crew shows up, you will show them all the things that you want to be cleared out. They will then provide you with an estimate based on the assessment of how they plan to pack up the truck. The less space that your stuff uses up, the less you will be charged for the service. Junk King always wants to make their sessions fair and affordable.

To book your session, you can call or schedule online. All the Junk King needs is for you to pick a day and a two-hour window that works best within that day. If your schedule is flexible and Junk King is available, you might be able to activate a same-day pickup when you call. Either way, you will not have to wait long to get rid of your stuff when you put Junk King on the job.

Set up your spring cleaning junk removal session with Junk King Chicago West. It will make a big difference!

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Fast Hot Tub Disposal

The hot tub in your backyard might have been out there for several years. It could be a hot tub you installed when you first moved into the house or a unit already there. But if you want to get rid of that hot tub, there must be a good reason. It might be that it is old and falling apart, or you would instead utilize the space to expand your patio. Whatever the reason, once you decide to get rid of your hot tub, you want it done fast. That can be accomplished with one call to Junk King Chicago West.

The Crew That Gets It Done

Junk King will send over a two-person crew to take care of your hot tub disposal task from start to finish. This is the crew that is standard with every Junk King appointment. But they also have experience with this particular type of removal. Hot tub disposal involves more work than carrying out an old refrigerator. It might involve tools to dismantle the unit. It could also involve breaking up the fiberglass shell to get the pieces on the back of the truck. Whatever it takes, this is the crew that gets it done.

You will not have to worry about watching the clock when Junk King takes apart your hot tub. You will be charged the same flat rate as all the other Junk King hauling services. That flat rate always covers labor no matter how long the crew is on the job.

Along with the old hot tub, you can also get rid of some of your other unwanted backyard debris in the same session.

Removing your unwanted hot tub is a great way to improve your backyard. So put Junk King Chicago West on that job today.

Full-Service Rubbish Removal

Do you have rubbish that needs to be removed from your home? This is not the kind of rubbish you can toss into the trash because if you could, it would already be gone! Instead, this is the kind of rubbish that requires movers and a truck. For example, you may not want to classify an old sofa or recliner as rubbish, but if you have decided you no longer need it, it is essentially rubbish. The quickest way to clear out the rubbish is to set up a session with Junk King Chicago West. These are the full-service rubbish removal professionals that can help transform your home.

All Through The House

You may have these bulky rubbish items scattered all through the house. They could be a piece of furniture in an upstairs bedroom or down the basement. Wherever you have those items and leave them right there. When the Junk King crew shows up, you can take them on a tour of all the rubbish you want to be cleared out. That moving crew will then provide you with a written estimate. That estimate is always based on how that team intends to pack the truck with your stuff. The less space that your rubbish occupies, the less you will pay. And Junk King will match any competitor’s price for the same amount of removal. That guarantees you will get the best deal for this type of service.

Included in Junk King’s removal is the disposal of what they collect. That disposal can involve making a drop-off at a charity or recycling center. This is the environmentally friendly approach to disposal the Junk King has taken on since they began collecting rubbish and junk back in 2005. That makes them the ideal rubbish partner.

Getting rid of the rubbish in your home will be accessible when you give that job the Junk King Chicago West. So book your removal session today.

The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Office Furniture

Desk chairs are often on wheels. That makes them easy to move around the office. That can be useful when replacing that desk chair with a more comfortable model. What happens then is the old test year is wheeled to a spot out of the way. Wherever that spot is, it quickly becomes the designated area for the rest of the unwanted office furniture items.

Before you know it, that area could be filled with all kinds of desks, tables, credenzas, shelves, and anything else that is no longer needed by your office staff. But that is not the most efficient way to use office rental space. Instead, that area could be turned into a new workstation without all that old furniture. If this situation sounds familiar, you might be ready to schedule an appointment with Junk King Chicago West. This professional junk-hauling company can clear away all unwanted office furniture in a single session.

Matched Price

Junk King provides their removal service at a flat rate. That rate is always determined by how everything the truck is. So you would never be charged by the pound when you hire Junk King for this type of disposal. That can make a big difference when you get rid of heavy objects like old office furniture. Best of all, the price from Junk King will be matched against any competitor’s price. Junk King guarantees they will provide the same type of removal for the same price. Often, that price will be even better. This is one of the ways that Junk King has created a legion of loyal customers.

You can schedule your session with Junk King online or over the phone. Most sessions are completed within a 24-hour turnaround. And the Junk King crew does all the work, so your staff does not have to get involved. So for fast, efficient, and affordable old office furniture removal, you can count on Junk King Chicago West to get the job done right every time.

Fast Bulk Item Pick Up

When you decide to get rid of an item from your home, you want it to happen fast. That is especially true with a bulk item. This might be something that has been taking up a lot of space around your house for quite some time. But when you have reached the breaking point and want that bulk item removed for good, Junk King Chicago West is the company to make it happen.

All About The Bulk

Junk King specializes in bulk. They have perfected a business model that helps homeowners and apartment renters clear out those items that can’t be tossed into the trash. That business model involves sending over a team of movers with a positive attitude and excellent problem-solving skills. Sometimes bulk items must be taken apart before they can fit out the door. That will not be a challenge for the Junk King crew.

It would also not be a challenge for the Junk King crew to pack up all your bulk items in as tight a space as possible on the back of the Junk King truck. Why is that important? Because that is how the cost of this service will be determined. Junk King has a flat rate price policy based on them and not about weight. That can make a big difference for your bottom line when removing bulk items.

Included in Junk King’s pickup service is the disposal. This does not mean a trip to the landfill. Junk King does everything possible to avoid dumping things into a landfill. Instead, they can make charity or recycling drop-offs.

Bulk item removal can happen fast and affordable when Junk King Chicago West is on the job. Book your session today.

Start The New Year With Rubbish Removal From Junk King

The start of a new year always holds promise. It is a chance to begin again with exercise, dieting, saving money, and completing all those projects left undone in the previous year. One way to set yourself up for success is to create a living environment that is free of rubbish. It is always nice to come home to a clean house and not to see things you have been eager to get rid of. Unfortunately, those are the kinds of things that have to be hauled away by movers and a truck. But that is exactly what Junk King Chicago West will provide you. This professional junk hauling service can help you start the new year without any rubbish in the house.

Full-Service Removal

Junk King offers full-service rubbish removal from any home, apartment, or business. That service starts with the arrival of a two-person moving crew. This is the team that you will supervise for the duration of your rubbish removal session. All you have to do is show the Junk King crew everything you want to be cleared from your home. These can be items situated throughout the house, in the garage, and in the backyard. The Junk King team will pick up everything right from the spot.

After you have shown the Junk King crew everything you want to be cleared away, they will provide you with a written estimate based on how they plan to pack up the truck with your stuff. They will always aim to get as much as possible into as tight a space as possible. That will put you at the low end of the flat rate price scale. It’s also great to start the new year with a good deal!

Bring in Junk King Chicago West to get the rubbish out of your home today.

Hire Junk King For Sofa Removal

Getting rid of the sofa can be challenging, depending on where you live. If you rent an apartment on an upper floor, then the only way to carry that sofa is with a service elevator or down flights of stairs. This is the kind of situation that requires two capable movers to handle. Even having a sofa removed from out of a home can still be a challenge to make sure that walls and floors aren’t damaged. This kind of removal task is something that the Junk King Chicago West crew excels at. These are professional junk haulers that carry out sofas on a daily basis. If you need your sofa removed, then Junk King is the only call to make!

Fast In and Out For Your Rubbish

Booking your sofa removal session with Junk King is easy. All you have to do is pick a day and a two-hour window that works best for your schedule. Most of the two-hour time will be taken up getting across Chicago. Everyone who lives here can appreciate what a challenge that can be! The Junk King team will keep you informed about their arrival time. Then, when they do show up, it will only take a few minutes to carry that sofa out and load it onto the truck.

Once the sofa is on the Junk King truck, the job can be declared complete. However, you might have some more things that you decided you’d like to get rid of in the same session. That will not be a problem. You can “surprise” to Junk King crew with those additional items on the day of your appointment. That is because your final price will not be locked down until the Junk King team has looked over everything you want to get rid of. That is when they will provide you with your flat rate, which is always determined by how everything fits onto the truck.

Getting rid of your old sofa and the rest of your unwanted rubbish will not be a challenge for the team from Junk King Chicago West. So call for your appointment today.

More Great Reviews For Junk King Chicago West

The best way to know how a company performs is to read the reviews. Those reviews can be posted directly on the company’s website. It is a good indication that a company has nothing to hide when they share those reviews. When it comes to getting rid of your rubbish, Junk King Chicago West is the best option, and reviews like these back that up:

“I texted their number, and they responded almost immediately. We set up the pick up. They arrived 30 minutes before the time window. They called and said they were running early. They asked if they could come now, and I said of course. The two workers who came couldn’t have been nicer and more polite. They took away my very heavy piece of furniture without complaint from start to finish. They weren’t here for more than 10 minutes. Awesome service all the way around. Thank you.” – Ken, Wheaton

“Made the call for a same-day appointment, and the guys were in the area with availability. From when I called to when the junk was removed, it was less than 40 minutes. Not bad! Thanks, guys!” – Trushar, Naperville

You will never have to wait long to get rid of your junk when you hire Junk King for the job. Most appointments are completed with a 24-hour turnaround. And there are always same-day appointments available if your schedule is flexible and the crew is nearby.

“The two young men who came are very professional. They called to let me know when they were on the way and were very efficient. Bringing the couches in took my husband and I over an hour. These guys had them out in 15 minutes! 100% would recommend Junk King. I will use them again for my removal needs.” – Samantha, Aurora

You will always have two dedicated movers to help with your rubbish removal. That team does all the work. They also do it with a smile, making them great to work with. Getting rid of your junk does not have to be complicated. Just call Junk King Chicago West to make it happen.

Junk King Helps Get The Home Ready For The Holidays

Ask anyone getting ready for the holidays if they could use a “worker elf,” and they are sure to say “yes!” It would be amazing to have someone who can run errands, wrap presents and clean the house while you do everything else. Sadly, the elves are too busy up at the north call, but you can find help cleaning the house from Junk King Chicago West. These professional junk haulers can be a significant benefit to you when it comes to getting rid of rubbish throughout the house. Clearing out that kind of clutter will have a positive impact. So, are you ready to put the Junk King elves to work?

Easy Decisions

You probably have many items in your home that you want to get rid of. Those are the easy decisions to make knowing that you have Junk King backing up your play. Junk King will provide a team of movers and a huge truck to make your rubbish removal happen. However, that is all you need to clear out unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothing. Those might be all the things you are replacing over the Christmas holidays, and you should make room for them by turning over the unwanted stuff to Junk King.

Anything you give to Junk King does not end up in a landfill. Junk King would much rather see usable items go to a charity. The Junk King crews have all been trained to spot those items that a charity will accept. And at this time of year, they need everything! Junk King will be happy to make that drop-off as part of their complete rubbish removal service.

Getting your home ready for the holidays should start with the junk removal session from Junk King Chicago West. Book that session today.

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